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Astrologers Have Named the Three Unfortunate Zodiac Signs That Are Most Often Betrayed

In love, some signs always end up being betrayed. They can’t figure it out, but they are so unlucky.

Sometimes one wonders how an event like this is ever possible, among other things always with the same people, but the answer is not easy to define and could also concern, as we will say today, the zodiac and astrology.

But let’s be clear, and let’s go in order. If you too are curious to know better who we are talking about, or if perhaps you are the piece of the couple who is often cheated on, then all you have to do is continue reading to find out a little more.

The signs that suffer the most betrayals in love are them.


Although he is a determined sign and who is always ready to give his best in love, the truth is that sometimes he just can’t understand that he should just be a little more loose and free in the things he does. Or rather, he should live relationships with greater ease and serenity, it’s not a simple thing, but the experience can also give him this type of passion.


And let’s continue with Gemini, another sign that in love he never manages to keep track of the situation and never realizes anything, we don’t even know how he does it, in a sense, sometimes, the betrayal is so obvious that if everyone notices it except him, obviously, in cases like this, friends don’t put their bill. In the end, however, everything becomes clear for him too and he suffers a lot. He should learn to better read the people he is with and above all he should better interpret and understand the situations in which he puts himself. It’s not very simple, but even he, with a little effort, could be able to figure it out.


Another sign that interests us is Gemini, who knows exactly what he wants but remains a bit confused in love. There are days when, for example, he doesn’t give the slightest attention to his partner, given that he is convinced he wants to end the relationship, which he doesn’t do in reality, which leads him to give less attention to the person with him. The partner then cheats, because he feels left out, or something. But the truth is that Pisces just can’t take relationships seriously, and find themselves going from flower to flower, almost all the time.

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