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Are you afraid of betrayal and would you feel more comfortable with a faithful partner? Opt for one of the most faithful zodiac signs in the horoscope.

The zodiac sign influences the way of being each of us. The zodiac sign is a business card, able to describe in broad lines the personality of each of us. If you have been betrayed in the past and fear that such a devastating experience could repeat itself, try trusting astrologers. According to the stars, some zodiac signs are very faithful to others.

After revealing to you which astrological signs you can ensure a perfect first date, today we reveal which are the most faithful astrological signs in love. Find out if your partner is among the signs that most respect monogamy within the couple and are not likely to fall easily into temptation.

If you are a veteran of a betrayal and are still single, make sure you choose a loyal partner in the future, we have the ranking that is right for you.

Ranking of the most faithful zodiac signs in love

Being faithful is a life choice, each of us has priorities and judges feelings in a specific way. Among all the zodiac signs, 4 signs, in particular, stand out for their propensity to be faithful, find out who they are:


The most faithful sign of the horoscope is Taurus. When he falls in love he acts and reasons in such a way as to never harm the couple’s health. The element that characterizes it is the earth, this element gives it the gift of acting and reasoning in a concrete way. The Bull never forgets to evaluate the consequences of his gestures. He doesn’t get overwhelmed by passion if it could endanger his relationship. This great fidelity, however, has a dark side, making it a very possessive sign with a too-marked sense of exclusivity. If the Taurus notices that the partner does not take away from him or her exclusive attention and privileges, they usually experience the relationship in a very relaxed way.

After Taurus, the other most faithful zodiac signs in the rankings are:


Capricorn is a very loyal and very devoted sign. Capricorn’s priority is to be successful, first in the professional life and then in the sentimental one. Financial security is important to ensure security for the couple as well. He makes all his efforts because he cares about making his family feel good. Being very responsible and very loyal to his values, Capricorn is very loyal. He also often has difficulty opening up emotionally to others and does so only when he decides to commit serious, and when he does it hardly leaves the chosen person.


The third most faithful sign is Virgo, this sign is very attached to values, traditions, loves routine, hates change in all its forms. By their nature, all earth signs are very faithful. Virgo will never be able to lead a double life because it would disturb her perfectly organized life too much. Furthermore, hiding things is too complicated for them and they tend to be very anxious by nature. Virgo calculates everything to optimize his time. For them everything must be square and well defined, it is worth their safety. They rarely indulge in temptation.


The last sign of the ranking of the most faithful signs is Libra. Libra is a sign that loves life in two, finds its balance in the couple, in two also finds harmony daily. Libra hates conflicts, they are too insecure to accept a fluctuating relationship this is the reason why this sign does not risk losing the person they love by cheating on them. Adventures are not for him, he is a devoted person.

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