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Here’s what the stars say about your zodiac sign and the best way to win you over.

In love, they say, whoever flies wins. In reality there are many sayings, many of which are in sharp contrast to each other and this is because, although it has always been the protagonist of novels and songs, love is a feeling that is difficult to understand, able to excite like few others. things in the world and at the same time being elusive and indecipherable.
For this reason, when you love, it is always very difficult to fully understand the other person’s feelings. But have you ever wondered what others think of you?
Today, after seeing how we behave in love when we are jealous and whether or not we are inclined to success, we will discover together if we are easy people to conquer .or if, although it is easier to consider others as complicated, we too boast a good level of incomprehensibility.

How easy are you to conquer? Find out what the stars are saying

Aries – Very difficult to conquer
Your being resourceful makes you a difficult person to conquer. Although you may always appear open and available, you have very specific tastes. In addition to this, you are a person who tends to get tired soon, so much so that you can lose interest even during a courtship. In short, those who are interested in you immediately notice the possible difficulties, to the point of not always being willing to get involved. If you find that you are reciprocated by someone you care about, then send out some clear signals and try to prove yourself a little easier. The risk, otherwise, is to see him go away even before he has tried.

Taurus – Rather easy to conquer
Your predisposition to love and to create a family makes you a simple and easygoing person, always ready to get to know other people better and, if needed, to listen to them and be friends with them. Approaching, therefore, is not difficult. The only risk you run is that of being trapped in the role of friend, perhaps with the person with whom you were hoping to achieve something more. When you like someone, then, try not to give yourself 100% and leave an aura of mystery. Friendship is a beautiful thing but first of all a game of looks and seduction should be born, ready to put both sides on the line. Only when the other has declared himself will you be able to show him how much you have to offer him both as a partner and as a stable person able to stand by her side.

Gemini – Not always easy to conquer
As in many aspects linked to your way of being, the conquest also presents itself as a great unknown, mostly linked to your feeling and the moment you live. In fact, if you are in a good mood, winning yourself over may not be that difficult. Otherwise, the idea that you will give of yourself will be that of a person impossible to approach and with whom it is better not to have anything to do. So try to smooth out your corners and give a more balanced image. Because if it is true that your fluctuating being is part of your charm, it is also true that every now and then you must be able to give at least the shadow of some certainty to which others can cling to believe that you have understood, at least remotely, how you are made and how move to get to your heart.

Cancer – Easy to conquer but difficult to keep
Conquering yourself is not difficult at all. All it takes is a romantic gesture and some film-worthy stage effects and your heart will start beating like never before. What many miss, however, is that the real difficulties with you come soon after. Your touchy and sometimes capricious nature will make every wrong move risk turning into a real tragedy. It is also true that your way of being is often so fascinating that it is seen as a point in your favor, especially when you experience the first times, made of heart-pounding, handshakes and romantic moments to live as if you were walking on clouds. As for the conquests, therefore, you can be calm. The rest is a problem that will have to be solved if and when it arises.

Leo – Simple enough to conquer if you use the right techniques.
Making your heart melt isn’t that hard. To do this, however, you need to adopt the right techniques. Make you feel at the center of attention, show interest in your work and above all fascinated by your way of being. The problem is that you often have a way of carrying yourself that makes you appear unapproachable and that makes even the most enterprising of suitors think the opposite. To be sure not to miss the opportunity of your life, therefore, you will have to show yourself more in hand and with an availability that rarely manages to transpire. It may take some time but the results will pay off for any effort.

Virgo – Simple if you know how to catch yourself
Conquering you is not difficult, especially if those who choose to approach you know how to catch you. The real problem is being able to keep your interest alive during the courtship phase, mixing kindness and mystery well. As a person always ready to think about everything, your tendency is in fact to put every aspect of who you are in front of on the scale in order to understand whether or not he can prove to be the right person for you. An exam that those who really want you will have to be willing to take and that you will have to try to make as light as possible, so as not to run the risk of losing the attention of those who really care.

Libra – Too hard to understand to be conquered
Let’s face it, your kindness and affable ways are a beautiful thing. Too often, however, they tend to confuse those around you, especially if the intent is to approach you to woo you. Your friendly way of dealing with everyone leads the most optimists to believe that they have hopes of conquering you, except to remain speechless when, albeit with kindness, they are faced with a dry refusal. Of course, this does not mean that you have to be rude but that you may start giving different signals to people you have no interest in and those you do like. This would undoubtedly make things easier, both for potential suitors and for you who will know what to expect from others.

Scorpio – Mysterious but possible to conquer
The image you give of yourself is that of a person full of charm and mystery but who, if taken with the right manners, could even show himself to the hand. For this reason, even if with some fear, those who are interested in you always tend to come forward and play their cards waiting for your sign to go further. Your role, in all of this, will be to make it clear whether it is appropriate to proceed or to retreat. In this way, you will be sure to ensure only the proximity of the people who really interest you, without appearing rude to those who, on the other hand, do not collect your consent.

Sagittarius – Simple but not too much
Understanding yourself, for those around you, is really difficult. Certainly your sunny being pushes to relax even the most timid of suitors, giving him the courage to come forward. Too bad you need such freedom that you can guarantee very little to those who take a big crush on you. It certainly isn’t that hard to win you over, but things tend to stop there. Immediately after, in fact, it will be necessary to deal with your way of being and the difficult choice between carrying on what you started as a game or closing everything to give space to your freedom. Needless to say, if the right one comes, though …

Capricorn – One that’s hard to stand up to
To win you over, you have to be all in one piece and always able to stand up to you. Too bad that once you reach your heart, the clash with reason risks ruining everything. Although you are always looking for the right person to love, your need to manipulate events leads you to want to have some control over your potential partner as well. So, strong yes but in love enough to be easy to manage. This is your way of seeing things and also what makes it difficult to get the right person to you. Do not worry, however, even if with difficulty the right one for you exists and when you meet you will certainly know how to be recognized.

Aquarius – On average easy to conquer
To others you appear to be a quiet and reserved person who, if you want, is not that difficult to conquer. The only obstacle is your need for privacy which often acts as an obstacle, leading others to question whether they can approach or let you be on your own. If you spot someone you suspect you like, then try to be more sociable and less interested in being alone. It will be a good way to invite him to come forward and who knows who is not the right person to push you to want to live a little more outside your world. It costs nothing to try, right?

Pisces – Not Too Hard to Conquer
Getting to your heart isn’t that hard. To do this, you just need to show yourself to be awake, profound and predisposed to feelings. Of course, this does not mean that anyone can win you over. Although it is easy to approach, in fact, you always have to deal with your empathy that always leads you to select the people to surround yourself with. An aspect that is almost positive for you since it is often quite easy for you to understand if a person could prove to be the right one for you. When you think you’ve recognized it, though, don’t keep it to yourself. Try sending some signals. It will help push her closer to get to know you better. And as the saying goes, if they are roses …

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