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Astrology: How Does Your Zodiac Influence Your Career Choice?

Astrology.com specialists studied the main characteristics of the professional life of individuals according to their zodiac signs and agreed on some professions or jobs suitable for them.

Astrology.com specialists studied the main characteristics of the professional life of individuals according to their zodiac signs and agreed on some professions or jobs suitable for them.


This born leader (which could sometimes affect teamwork), who hates to lose, but is endowed with a lot of ambition and energy, this “stubborn” who loves the adventure offered by field work could choose the following career:

– ambulance driver, barber, trainer, computer game creator, courier, dentist, director, entertainer, entrepreneur, firefighter, hairdresser, jockey, pensioner, lawyer, make-up artist, metal worker, army officer, neurologist, optometrist, butcher, broker, stuntman, butler, professional athlete, salesman, PR director, policeman, producer.


Initially lazy until he gets into his rhythm, he later becomes a real “bee” – hardworking and with an iron will. He is loyal, a very good colleague but can become stubborn. It would suit:

– advertising director, antiques dealer, auctioneer, banker, biologist, woodworker, investor, singer, real estate agent, perfumer, musician, gardener, make-up artist, furniture maker, florist, appraiser, decorator, dancer, beautician, cashier, businessman, fashion designer, fundraiser, financial consultant.


He is gifted with excellent communication skills, tireless, can give great ideas and is characterized by curiosity. He could make a career as:

– creator of advertising slogans, auctioneer, car dealer, bookseller, broker, driver, cartoonist, commentator, correspondent, courier, distributor, mime, media person, postman, journalist, clerk, analyst, narrator, novelist, reporter, meteorologist, translator, speaker.


Sensitive, he likes to lead, although he has a special work style, which makes him seem lazy in the eyes of others. It would be good as:

– farmer, baker, builder, collector, cook, diver, nutritionist, farmer, fisherman, gardener, historian, hotelier, rentier, lifeguard, manufacturer, trader, NGO manager, oceanographer, plumber, producer, salesman, clerk naval


Having innate leadership qualities, he can also work in a team, being proud and energetic. Loves to be in the spotlight and could be:

– actor, amusement park employee, master of ceremonies, art dealer, artist, athlete, cardiologist, CEO, celebrity, comedian, director, educator, marketer, entrepreneur, politician , university professor, editor, tourist resort manager, tourist guide, TV announcer, stock exchange agent, spokesperson


Practical, realistic, a good orator and having the qualities to lead and above all to motivate a team can be:

– accountant, helper, flight attendant, auditor, librarian, butler, caretaker, clerk, IT analyst, copy editor, critic, craftsman, data operator, nutritionist, doctor, hairdresser, engineer, inspector, pharmacist, medical assistant, programmer, repairman , statistician, survey operator, veterinarian, volunteer, waiter


He has a pronounced spirit of justice, being a good mediator and lover of the truth. He loves conversations and the exchange of ideas. It could be:

– human resources manager, writer, architect, designer, beautician, decorator, lawyer, politician, sculptor, negotiator, model, mediator, art dealer, artist, notary, landscaper, academic adviser


Characterized by a strong will, he works with a special passion and although it may seem incomprehensible, you cannot do without his collaboration. He is good as:

– trade union leader, vocational adviser, analyst, tax collector, censor, criminologist, detective, debt collector, diver, doctor, distiller, excavator, undertaker, garbage collector, plumber, insurance agent, investigator, pathologist, psychologist, miner, laboratory technician, psychiatrist, researcher, security guard, surgeon


Optimistic, positive, independent and determined, but has a tendency to look at the whole and neglect the details. He is recommended a career as:

– theologian, teacher, advertiser, lawyer, diplomat, editor, explorer, forecaster, guide, horse keeper, jockey, interpreter, importer/exporter, magistrate, marketer, philosopher, promoter, publicist, professional athlete, translator


A real workhorse, conservative and practical, would be good in a leadership position. It could be:

– astronomer, general manager, real estate agent, statesman, career advisor, coach, administrator, dentist, economist, event organizer, geologist, industrialist, mayor, climber, official, account and operations manager, governor, physicist


Idealist, passionately follows his cause, loves people, has a quick mind and loves challenges. Would be good as:

– senator, sociologist, sci-fi writer, pilot, mechanic, guide, healer, counselor, aviator, astronaut, flight attendant, astrologer, entrepreneur, professional athlete, entrepreneur, electrician, tour guide, inventor, navigator, researcher marketing:


He is a true artist, dreamer, idealist and emotional. It would be good if:

– actor, art critic, charity volunteer, window designer, social worker, shoe designer or cobbler, criminal justice worker, counselor, designer, chemist, healer, dancer, photographer, poet, religious leader, secret agent, bartender, illustrator, illusionist, musician, painter

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