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Are You Jealous? Find Out What Your Zodiac Sign Says

Have you ever wondered why you are jealous, about your zodiac sign? We decided today to answer this thorny question which seems to be very popular not only in recent times. If you’re curious to find out everything about a topic like this, well, you need to take a look at what we’re about to tell you. Maybe your relationships will benefit too. But let’s go in order, with the first one on today’s list.


If he realizes that his partner is making fun of him, then he rages like never before. The thing he hates the most is being caught while he’s in pain, that’s what he can’t stand.


But then we have the bull, a very possessive sign and that does not forgive even the slightest betrayal of its partner. He usually only trusts those who truly deserve it. If you know him, you know him very well.


But let’s move on to the sign of Gemini, a person who is very notorious for being unfaithful, and who usually always manages to figure out that several things shouldn’t be done, but just can’t help but do them. Jealousy, in this sign, really takes over.


Always puts the couple at the center of everything, and usually makes an effort to make everything go smoothly. That’s why he’s very protective of his partner, but really, he should just let him breathe once in a while.


And what to say about him? The truth is that he can never understand his mistakes, and this turns out to be a big problem, also because when he crosses the limits it is very difficult to understand him better. And go back to pretending nothing happened, like before.


He is usually very mistrustful by nature and can’t help but see the unreliability of his partner where this exists. Generally, she allows herself few mistakes, and she knows who is next to her well.


Another sign is that being very aware of its potential in love is usually able to unleash a real sentimental competition with the partner, who never forgives anything. His jealousy of her crosses all boundaries, especially when she suspects something.


His irrational and fiery way of doing puts him in a very particular condition. He usually tends to forgive the first time, but after the second mistake, he is none for anyone. It is a sign that he always knows what he wants and that above all he knows very well how to achieve it. But jealousy can be a problem.


Gives the impression that he is not attentive to the couple, but in reality, he dwells especially on the details. Usually, after a very stormy quarrel, he tends to forgive others in no time at all.


His feelings are indecipherable and he doesn’t know how to recognize that he is more than jealous. His relationship goes through its ups and downs and he’s very good at maintaining stability when things go wrong. The problem is that in everyday life things get tough.


We cannot then say that Aquarius is among the most jealous of all. In reality, he almost always tends to forgive his partner, and he doesn’t mind much. His motto? Live and let live.


Here too we are faced with a sign that does not appear to be jealous, but in reality, it is. And also accuses the partner of always being the matrix of all problems.

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