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Find out if and how aggressive you are based on your zodiac sign.

Among the many characteristics that are part of a person’s character is aggression.
Usually frowned upon, if channeled in the correct way, this feature can also prove to be a winner by helping to put the right determination into what you do, in order to obtain concrete results. Obviously, being aggressive is not a quality and is seen by most people as something negative. As with many other peculiarities, this too can depend on the influence that the stars exert on us. For this reason, after seeing how envious we are based on our zodiac sign and whether or how stingy we are, today we will find out if we are aggressive .and how to make this way of being positive. To get a complete picture, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant.

Are you aggressive? Find out what the stars say about your zodiac sign

Aries – In a visceral way
In everyday life you place yourself as a quiet person, alert and well focused on their goals. The truth, however, is that if someone steps on your toes or dares to threaten what you consider yours, your aggression emerges uncontrollably, leading you to struggle hard to keep things the way they are. We can therefore say about you that you are an extremely aggressive person but that you know how to hide this aspect behind smiles and seemingly kind ways. Any way to use this in your favor? Go ahead and show yourself as a quiet person but try to give some indication of the strength you have inside. This way others could limit themselves even before making you angry, avoiding unnecessary outbursts of anger.

Taurus – Almost Nothing
By nature you tend to take it easy and plan things well in advance. This happens because you are a person who loves moments of tranquility and who more than anything else wants to live in peace and without too many thoughts. For this reason, you always prefer to solve any problems calmly or, at the most, playing cunning. Of course, if provoked you know how to react and defend yourself but your nature is anything but aggressive. Which is why you also tend to surround yourself with people who are as similar to you as possible. A good way to avoid unwanted comparisons as much as possible.

Gemini – In variable mode
The duality that distinguishes you leads you to be a seemingly calm person at the same time able to go into a rage if things do not go as you would like. Your aggression, therefore, is not constant and only shows up if you are provoked in one of your bad moments. In other cases you prefer to solve things with the irony that distinguishes you and with the dialectic that you certainly don’t miss and that you know how to use very well also to give vent to your aggressive moments. A sort of gift that helps you to intimidate your “enemies” with just the use of words.

Cancer – Aggressive when you enter touchy mode
As much as you know how to be sweet and at times almost closed in on yourself, when you feel you are focused on the alive you know how to give the worst of you, bursting into real nervous breakdowns where you give vent to all your anger. This side of you makes you unpleasant to the people around you who are never ready to see you in this almost “crazy” role. A possible solution? Try to work on your weaknesses, learning to put the best face on a bad situation and avoiding going into a rage when things don’t go your way. Better to say immediately what you don’t like or find a solution yourself rather than sulking and then bursting when you just can’t take it anymore.

Leo – With the aggressiveness of the fighter
As a natural leader you are, you unleash the aggression that is still part of you, almost correctly, using it to make space between the possible opponents you encounter on the path in order to conquer your own victory. If provoked excessively, you risk breaking out of the box by bringing out a form of malice that can be unsettling. With these rare exceptions, you can manage yourself quite well. The advice of the stars is therefore to keep yourself on the tracks of calm.

Virgo – Very aggressive
Despite being an extremely rational person, you can’t help but show everyone your aggressive side which, let’s face it, is really a lot. Your always seeing the negative side of things predisposes you to an uneventful mood which in the event of conflicts tends to reach its peak, leading you to real outbursts of anger which is also the basis of your aggression. Trying to relax and look for the beauty in what surrounds you could lead you to find an inner peace that, first of all, would benefit you, leading you to discover new aspects of life so far underestimated. Just try to see the difference soon.

Libra – Not aggressive at all
Your temperament is anything but aggressive and this despite being a determined person, who knows what he wants and uses every energy to get it. Although your willpower is really to the nth degree, you always manage to keep calm, showing a certain elegance in your ways and facing every situation with a clarity that is difficult for others to understand. In short, among the signs of the zodiac, yours is probably one of the least aggressive. Every so often, however, he tries to let off steam too if something is wrong. Keeping everything inside can be particularly difficult in the long run.

Scorpio – Rather aggressive
For you, life is an eternal struggle that as such must be lived by always aiming to give the best of oneself and to fight by using all one’s resources. So how can you avoid having an aggressive component? After all, every battle requires strategy and strength with which to take the field and yours is given precisely by your knowing how to bring out the grit, attacking situations without looking back. An attitude that if well dosed can prove to be useful but that often and willingly you tend not to control, letting yourself be taken by the impetus of the moment, thus ending up acting without having first reasoned with the necessary clarity. The council of the stars? It’s okay to be a warrior but first of all you need to learn self-control, the one capable of bringing home as many victories as possible.

Sagittarius – Aggressive enough
Your personality contains a mix of strength, cheerfulness, desire for freedom and the ability to get involved that make you a person capable of being both calm and aggressive. This mix leads to a balance that makes you appear as a moderate person whose attitudes are never extreme except in special cases. If taken in the wrong way, in fact, sometimes you too have your moments of aggression. These, however, are very few as you are the first to recognize how the loss of control is something that harms you rather than the other way around. According to the stars, therefore, your choice to control yourself in extreme moments and to keep yourself neutral in all the others is very good and above all well suited to your character.

Capricorn – Aggressive, but only in words
If it comes to talking you are very good at giving the worst of you in terms of aggression and this is because you like to show yourself stronger than you actually are, trying to intimidate others even before you have to. Get into action. This way of doing things tends to make you appear aggressive at first only to give you a completely different image of yourself. Balancing the two, attacking less with words and acting in a more meaningful way could lead you to achieve better results, without giving an image of yourself that is different from the real one.

Aquarius – Anything But Aggressive
Let’s face it, there isn’t an ounce of aggression in you. Whatever problems you face, your only choice is to face them calmly or wait for better moments. Even if provoked, you never let yourself go into aggressive ways and this is because you love the peaceful life and tranquility that you often seek in solitude or in the company of a few trusted people. Yours is probably the least aggressive sign of the zodiac of all. Certainly a great quality which should however be combined with greater strength in expressing your opinions and in trying to get what you most want from life.

Pisces – Really not very aggressive
In you there is very little aggression and this is evident from your way of relating to others and from the calm with which you very often tend to collect provocations or wrong attitudes. A way of doing things that mostly depends on the empathy you feel towards others and on the fear you have of hurting them with wrong ways of doing things. Of course, within you you have a lot of grit and resilience and these qualities make you a strong person and always ready to fight and overcome the adversities of life. Nonetheless, having your say vehemently, on some occasions it could be liberating especially for you who, just like others, deserve not to be hurt. Try to think about it the next time that without realizing it you will end up putting the serenity of others before yours.

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