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Let’s find out right away if you are one of the most sarcastic signs of the zodiac: how pungent do you think your sense of humor is?

We don’t want to say that this is the perfect chart for all  Chandlers  (obviously, to understand this reference, you must have seen  Friends . You have seen it, right?) But in reality… it is.
When do you think you ‘re being sarcastic in life?

Find out now thanks to the opinion, also, of stars and planets.
Just hear what your parents , your partner, or all of your friends tell you, exasperated by your sense of humor that they just don’t understand. Ready to find out if you are in today’s horoscope ranking ?

The most sarcastic signs of the zodiac: here is the ranking of today’s horoscope

It happens to everyone, once in a while, to make a sharp joke and at the right time that makes others laugh and shame the ” victim “. Nothing wrong with this since, often and willingly, we too can be the object of someone else’s jokes or the object of our own jokes.

In short, we would like to say it: being sarcastic (exactly like “geometry” according to Renato Zero) is not a crime .
All right?
Here, the problems begin when your being sarcastic creates real embarrassments or, even more, a distance between you and the people you love.
Is it possible that they do not understand that you are or were joking and that they are really offended?

Unfortunately, being sarcastic also means exposing ourselves to the risk of others finding us rude, irritating or just plain mean.
But this is not an article about where the limit of sarcasm is or how one should be sarcastic with others. Today we simply want to warn you . From who? But how, from the most sarcastic signs of the zodiac !
Here is the ranking of the top five positions !

Pisces: fifth place

As strange as it is to find those born under the sign of Pisces in this ranking, we must admit it (and we with them).
They can be truly (but truly) sarcastic when they want!
Their jokes and digs can really cause a sensation, especially counting that Pisces are among the generally kindest and most staid people in the world.

What happens is that, often, in an attempt to be graceful and cute , Pisces never show their ” thorny ” side . Their jokes or their sarcastic “ meanness ” can really hurt, especially since they will always come when you least expected it!

Scorpio: fourth place

Since, generally, Scorpios are also very funny and nice , it is no surprise to find them in our ranking of the most sarcastic zodiac signs of all. Let’s say that making jokes and being sarcastic are two ways of doing very close: the Scorpio , then, is able to excel in both!

Since, we have said so many times, Scorpio is an excellent leader it takes very little to “understand” others. A glance is enough for him, generally, to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and to know, therefore, also where to strike.
In the end, however, Scorpio ‘s sarcasm often becomes really ” heavy ” Especially because he tends to create expectations in others.
Everyone would like to please him and feel fooled by Scorpio, especially when he ” stings ” with his sharp tail , it is truly terrible for many people around him!

Virgo: third place

Even those born under the sign of Virgo can be truly sarcastic and can really hurt.
Obviously, for them, it is ” easy ” to make sarcasm : almost no one can do it towards them and they are not ashamed to make others understand how they are judging them!
(There is no mistaking it: when a Virgo judges it is because they are judging you in a very bad way).

The Virgo , therefore, is capable of making really poisonous jokes that can put you in trouble. Her ” technique ” of sarcasm is the perfect one to show you your insecurities, to expose them to the eyes of others and to make you feel inadequate around her. Another piece with which the Virgin ” builds ” her empire of hers and his psychological domination of her, hiding behind her what she will later call … ” an innocent joke “!

Aries: second place

Those born under the sign of Aries are famous for their decidedly unkind jokes towards others .
The reason? Well, they are in second place in the ranking of the most sarcastic signs of the whole zodiac! With Aries it is really impossible to understand what you are talking about: they are always making fun of you… maybe!

Aries , in fact, love to create in others a feeling of confusion and estrangement: and to do this they use jokes !
Those born under this sign are very good at playing down (and dramatizing ) every event, transforming it into something always funny and witty .
In the same way, therefore, they are also able to see in others which are the qualities and defects that can ” exaggerate ” and make ” protagonists ” of their joke.

Obviously, a lot of people don’t understand that Aries can be truly sarcastic and aren’t afraid to make jokes even in the most embarrassing situations . Especially if you know them little, know that Aries use sarcasm as a defense mechanism . The attack, after all, is exactly the best defense and the sarcasm of the Aries is meant to feel calm and hide their insecurities while ” joking ” with others!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most sarcastic signs of the zodiac

Finally we come to the Capricorns who occupy the first place in our horoscope ranking today .
We can also hear the collective snort exhaled by all Capricorns as they read the rankings and find themselves in first place. They would definitely like to make some shrewd jokes but, fortunately, we’re just the screen of their cell phone!

Capricorns , in fact, are among the most sarcastic zodiac signs on the face of the Earth. For them, joking is essential to keep going through the day and they can say really terrible things in between laughs! Capricorn
, in fact , is one of those signs that is not scared in the least to “tell the truth” while playing, joking or being sarcastic . For them it is a way of venting even the little bit of ” nastiness ” it takes to be sarcastic.

Maybe they make fun of you about something about work or your laziness ( two topics that, for Capricorn , are really “hot”) or for your overdeveloped emotionality .
In short: Capricorn is capable of being sarcastic about some things that he despises a lot and, in an attempt to mitigate his contempt for him, he makes jokes that could make you feel bad.
We can not help but advise you to be careful or, if you want to beat him on the ground of him, to give him back bread for focaccia.
You may never stop joking, though, and at that point who knows what will happen!

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