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Astrologers, deconstructing the characteristic traits of each zodiac sign, believe that everyone has a specific reason to fear love.

For some, love is a source of fear and anxiety. By dint of chaining often painful ruptures, they identify the relationship with disappointment. And while some manage to transcend this state without harm, others do not get over the breakup and continue to experience this fear of love as a hindrance in their future relationship.

This is why love scares the different zodiac signs

1. Aries

Impulsive and fundamentally selfish, Aries is independent and their biggest fear in love is that they lose their freedom, which they particularly like. With a fiery temper, he wants more leeway. But what is particularly frightening for him is his fervor and his easy attachment, which has caused him to collect many disappointments in the past. As a result, he manifests a commitment problem more than ever.

2. Taurus

The Taurus can be confined to his comfort and detest the change he sees as a source of insecurity. For this zodiac sign, a relationship is synonymous with sustainability and stability. Romantic and sensual, he aspires to an exciting meeting that will last over time, however, not like the adventures of one night and reorganizing his life each time to merge into a new relationship. What terrifies Taurus is the need to constantly lose stability in their romantic relationship.

3. Gemini

Gemini is an air sign who likes to live life to the fullest, without feeling confined to anyone. His fear in love is that he will lose interest in the person who shares his life. Therefore, he desires to meet the person with the many facets that characterize his double personality. He fears calm, routine, and a predictable life which is why he is afraid of losing his loved one. It constitutes its danger.

4. Cancer

Docile, affectionate, and hypersensitive, Cancer can sacrifice himself in the name of love to save his couple who deserve disappointment and pain. And even though he craves true romance, his main fear is that of encountering mediocre love that will ultimately only cause him pain and a broken heart. He, therefore, sports a tough enough nature that is not his to protect himself from his vulnerability.

5. Leo

Leo is a heartless lover who makes love his first concern. And since this native is often drawn to looks and all that glitters, he is likely to make a bad choice in love. His fear is of being permanently disappointed, but also of losing control which he wants to feel appreciated.

6. Virgo

His critical and analytical nature makes the Virgo native stubbornly drawn to people who value only qualities, but this feeling of inferiority often draws people who are emotionally incompatible with him. So, due to his lack of open-mindedness and transparency, he is afraid of getting caught, which is why he avoids love.

7. Libra

Like Virgo, the sign of Libra tries to project an ideal image of the most flattering. The realm of emotions intimidates and scares him. Often, to be loved, he skillfully hides his negative traits, which cause him a lot of heart problems. And what is paradoxical about him is that he runs away from love to avoid loneliness.

8. Scorpio

Suspicious of nature, Scorpio flees from love for fear of being betrayed. Equipped with a secret and closed soul, he still seems calm and serene without revealing his true identity, to protect himself. And since Scorpio is an intense being, they are not half a meter in love. His main fear is therefore that of being completely dependent on another person and experiencing happiness that he finds too good to be true, due to his defeatist nature.

9. Sagittarius

In love with adventures and new experiences, Sagittarius is afraid of boring life with a loved one. Freedom is what he loves most and does not accept being torn from it. He is afraid of becoming attached to a person who will not understand his logic.

10. Capricorn

For Capricorn, prudence is the mother of security. They will never fall in love so as not to fail and they hate defeat. Because of this, they persist in staying in failed relationships, out of sheer pride.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius dislikes possession in love and requires the kindness of their partner, but they often find themselves disappointed in this regard. He loves his independence and hates feeling suffocated. His ideal partner is the one who will respect his individuality, which is not always easy to find.

12. Pisces

The Pisces native is a sensitive and devoted being, always ready to help others, attract tortured souls to him, and make him very tired. He fears repeating the same pattern over and over and still feels the heartache.

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