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Find out what are the things that should never be done towards your partner based on their zodiac sign.

When you are with someone, it often happens to wonder how to keep them close or, conversely, what not to do if you don’t want to run the risk of losing them. These are normal thoughts that arise from the fear of seeing the end of a story that you particularly care about or of finding yourself alone and without the person you love. On the one hand, it must be said that it is rather difficult (if not impossible) to be able to predict which actions can lead to the end of a love that, we remember, could also go out in a completely natural way. On the other hand, however, it is also true that if you think about the influence that the stars have over us, predicting what are the things not to do to prevent your partner from getting tired is not entirely impossible. Each sign of the zodiac has things that he likes and others that can put his patience to the test. Considering those and having seen what they are the zodiac signs that need many friends and which signs of the zodiac always chase their dreams, we will see what are mistakes you should never make with the various zodiac signs. Since these are feelings and ways of doing that often trigger instinctive responses, the advice is to check the profile of the partner’s ascendant, to have more answers to the question.

Astrology and love: the mistakes not to make with the various zodiac signs

Aries – Trying to Lead Their Life
If there is one thing that should never be done with an Aries partner, it is trying to guide their life. Independent like few others, the natives of the sign do not like being given advice nor do they tolerate those who set themselves up as judges to tell them that their action is right or wrong. Proud and self-confident, they will never accept advice, much less the attempt to guide them towards one path rather than another. Doing so also means compromising the relationship importantly because tired of being constantly observed, they will end up distancing themselves in a rather sudden way, thus trying to mark their independence, even at the cost of having to fight or leave forever to pass the concept.

Taurus – Make them jealous
The natives of Taurus are jealous by nature and there is no need to feed this way of being. When jealousy exceeds the basic level the natives of the sign tend to lose their minds and rage. This leads them to ultimatums, get angry, obsessive, and take it for everything. Aspects that they do not like at first and that consequently can push them to distance themselves so as not to have to experience emotions that they do not like and that they believe they do not know how to manage as they would like. The biggest mistake to make with them is, therefore, to make them jealous and, even worse, to bring them to maximum tolerance. For a peaceful relationship, it is essential that they can trust and feel confident and happy with the person they have chosen. Jealousy would make them suspect the opposite leading them, consequently,

Gemini – Bore them
Yes, boredom is, as always, what makes people born under the sign of Gemini move or completely immobilize who, in front of a boring partner, prefer to run away as soon as possible and everything to avoid what is in their eyes. the greatest danger ever. To be loved by them it is essential to entertain them, entertain them and stimulate them with novelties capable of continuously following one another. Promising to do it and then giving in to routine or not knowing how to grasp the precise moment in which they begin to feel disinterest in what you are doing and, therefore, boredom are elements that in their eyes characterize a partner who is no longer good, does not know them. and, above all, does not know how to take them.

Cancer – Pushing Them Too Too Action
Cancer natives are usually lazy people who like to manage their lives at their own pace and who tend to get very upset when someone tries to change them or make them do what they don’t want. Although they love to get along with everyone, they are quite touchy and tend to skip over every little thing. Always poking them, calling them to order, or pointing out their faults is, therefore, the biggest mistake a partner could make with them. When this happens they can get angry and forgive once but already from the second they start to resent more than usual and this can lead them to think about ending the relationship. A somewhat extreme response but which is also the only one they know to deal with similar situations.

Leo – Do not consider them sufficiently
It is probably also useless to say but the biggest mistake you can make with those born under the sign of Leo is not to put them in the first place and to forget to make them feel important or, as always, at the Center of the attention. The natives of the sign-in fact expect that the partner is support for them but also the biggest fan and not having the support in everything they do would be seen as a great lack that would lead them to ask themselves questions and reach out to close. history. Loving them means always putting them first, incensing them, and helping them to be noticed by the world. Without these requirements, even the best partner would be seen by them as the least suitable person to be around them.

Virgo – Change their rules
Virgo natives are framed people who love to live according to precise rules that they impose themselves to maintain a certain semblance of order without which they would not feel at ease. When someone tries to change their way of being, their attitude is initially controversial only to get worse little by little. When you are with them it is important to understand them and always try to give them what they want. Not doing it and doing something to change what are perfect rules for them means questioning their analytical skills, which makes them impatient and seething until tired of receiving the advice they explode. When that happens, the risk of the story ending is too great. It is therefore important to avoid making them reach the breaking point because going back, in that case,

Libra – Forcing Them
It is difficult for those born under the sign of Libra to lose patience or to clash directly with someone. If there is one thing that freaks them out, however, it is feeling forced to do something they do not want. When this happens, they tend to experience it as an offense, a disrespect that they can’t tolerate in any way. The thing becomes even heavier if the action is taken by their partner, a person whom they feel they should be able to trust in every respect. For them, being forced to do something they do not feel is in their way is tantamount to betrayal. Therefore, that doing so is the biggest mistake ever and able to lead them to decide to close even an important story.

Scorpio – Betray them
The natives of Scorpio care a lot about their partner because when they decide to trust someone they do it by putting all their energy into it. Although they have a lot to offer, they are also people who demand a lot, especially in love. And the thing they need most is the loyalty of the person they love. Loyalty does not only mean physical but also mental. Knowing that the partner has cheated on them in the strict sense of the term or has spoken badly of them, or lied to them, are things that the natives of the sign put almost on the same level and that make them lose their trust, leading them to see the person again. which are from a different perspective. More often than not, the discovery of a betrayal prompts them to leave. To be with them, therefore, the only mistake to never make is to betray them,

Sagittarius – Putting them back to the wall
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius need to feel free and to know that they can do whatever they want under any circumstance. A partner who is not able to respect their need is for them someone potentially wrong and who despite having all the characteristics they require, lacks the most important of all. The natives of the sign do not like having to waste time after people who they do not consider suitable for them and therefore could decide to end a story after the first misstep. Sagittarius partners, therefore, should avoid making them feel pressured or, even worse, in control unless they are looking for an excuse to let them break up.

Capricorn – Trying to make them slow down
The natives of Capricorn are people who are always busy with a thousand commitments, many of which they make themselves because of the need to always keep busy. Their lifestyle is therefore basically chaotic, nevertheless, it is what they love and what somehow represents them. Asking them to change or try to slow them down is, therefore, a decidedly wrong move that would lead them to feel a grudge, exacerbating relationships and thus making them evaluate the possibility of ending the relationship in progress. Even if they are in love the natives of the sign need to feel understood and accepted and to always be themselves. If they are unable to do so, they prefer to continue on their path rather than alongside someone they deem wrong.

Aquarius – Being intrusive It is well known
that people born under the sign of Aquarius need their space. The biggest mistake that can be made with them is therefore to try to change them, imposing themselves in their life. This leads them to feel oppressed and no longer feel the desire to be with their partner, which sooner or later could lead them to want to be alone because they are freer. Those who love them, therefore, must know how to accept them as they are and avoid making them weigh the moments of silence or isolation because they are what they need to live their life to the full and, in some ways, to feel themselves.

Pisces – Forcing them to rationality
Trying to make the natives of Pisces live in a world of reason alone is like stopping the water. An impossible undertaking and destined to fail in the worst way. Lovers of everything sentimental or related to the world of dreams, the natives of the sign need to live according to their way of being and to know that even those who love can do it. Otherwise, their feelings would end by fading, and even if with difficulty and feeling infinitely sad, sooner or later they would end up severing the relationship, perceiving it as a constraint for both. If you want to make a story with them last, then, in addition to leaving them in their enchanted world, it is important to learn to immerse yourself in it to understand them and get to know them better.

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