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Hey but it’s not like you’re one of the zodiac signs that are always afraid, are you? Let’s find out today’s horoscope ranking!

Maybe watching Michael Jackson’s  Thriller video was enough to make you realize that you weren’t made for scary things or the upcoming arrival of  Halloween is making you suffer a lot.
Skeletons coming out of closets , people making you ” bu !” after hiding around a corner and so on: you really can’t take it anymore!

Come on, you don’t have to justify yourself with us: you are simply one of those zodiac signs that is truly afraid of everything!
Let’s find out together the ranking of the ” cowardly ” signs of the horoscope !

The zodiac signs that are always afraid: find out if you are a coward with today’s horoscope ranking

To scare you we don’t have to come up with a complete filmography of horror films – just catch yourself off guard when you’re busy thinking about something else! Hey, there is no need to be ashamed: someone will have to be in the ranking of the zodiac signs who are always afraid of everything and everyone!

Whether it is monsters under the bed, traffic accidents or avian or the fear (justified given the two years of pandemic) of disease, it does not matter. (We say: you obviously care a lot but we don’t want to turn the knife around in the sore ).

How about: the ranking of the zodiac signs that are always afraid of everything could help you find some ” cowardly ” friends like you? Let’s find out together: here are the most cowardly signs of the horoscope !

Pisces: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Pisces are people who, generally, are very afraid of others and of life.
The reason is easy to say: Pisces have a tendency to lie and lie about their life, embellishing it and embellishing it at best!

However, when those born under this sign find themselves having to deal with what really happens in their lives, everything suddenly gets worse.
Pisces live a life of truly terror , waiting for someone to discover their  bluff .
You can’t joke about this: they suddenly get very irritable !

Taurus: fourth place

Please don’t joke with Taurus about changes in perspective or changes in general.
Those born under this sign, in fact, are truly terrified of everything and everyone who is afraid of the future and of the consequences that come with the actions they could perform.

In short, it certainly isn’t a fun life to be the Taurus or someone close to Taurus !
Those born under this sign, in fact, are generally a real coward , fearful and frightened, frightened by the possibilities and the lack of them.
Dear Taurus but do you know that by dint of being afraid of everything you will miss having anything to do?

Cancer: third place

Dear friends born under the sign of Cancer , you have to admit it: you can really be a coward when you get into it!
Cancer is one of those signs that always has very ” emotional ” fears , which he manages to make grow in his brain and which he truly cultivates in a prodigious way. Too much if you want our opinion!

Cancer is a sign that can truly be capable of being afraid of everything and everyone: better not try to scare him too much, otherwise he will never recover!
For Cancer , unfortunately, there is very little to do: they are real cowards thanks mainly to the jokes that their brain plays !

Libra: second place

Well yes, you have to admit it dear friends of the sign of Libra : you can be really very cowardly when you get into it! Libra
is, in fact, to all intents and purposes one of the signs that are always frightened of the zodiac: we have placed it in second place for a reason!

Those born under this sign are often people who have a lot of problems facing others and who are afraid of taking too many false steps , which could isolate them from friends.
This is why, therefore, those born under the sign of Libra do nothing but live a life truly of almost pure terror .

They don’t want to be left alone or behind, not even for five minutes!
This is truly the greatest fear of Libra which then often leads her to become decidedly hypocritical when she gets into it.
Do not be afraid, dear friends of Libra ; if others aren’t around you all the time it doesn’t mean they hate you!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs that are always afraid

Of course, Gemini must have a note of merit : they manage to be, simultaneously, between the signs without fear and between the signs that are always afraid.
But how do they do it?
The reason is really simple: Geminis pretend very well that they are not afraid when, in reality, they are often simply terrified .

From what? Well, what questions: from everything!
Those born under the sign of Gemini hate making decisions , having to deal with responsibilities and issues to be solved really puts them in difficulty.
The problem, for Gemini , is that they are truly terrified of having to take on a responsibility that leads them, then, to take one direction rather than another.

Geminis want to maintain the status quo and always try to have the extra foot of a shoe.
Their fear is that any slight element, any small distraction can throw them off balance and put them in an uncomfortable position . Don’t joke with them: they are really scared!

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