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The stars reveal who the 4 funniest signs of the zodiac are. They always know how to cheer us up when we’re down in the dumps.

We all go through bad moments in life. Surrounding ourselves with the right people could help us deal with sadness better and regain a good mood. In these cases, a cheerful, funny, and positive person is the best medicine you can take.

For sure you also know a funny person who makes you die of laughter. Just the thought of dating her puts you in a good mood. Some people have the gift of irony and can even laugh at themselves. His jokes are so unexpected and funny that you can’t figure out where they came from. His company is always pleasant, even when everything seems to go wrong his presence is comforting. Find out what are the 4 funniest signs of the zodiac.

What are the 4 funny signs of the zodiac?

Do you need someone to bring you a good mood? The stars recommend the company of one of these hilarious zodiac signs. Humor is not for everyone, some signs are particularly serious while others are super cheerful and light. Today we reveal who the good mood signs are:


Sociable by nature, its presence certainly does not go unnoticed. This sign has an infectiously good mood and is very positive. Being very sociable with him, you always feel at ease. If you need a laugh mate, Gemini is the right person. He will cheer you up with his funny jokes and thunderous laughter. It will entertain you with tons of surreal tales that will make you giggle with laughter.


Leo is an eccentric sign who likes to be the center of attention. He knows how to entertain and entertain his audience. Animated by unparalleled humor, an evening with him is sure to lift your dejected morale. With a Leo it is impossible to get bored, he pulls endless and spontaneous jokes out of the hat. He doesn’t even have to think about what to say, they come straight to him. It is fun and its presence changes the fate of each evening. If he’s there, fun is guaranteed.


The native of this sign is by nature sunny and positive. Jovial and sociable, he never forgets a smile when he shows up for a meeting. This sign can cheer others up by teasing and telling very funny anecdotes. Optimistic by nature, Sagittarius knows how to enjoy life and how to ward off negative energies. Humor runs through his veins.


The company of the Aries is excellent as a vintage wine. This hyperactive, impulsive sign is also a lot of fun. his stories are animated and laugh out loud and he always has something fun to tell. His friends know perfectly well that without him a party would not be the same. Aries can’t stand seeing the people they love steeped in sadness, and they work hard to bring smiles back to their faces. This quality offsets her impulsive side which can be annoying.

Surround yourself with the natives of these signs when you feel that everything is going wrong, they know how to make you smile again.

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