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Find out how to feel spring even while staying at home. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

With the arrival of April, spring is more than ever-present in everyone’s heart. A moment that many would like to spend outdoors but which due to the quarantine period is forced to live mostly at home, with a few trips limited to when you go shopping.
Yet, even in such a situation, it is possible to experience spring, simply by bringing it into your home and striving to experience it differently. The rest will be done by the longer days, the scents coming from the outside, and the many flowering trees visible from balconies and gardens.

There are also strictly personal ways to better enjoy this period and these can vary from person to person based on your zodiac sign. So today, after having seen what are the enemy emotions of the various signs of the zodiac and what is the good side of being single in quarantine, we will discover how each sign can bring spring into your home. A way of doing that can be fully understood by also checking the profile of the ascendant, capable of giving a more complete answer.

Horoscope – How to bring spring into the house based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Taking care of yourself
A good way to feel spring approaching? Take care of yourself. This is something you tend to do every year and repeating this time will make you feel less of a difference than in the past. By eating healthier, playing sports, and trying to heal your imagination as much as possible, you will be able to feel spring in the air to focus on when you can finally get back out and breathe the crisp air. Knowing that you can do it by showing your best, will be a thought that can give you comfort and make you live the wait with more emotion and fewer negative thoughts.

Taurus – Cooking fresher dishes
For you, many things pass through the throat and even the arrival of spring can be experienced by passing through the kitchen. Since April is a month that usually knows a lot about this season made of flowers, crisp air, and clothes that gradually become lighter, a good way to feel at one with the season, despite the quarantine period, is to bring it to the table. This means starting to prepare fresher and more colorful dishes, some of them even floral-themed. A way like any other to cheer you up, take life with greater sweetness, and enrich your eyes with cheerful colors and motifs, reassuring yourself in a way that you love and that belongs to you: by eating good things.

Gemini – Organizing aperitifs with friends
It’s true, spring is a perfect time to socialize and right now you miss it more than you would like. Fortunately, though, technology is on your side. So why not organize an aperitif evening with a group of friends to talk to via video call? The secret is to prepare yourself something good to drink or eat, get in gear and be all together at the same time. It will be a different way to meet and you will probably be able to cheer everyone up and even yourself. It may not be the same but it is still a good diversion, able to make you feel that touch of spring that you need.

Cancer – Starting a romance novel
For you, spring is the mating season. To feel its essence in the air, you, therefore, need to surround yourself with romance as much as possible. And, to get started, you can start with a romance novel to read in one go or start watching themed movies. Doing so will help you feel more cheerful and carefree and will allow you to dream as you always do at this time of year. It would be even better to be able to recreate a highly romantic reading area. Maybe on the balcony and in the company of some flowers, or in an area of ​​the house where you can place an armchair, some cushions, and some plants. In this way, you can immerse yourself in your spring and feel less the weight of the days spent within the walls of your home.

Leo – Wearing More Colorful Clothes
Since feeling more beautiful is something that makes you feel better at this time of year, you may want to take advantage of the warmer days to wear something different and more colorful. Drawing from the selection of spring dresses will be a way to immerse yourself in the typical atmosphere of the season. Even better if you take advantage of your free time to try make-up and hairstyles suitable for this time of year. It will be a way like any other to feel spring directly on your skin. This will surely give you an extra boost of energy, lifting your mood to the maximum and making you feel less of the burden of the days to spend at home.

Virgo – Doing Something You Enjoy
For you, experiencing spring without being able to leave home isn’t all that depressing. It is, however, knowing that you have impositions that prevent you from going out. In order not to overthink it, you should try to commit to doing something you enjoy. Starting a hobby would help you to perceive that sense of novelty that you usually tend to connect with the arrival of summer. You can start with a guitar course, learn to draw by following some courses on the web or try your hand at opening a blog. What matters is choosing something that excites you and makes you feel good about yourself. In this way, you will feel the spring closest to you.

Libra – Beautifying your home
Usually, when the summer arrives, you tend to perceive its beauty thanks to the rebirth of nature and the many flowers you love to surround yourself with. In this particular period, it is therefore important to dedicate yourself to something that helps you not to miss your habits. A good choice is to beautify your home. You can revolutionize an entire room or just beautify some corners of the house. What matters is to make them as colorful and cheerful as possible. This is something that you can certainly do and that can change your perception of the present, helping you to better enjoy the days of quarantine.

Scorpio – Immersing yourself in something you like
For you, the spring season is perfect for starting something new. For this reason, you should take advantage of your free time to immerse yourself in something you enjoy. Whether it’s a book to read, a new story to write, or a photography course to start, what matters is that you know how to choose something that gives you new meaning and that can make you feel more motivated at the same time. In this way, you will feel the presence of spring even without having to leave the house and every day you will have a special reason for which to wake up and get up in time. All things that are not difficult for you because you have great willpower on your side that blends well with your ability to always make the best out of the situations you live in.

Sagittarius – Hearing Friends As Often
As You Can When spring comes, you love to hang out with your friends and chat with them about this and that. For this reason, you should work hard to organize real chat sessions to fill your days. Doing so will help you miss the people you loveless and will help you feel the time passing in a more peaceful and relaxed way. It is a commitment that you have to make with yourself and that you can carry on day by day, based on how you feel. What matters is always doing what makes you feel best and choosing to hear only the people who can cheer you up. In this period you need more than ever joy and only this will be able to make you feel in line with the summer.

Capricorn – Organizing an outdoor corner
To feel spring in your home, you need to recreate it in a corner where you can take refuge whenever you feel the need. If you have a garden, doing it won’t be difficult at all. But a lot can also be done with a balcony. It is enough to gather your plants in a corner and start taking care of them with more love. A chair where you can settle down to look at the outside world will complete the whole, especially if you choose to embellish it to make it more suitable for the context. One thing that can be done even in the absence of balconies. Just a window, a little imagination, and a great desire to do and spring will be in your home in an instant.

Aquarius – Fixing up the house
The quarantine period has probably allowed you to feel more socially free. This has enabled you to live the reserved life you often yearn for more easily and, at the same time, allowed you to neglect some daily duties. Among these is probably the attention to the house. With spring more and more present, however, it can be useful to occupy part of the time trying to tidy up and maybe throw away something that is no longer used. Through cleaning and careful tidying up, you will surely feel a new energy and this will be useful in giving more energy. A way like any other to feel part of the changing season and this even without leaving home.

Pisces – By taking the time
For you, quarantine is not such an unmanageable thing. You are able enough to manage your spaces to better enjoy the so-called dead times. To ensure that the new season brings you the necessary serenity to make your days fuller, however, you must be able to feel good about yourself and where you live. To do this you must therefore dedicate some quality time in which to grow something you like, take care of yourself and beautify the area where you live. These are the little things that, all together, can give you that sense of new you need to feel spring to the fullest. Once you have succeeded in this, you will be able to perceive the very essence of this season even within the walls of your home.

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