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Maybe you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs with which you argue the most: let’s find out together the top five positions and see how much you are quarrelsome!

It happens to everyone, sooner or later, to lose patience. It is certainly not something impossible: difficult situations often occur, which put our nerves to the test and often… defeat us! Today we want to find out if there is a correlation between stars, planets, and… anger!

Let’s see together today‘s horoscope ranking: there are five signs with which it is impossible to be calm! Are you sure you are not at the top of this very special list of zodiac signs capable of fighting in any situation? Let’s find out now!

The zodiac signs with which you argue the most: here is today’s horoscope ranking!

Arguing, arguing, arguing, and more arguing: how often do you lose your temper during a normal day?
Think about it: maybe you are in the car and someone cuts your way and you, rightly, start to rail in his direction.
Or your partner says something that doesn’t seem right: here begins an endless discussion, which may last for days!

That the fault is not your character but … your zodiac sign?
Today we have decided to draw up the ranking of the zodiac signs with which we fight the most: is it not that you are also among the top five?
To find out, of course, we can not help but let you read the ranking.

Hey, no, don’t get mad because we’re taking too long to write it!
With this attitude, are you sure you are not at the top of today’s rankings? Here are the top positions!

Aries: fifth place

Did you invite an Aries out and did you expect not to fight? Well, change your mind immediately: Aries is not only one of the most quarrelsome signs of the zodiac but it is also one of those with which you argue the most! The difference is subtle but fundamentalAries likes to argue but also likes to create discussions where there aren’t or shouldn’t be.

Even if it doesn’t happen oftenAries love to invent reasons to argue: they are always very insecure people and they find in the discussion a way to vent their insecurities.
Be careful with them: they are able to misunderstand many shades and do not mess with discussions!

Scorpio: fourth place

Even if the position seems rather low to us, we certainly could not have Scorpio in our horoscope ranking today.
They particularly like to argue and argue and it is almost impossible to win: if they want to have a confrontation with you you will not be able to escape them!

Scorpio is one of those signs with which it is better, really, to let it go. They have a particularly aggressive attitude when it comes to arguing and can easily become scary.
Keep this in mind if you ever decide to argue with a Scorpio and even if, as is much more likely, the Scorpio will want to argue with you!

Taurus: third place

Impossible to have a quiet day if you have invited the Taurus to stay with you! This sign, in fact, is one of the most contentious signs in the whole zodiac and there is absolutely no problem in making his voice heard!

Taurus is one of the signs that feels injustice the most and does not limit itself when it comes to arguing and putting yourself in the center of attention. He is not afraid to talk about what he hears or what he sees and exposes himself without fear of making a bad impression. Don’t fight with a Taurus: he will attack you mercilessly!

Capricorn: second place

Capricorn is also one of the signs who like to fight the most throughout the horoscope. It’s not even something they realize – they just don’t like having the same opinion as someone else!

Capricorn, in fact, often tends to seek confrontation especially if someone ” challenges ” him intellectually. Since they always have something to say, about any topic, and since those born under the sign of Capricorn often think they know all the subjects thoroughly, the discussion becomes almost obviousThey never stop fighting unless they are proven right!

Capricorn, in fact, has a hard time admitting that he is wrong and for this reason, he does not really stop arguingVery often they are right and have knowledge of what they are talking about: but there are situations where Capricorns fight  for the sake of fighting!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs with which you argue the most

In the first place of today’s ranking, to our great surprise (but not that of those who know them well), all those born under the sign of Cancer are positioned.
Yes, dear Cancer: you are the kings of the ranking of the zodiac signs with whom we fight the most!

Impossible to try to win it when you are there: you always have to discuss it thoroughly before you can come to a conclusion!
For those born with the sign of Cancer, in fact, discussing is something basic, they do it almost without thinking!
Cancer quarrels on any subject: they are not afraid to face thorny issues and are unable to shut up in the face of injustice! (Or what he considers such).

If you want to fight, then, it’s better to have someone born with the sign of Cancer on your side. Not only do they not hesitate to argue and argue over their arguments but they also take sides with anyone who needs support in a fight!
Cancer is a true expert in discussions and argumentsnever underestimate it!

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