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Have you ever wondered if you are a good companion for your partner? Find out what the stars say based on your zodiac sign.

When you live in a relationship it is difficult to understand how you are perceived and, at the same time, it can be difficult to have an idea of ​​yourself within the relationship. In fact, the partner has an image that can give an idea but which is not necessarily always truly representative of our way of being.

Of course, each person is different from the others, and for this reason, it is impossible to establish a priori how each of us is confronted with love. There are, however, some clues that you can rely on to get at least a marginal idea. An example is related to the influence that the stars have on us and, therefore, to our zodiac sign. This is why, today, we will try to understand whether or not we are good girlfriends for the zodiac.

What girlfriend are you? Here’s what the stars say about you

Aries – The Stubborn Girlfriend
If there’s one trait your partner noticed pretty much early on, it’s your stubbornness. Independent, self-centered, and in need of attention, you also turn out to be quite firm and fixed on your opinions. Getting you to change your mind is practically impossible. And, indeed, it can be said that the more you try, the worse the results. Being with you certainly takes a lot of patience. But, hey! You have your positives too. You are in fact cheerful, self-confident, and able to have fun, and always bring a burst of energy to the relationship. Could this be why, despite everything, he is still so into you?

Taurus – The reassuring girlfriend
Your ways of being and doing make you a reliable, sweet, and above all reassuring companion. Your ability to put others at ease is indeed remarkable and is also reflected a lot in the relationship of the two. In your company, your partner always feels like they are in a haven to which they want to return as soon as possible. And all because you always know what to say and how to act in all circumstances, thus infusing a charge of serenity in those who are lucky enough to be next to you. And these days, being reassuring is really great quality.

Gemini – The fickle girlfriend
It surely won’t surprise you to know that you are seen as a fickle person. After all, your often changing your mind precedes you and characterizes you in a very unique way. However, other peculiarities make you a special person. You know how to be unpredictable in a positive way, you always have new ideas on your mind and you are definitely the fire that makes the couple alive. Being close to you ensures a full life and is never prone to boredom and this is an aspect that in a relationship, especially if it is a long-term one, is extremely important. This is why you can be more than proud of your being fickle. And this even if at times it can create some misunderstanding.

Cancer – The capricious girlfriend
Let’s face it, in love you can be really capricious and spiteful. And this is an aspect that you are damned aware of. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to be yourself and show yourself for who you are under all possible circumstances. Your partner is definitely a patient and loving person. Among other things, however, it is undoubtedly also able to see beyond and grasp the sweetness you can give when, after the storm, you return in a good mood. Perfect time to give the best of you and to remind him why, despite everything, he still wants to be with you.

Leo – The self-centered girlfriend
That you are a strongly self-centered person is known to all. And, of course, this way of being of yours is also expressed in love. Even if completely taken by your partner, you cannot help but always want all the attention for you. Something that those around you must learn to deal with. Fortunately, you know how to choose the people to accompany you. And for this, you will have a partner who is sure to be happy to support you. Indeed, it is most likely also your biggest fan and supporter. If not, he wouldn’t be the right person for you.

Virgo – The girlfriend specifies
What about you except that even in love you tend to always be super precise? To be honest, sometimes you are even too bad, especially when you tend to point out all the flaws of the person you love. Fortunately, you also have many advantages that make these moments easily negligible. Your partner, however, must certainly be very confident and, needless to say, in love. That said, your accuracy also has its upsides. Especially if you think that within the relationship you are the one most able to make ends meet. The appearance is certainly appreciated by your sweetheart.

Libra – The balanced girlfriend Balance
(as well as elegance) is part of you and is what is most perceived within the sentimental relationship. You are in fact able to always find the right thing to say, acting harmoniously and calmly. Aspects that ensnare and conquer those around you and that are no exception for your partner who knows he can feel safe with you and have a trusted person to lean on. Requirements that make you a practically perfect girlfriend and therefore super appreciated. Especially if you consider the many bonuses given by your always knowing how to take people in the right direction.

Scorpio – The Unique Girlfriend
If there is one aspect that fully describes you, it is uniqueness. Mysterious, often reserved, and with a world of well-hidden complexity, for the partner, it represents a real mystery to be discovered. An aspect that fascinates those around you. And which, among other things, makes those who have the opportunity to see the most important parts of you fall in love. Those that by your choice you show only to a select few. Your partner is definitely someone who can look beyond and understand aspects of life that many others ignore. Because only a profound person can understand everything that is in you. And all, skipping over your flaws to focus on those aspects that make you unique and therefore impossible to replace or forget.

Sagittarius – The funny girlfriend
Your imperative is to live well and happily, especially with the people you love. As a girlfriend, you are always a real volcano. Always ready to find new things to do and to invent innovative methods is certainly a breath of fresh air for your partner. In fact, in you, he will always be able to find a friend even before a companion and, needless to say, a companion in adventures. Of course, it’s undeniable that sometimes you’re a little crazy even for him. Nonetheless, however, you know how to make yourself indispensable and make sure that without you he can’t wait to have you back.

Capricorn – The super energetic girlfriend
You are undoubtedly a person with a great desire to do. And sometimes you put so much energy into the things you do that you end up tiring others. Fortunately, you also know how to show yourself rich in qualities that gradually emerge to the point of conquering others. Which happens, of course, even with your partner who, by your side, never gets bored. And even if sometimes you are so busy with your commitments that you risk putting it aside a little, in the end, you always know how to be forgiven. Which you do very well, especially with those who are in love with you.

Aquarius – The Quirky Girlfriend
Although on the surface you are such a quiet person that you almost go unnoticed, you just need to get to know yourself a little better to realize that you really have a lot to say. This aspect is particularly reflected in love where you know you are 100% yourself by showing yourself in all your eccentricity. You are in fact a particular girlfriend with ways of doing and thinking all her own. And that ends up making the relationship certainly different from the others. An aspect that the partner seems to appreciate. After all, if he is with you, it is because he likes your way of being. This is why, even if you know how to be really out of the box, you can always count on him.

Pisces – The particular girlfriend
Those who know you can only consider you special. Your ability to dream and to create worlds that only you can see is in fact such as to show itself to others as well. For this reason, in love, you are perceived as the particular girlfriend. The sweet, empathic, affectionate but also touchy, strange, and sometimes unpredictable one. In other words, it is really difficult to classify. And this is something that the partner perceives positively. This is why once in love it’s really hard for her changes to change for you. And given your innate romance, that’s only good, isn’t it?

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