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Are you in the ranking of the most warrior zodiac signs of the horoscope? Let’s find out immediately with our ranking today: is your sign there?

How many times do you happen to draw a metaphorical sword to defend yourself or the people you love in the face of blatant injustices?
As? Do you say practically always? Then surely you will be in our horoscope ranking today, don’t you think?

We asked the stars and planets to tell us which are the proudest and most combative zodiac signs of the horoscope.
Do you think you are in the top five or will there be people much more combative than you? Let’s find out now!

The most warrior zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking of the zodiac signs

Ready to find out if you are a warrior or not?
With our today’s horoscope ranking, we intend to reveal which are those zodiac signs that fight tooth and nail when they have to defend someone or themselves!

Do you think you will be among the top five positions in the ranking of the most warrior zodiac signs of the zodiac?

So let’s start immediately with today’s positions: better to know first if you are or have a real warrior next to you instead of relying on someone who seems combative but isn’t very much.
Are you ready to start?

Cancer: fifth place

Let’s give those born under the sign of Cancer the fifth place in our ranking today because Cancers know how to be combative especially when we talk about feelings.
While in everyday life Cancers can often get depressed or feel overwhelmed by the weight of worries, everything disappears when they feel they have someone or something to protect.

For cancer, become real and their warriors are subject to having someone who needs them.
A true Cancer knows how to fight and also very well: he just has to have a real reason to want to do it!

Aries: fourth place

The Aries will earn a place in our rankings today because it does not ever give up.
It matters little whether they have been knocked out by life circumstances or by a particular person, be it an ex-boyfriend or a malicious friend.

Aries will always get up and are not afraid to show everyone how and how combative they can be!
Do not put them to the test: the Aries are people really in a mood to be a warrior though, especially with the more stressed out friends, often complain of their lives!

Capricorn: third place

On the first step of the podium of our ranking of the most warrior zodiac signs of all, we find (obviously, we come to say) those born under the sign of Capricorn. This is a sign that he hardly gives up in the face of difficulties and that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, he is capable of fighting to the end for the people he loves!

The Capricorn is often seen as people who do not have great empathy and who are struggling to make contact with others.
This doesn’t mean, however, that Capricorns aren’t people who have feelings or have feelings for others! Capricorn often thinks that his only task is to fight so that others are well but do not know who helped them: they are capable of enduring a lot!

Leo: second place

Anyone born under the sign of Leo already knows: being a warrior does not only mean showing off brute strength and power but also knowing how to forfeit and bear in silence the fears and ugliness of life! The Leone are the real masters in this: do not speak of anything except by the people who are nearest but suffer in silence for years!

The lion is a sign under which many truly born warriors: you never open up to others and often bring with them the very burdens big.
Of course, we would like to say that those born under the sign of Leo have taken the concept of being lonely warriors as a real Gospel and carry it with them to the end.

If Leos can find a way to lower their defenses, they may realize that life isn’t always all war!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most warrior zodiac signs of the zodiac

Finally, in the first place of our ranking, we find those born under the sign of Aquarius. Does it seem impossible to you that this is a warrior sign?
Yet the Aquarius are people who hide, behind a great sensitivity and emotionality that they keep under control, a great inner and outer strength.

The Aquarium can withstand great battles, with a truly enviable stoicism.
They let off steam with the people around them but never say everything they hide: Aquarius life is full of battles and they feel they have to win them all!

Plus, if Aquarians know someone who needs them, their transformation into warriors is pretty much complete.
They will never go back but will go their way, fighting for themselves and others. Fortunately for the Aquarius, however, by dint of winning battles sooner or later also comes peace, which they know how to enjoy like no other!

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