Find out if he is in love with the way he behaves and behaves. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

When it comes to love it is difficult to establish rules because it is a feeling that everyone talks about but that few know. Love is something ethereal and untouchable. It can be felt with the heart and it can be passed on from person to person. To grasp and understand it, however, one must be open, experience it firsthand, and know-how to recognize it in others. Love is a feeling rich in nuances that can vary color according to the feelings of the moment.
It is a feeling that knows how to speak and that knows how to get straight to the heart. At the same time, it is capable of hiding itself even for years, confining itself to a remote corner of the heart.

Understanding love is really difficult but sometimes, if you pay attention, you can get the feeling someone is feeling. Thus, even without having yet fully understood love, it is possible to recognize it in the gestures of people in love, in their looks, and even in their ways of doing. And since the way of communicating love also depends on the influence that the stars have on each of us, today after having seen what is the right complement to give to each zodiac sign and what is the thing that each zodiac sign should do to live better, we will find out how to understand if the person we like is in love or not. An aspect that can be grasped even better if you also check the profile of the ascendant, this being very important in everything related to feelings.

He is in love? Here’s how to figure it out according to the stars

Aries – Always shows off
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to be noticed and who think that through the attention of others they express their value more. When they fall in love with someone, therefore, their first reaction will be to stage actions that can attract their attention. If they are good at something they will try in every way to make it noticed and to show off and at the same time they will dress to the best of their ability and will try to bring out all their communication skills. An Aries always at attention and ready to strut before your eyes more than anyone else’s could therefore be an Aries in love.

Taurus – Try to Look Your Best
Taurus natives are people who care about their physical appearance and how others see them. When they get interested in a person, one of the first things they do is to make sure they are at their best. They are therefore likely to decide to diet, cut their hair, and even join the gym. All things to which they will add a greater refinement in the look and all for the sole purpose of getting noticed and breaking into the heart of the person they like. A Taurus in love will therefore be always ready to show the best side of himself and to take care of his person as never before.

Gemini – It’s always original and fun
When they fall in love, those born under the sign of Gemini try in every way to win the heart of the person they like. To do this, they often launch into long monologues in which they insert everything they know how to please others. On their side, they are lucky enough to enjoy a good dialectic and always be able to make people smile or interest them. It is a weapon they are aware of to the point of wanting to use it as often as possible. A Gemini in love will therefore be recognizable by the gab and the gallant ways of doing things that he will have only for the person who interests him and who has decided to capitulate.

Cancer – It’s Extremely Romantic
The natives of Cancer have an innate romanticism on their side that allows them to design evenings and gifts that will get noticed and appreciated. When they start having feelings for someone, they go out of their way to live up to their expectations and at the same time, they start making romantic plans that they believe are in line with the tastes of the person they care about. It is therefore easy to see them intent on proposing particular outings or making unexpected and always rather romantic gifts. A Cancer in love knows how to talk to the person they love and who in doing so always finds a way to create a romantic atmosphere that is difficult to say no to.

Leo – Start giving important gifts
Those born under the sign of Leo have no problems in expressing their feelings and to do so they always choose a way that is important and able to leave their mark. When they love someone, then, they tend to give them important gifts, to invite them to sumptuous dinners, and to appear so elegant and special that they are sure they cannot receive a no. A Lion in love is, therefore, one who always knows what to say and what to do because he will have been “exercising” for some time and, with his safe way of doing things, will always combine a precious gift, able to conquer or at least surprise the person for the which is of interest.

Virgo – Try to please those you love
Virgo natives are direct people. They do not like games or strategies to which they prefer serene attitudes and can give those who receive them the happiness they deserve. While not extremely romantic, if taken by someone they will do all they can to please him and make him happy. A Virgo native in love, therefore, will always be ready to satisfy the requests and wishes of the loved one and all without asking for anything in return except, of course, a little love.

Libra – Get especially sweet
Those born under the sign of Libra are usually moderate in everything they do. When they fall in love, however, especially in the early days, they tend to expose their heart by expressing all the sweetness possible in everything they do. Whether it’s gestures or words, they will therefore be very sweet and always generous with attention. A Libra native in love will therefore always be kind and attentive to the person they love. And while it may seem a little possessive at times, what it gives in return is so much that it forgives this little detail that among other things tends to vanish when it realizes that it can be trusted.

Scorpio – Become possessive
The natives of Scorpio are people who, contrary to what is said, particularly care about the feelings and the loved one. When they feel something special about someone they tend to make it their whole world, often becoming possessive. Theirs, however, is not a negative attitude but a desire to include those they love in their world, building projects for the future together. A Scorpio in love will therefore be particularly attentive to the needs of those who love, always present, and at the same time a little jealous and possessive. A sign that he feels something strong.

Sagittarius – Gets gentler
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius think a lot about themselves and try to make the most of their life. When they feel something for someone, however, they tend to be kinder and more generous towards that person, even going so far as to step aside (albeit from time to time) to see them happy. Seeing love in their eyes is therefore quite simple, at least as it is to understand it from their attitudes. A Sagittarius in love will therefore always be kind and ready to bend over backward for the person he loves and this even if, on the other hand, he will always tend to demand something in return.

Capricorn – Give his time
The natives of Capricorn are always busy with a thousand commitments and rarely have time for anyone. When they fall in love, however, they tend to change their ways and even if they struggle to find a way to carve out the space for their loved one. Whether it’s a few hours or a whole day, what makes everything special will be the ability to give attention only to those they love. A Capricorn in love is therefore always ready to spend precious time with those he loves, having attentions that he would hardly put in place for someone else.

Aquarius – Be brilliant
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who always aim for their happiness. For this reason, they know how to be selfish as a few, and when they can they do not hesitate to make things turn to make them happy, even at the cost of forgetting about others. When they fall in love, however, their way of acting changes and they become kinder and more attentive to the other person. In all this, they do not fail to be brilliant, to draw attention to themselves, and show themselves at their best in an attempt to win the heart of those they love. An Aquarius in love is therefore a person who knows how to get noticed, who always aims to excel, and who knows how to offer those who love more than they would anyone else.

Pisces – He shows himself kinder than ever
The natives of Pisces are kind people, empathetic, and always attentive towards others. When they feel something important to someone, these qualities tend to increase. So, almost without realizing it, they try to make the life of those they love easier, offering to help as they can and always having a kind word. Their gaze will always be full of feelings and their accurate words. Knowing if they love someone is therefore very simple. A Pisces in love is someone willing to offer their heart to those who love and everything without reserve.


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