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Find out if your way of being is too competitive or if, on the contrary, you should learn to be more competitive.

Being competitive is something that can more or less belong to us and that can occur at certain moments in life. One can be aware of it or move on completely unaware. Being so, however, certainly changes the way of living situations as well as the way of doing.

The spirit of competition can depend on many factors including the character, the experiences lived, and even the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, we will focus on this last aspect, trying to analyze if and how competitive we are. A way to get to know each other better and to have a broader idea of ​​our way of acting in the face of challenges.

How competitive are you? Here is the answer of the stars based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Extremely competitive
We can say without fear of making a mistake that, within the zodiac, you are probably the most competitive sign of all. For you, every little situation can give rise to a challenge. And what you think you are in it, you accept it without hesitation, unleashing all your skills to be the winner. Living the challenges is what makes you feel alive and what gives you the desire to fight at your best. A mode that you have always liked and in which you feel perfectly at ease. Of course, now and then you risk exaggerating, but it is enough to know you to know that yours is not bad (not always at least) but a real desire to test yourself and (obviously) to have the upper hand.

Taurus – Competitive only when needed
You like to live in a relaxed way and this makes you a person who prefers to avoid competitions if you can. It must be said, however, that you have such pride that if someone dares to challenge you, it suddenly changes register. For the right causes, you are in fact always ready to take on the challenge and do it trying to prove that you are the best. A test field for which you would be able to train day and night, getting excited like few other people and committing yourself to a thousand. Of course, for all this to happen you have to feel really motivated or believe that there is a need for your decisive intervention. That said, you know you can give your best when you need it. And that makes you relaxed the rest of the time.

Gemini – Competitive enough
Let’s say that competition is not your daily bread but that when you need it or you feel like it you know how to work on it. Ambitious and particularly attached to your projects, you are in fact ready to defend them tooth and nail if someone dares to put them in danger. And it is usually in these situations that you literally enter the challenge, giving your best and worst to get the results you want. For the rest of the time, you prefer to follow only what interests you, relax and enjoy your free time. All with such a relaxed attitude that it makes the viewer mistakenly believe that you would not be able to win a challenge. But, as already said, it takes very little to bring out the determination and the desire to do necessary to get the better of it.

Cancer – Not very competitive
Virtually you are also competitive since you always tend to compare yourself with others and hope to get the better of you. The truth, however, is that in life he prefers to enjoy everything beautiful around him. And, given the choice, you prefer to surround yourself with people with whom you feel you never have to challenge yourself as they are already a winner. An alternative way to get the better of it and that certainly does not involve expending energy. But be careful, because, in the long run, such an easy life could end up boring you, pushing you to wish you could change things. Much better to think about it while you still have time, then.

Leo – Very competitive
Your wanting to always be the center of attention makes you an extremely competitive person. In fact, it is enough that someone threatens even distantly to deprive you of your privileges for the spring of the challenge to be activated in you. And when that happens, we all know that you will not have peace until you have achieved or proved what you want. Of you, we can therefore say that you are a very competitive person but that you are only if your “throne” is threatened. If not, given the choice, you would much rather opt for a non-fight victory. One in which everyone is ready to declare surrender even before challenging you.

Virgo – Lowly Competitive
Being competitive is not something that particularly interests you. In fact, in life, you like to live as calmly and relaxed as possible. This makes you a person who, faced with the most varied situations, prefers to avoid any challenge, reaching the goal differently. A way of doing that is also good for you, especially because you always know how to argue the reason that pushes you not to get involved from that point of view. After all, when it comes to explaining you are always pretty good and able to get reason on your side.

Libra – Not so competitive
While you can’t say that you are a person who pulls back from challenges, basically you are not very competitive. You prefer aspects of life that are lighter and more in line with your way of being. This is why, when you find yourself facing situations of normal administration, you prefer to do it your way, counting on your maybe and never comparing yourself with others. That said, whoever decides to challenge you will always have an opponent to fear. Because if forced to take the field you are always ready to face the battle. And most important of all, you are particularly good at it.

Scorpio – Competitive enough
Your way of being is always rather atypical. And things don’t change even when the spirit of competition is involved. It can be said, in fact, that you are a person deeply interested in achieving your goals alone. And that is, without having to compare yourself with others. If you have no other choice, though, your competitive side tends to emerge. And this happens by highlighting a fighter born and ready to move forward without stopping at anything. A way of being typical of you and that makes you the winner of every challenge. Which happens in particular for your ability to improve yourself with every test that life puts in front of you. Which helps to make you stronger from time to time.

Sagittarius – Competitive With Who You Think You Can Beat
Your way of being competitive is pretty shrewd. Generally, in fact, you tend to be with people you think you can beat. If not, you prefer to try to avoid any possible confrontation. Which you do by holding back or looking for other ways to reach the goal. A way of doing that you know you have and that you can manage very well. And all because in the end, the only thing you really want is not so much the comparison with others like the possibility of achieving what you want with maximum results. An important aspect that somehow perfectly describes who you are.

Capricorn – Competitive at the most but only in certain cases
Perhaps not everyone would say it but beyond appearances, you are an extremely competitive person. Only, you tend to be more in some areas than in others. If it comes to work, for example, you are always ready to give your best. Which pushes you to accept any kind of challenge and carry it forward until victory. Your tenacity, however, tends to wane if you find yourself in other circumstances. In these cases, in fact, you prefer to reach the goal by following different and calmer ways, that is, those that allow you to give your best without having to face the stress of competing with others.

Aquarius – Not at all competitive
You are a person who likes to be quiet in any situation. And that makes you one of the least competitive people in the zodiac. When it comes to challenges, therefore, you always try to avoid them and when you can’t do otherwise, you always end up looking for mediation. Of course, if pushed to the maximum you can always decide to do differently. If not, though, your first choice will always be to take things slow. Which then coincides perfectly with your way of being.

Pisces – Competitive if they touch you firsthand
Basically, you are not a competitive person. And what makes you feel better in achieving the goals personally. That is, without ever having to take something away from someone. If you feel personally threatened, however, things tend to change and that prompts you to bring out a fighting force that no one imagines. When it comes to protecting yours, you become combative. And if in between there are also objectives to be achieved, the competitive spirit also springs into you. The same one that helps you win every battle you decide to wage. And in which you can impart more strength and determination than ever.

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