The stars reveal who is the most undecided zodiac sign of the zodiac. He has a hard time making any decisions.

Our belonging to a zodiac sign gives us strengths and weaknesses. Each of us has innate qualities and at the same time weak points. The sign we are going to talk about today is unable to make a decision .

He is an air sign, very talkative and the best of all at making people peace. A great broker and person with a lovable company, the weakness of this sign is that they cannot make a decision . Even if his choice did not imply anything, this sign would still not be able to make up his own mind.

Libra is the most undecided sign of all

Libra and the shape of the symbol of this zodiac sign are evocative of its characteristics. It is a sign that he spends his entire life seeking balance in all fields of his life and at the same time oscillates in indecision never managing to take a clear position. In every area, deciding is highly tiring for him, he will not be able to decide where to go on vacation, which restaurant to go to for dinner, travel by car or train … If for other signs a decision simply depends on the weighting of some data, for Libra represents a constraint . For him it is as if by opting for one thing he excludes the other and feels the risk of having excluded the best option.

All this leads to an obvious torment in this sign that punctually ends up delegating its choices to others. 

It’s hard to make a choice when you have a character who always wants to please everyone.   Led by Venus, the planet of love, the Libra native tends to give up his needs and desires and to do what the people he loves want to do, and thus to delegate the final choice to them.

For the native of this sign, harmony comes first and this is achieved only in the case of balance . The fear of breaking it by making the wrong choices is too great to allow him to choose, it is an insurmountable block. Libra work hard to establish strong inner connections with all the people around them, especially with the person chosen for a relationship.

The next time you ask a Libra if he gives you more color than another or if he prefers ice cream to frozen yogurt and he will look at you with an expression of panic, relax and remember that it is not that he does not want to answer, he is simply unable . to do it. If you push him, he will eventually make this choice but will feel some discomfort, discomfort that he usually doesn’t feel if someone else chooses for him.


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