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Are you a good friend? Here’s what the stars say about you

Find out if and how good a friend you are according to the stars. The answer based on your zodiac sign.

Being a good friend is neither so obvious nor simple. A friend must know how to be present, put aside what is needed and worry about the well-being of the other person by learning never to exaggerate with pressure or requests and making good use of patience, tolerance and availability.

This is an important and not always easy role to play. For this reason today, after having seen how to attract luck based on your sign, we will find out what kind of friend is hidden behind each zodiac sign . In this way it will be much easier to get to know each other and understand how to intervene to improve in order to be more and more a good friend.

Are you a good friend? Here’s what the stars say about you

Aries – A friend not always present
As a friend you are not among the most present. Unless you need the support of others. Of course, you have from your different potentials that are also important but often you tend not to exploit as you could. For this reason, although you are company, cheerful and accomplice at the right point, to be a really good friend you should learn to be there more in time of need. Which is why you don’t need who knows what efforts but a little more attention.

Taurus – A good friend
When it comes to friendship you are certainly one of the most involved and involved people. Although it is not usual to offer your affection to anyone, you are in fact more than there for the people you consider part of your circle. For them you are in fact a present friend, always available and above all ready to listen. An important support, especially for your ability to always provide useful advice and for the sense of tranquility that you often know how to convey even with your presence alone.

Gemini – A funny
friend As a friend you are certainly full of enthusiasm and able to bring joy into the life of those around you. Skilled listener, you are also able to provide support that is always valid and of which you are more than aware. Of course, every now and then you tend to prefer the funny aspect trying to avoid a seriousness that in some situations proves to be important. Working a little on these aspects, however, then aspire to be a great friend. Especially for the people you care about the most.

Cancer – A swinging friend
It’s true, you are basically a sensitive person to the point of being a great friend. The problem is that many times you let yourself get carried away by personal things like your being highly touchy. When this happens you tend to overshadow your friendship, focusing only on yourself. As a friend, then, you don’t exactly shine in a great light. But by working a little on your way of being and striving to put the good of those you care about before your own, you can improve by making more and more of a difference.

Leo – The friend a little too busy
Basically you know how to be a good friend. But sometimes you are so busy with your busy schedule that you forget about the needs of others. When this occurs obviously your being friends shows several flaws that lead you not to be exactly the best. To recover, you must therefore commit to working on your way of being and on the ability to put aside what you are doing when the happiness of the people you care about is at stake. A small sacrifice that is always worth making.

Virgo – The friend a little too critical
As a friend you are always available, especially in times of need. From this point of view, therefore, nothing can be said to you. What you lack is empathy. In fact, you tend to be often too critical and severe towards others. And this, in the long run, can create a certain discomfort in those around you. Especially when a kind word is needed. One aspect you should work on. Especially because, to be honest, it can improve your love life from all points of view.

Libra – A balanced friend
Your way of being a friend is very special. Never intrusive you are in fact able to offer quality moments to the people you care about. An excellent listener, you are always able to provide advice that is always useful. Of course, sometimes you need your space and when others get too pressing you tend to be a little distant. That said, you are still a good friend. Qualities that by learning to give yourself a little more you can make it even more important.

Scorpio – A unique
friend As a friend you are undoubtedly one of the most special there is. Always present, you know how to listen and provide excellent advice. And to all this is added your desire to offer as much help as you can to the people you care about. Sincere, faithful and always ready for confrontation, you perfectly cover the image of your unique and special friend. Of course, if you feel betrayed you can turn into the exact opposite. But that said, unless you are dealing with insincere people, you are a friend who is always worth keeping close to.

Sagittarius – A slightly touchy friend It’s
not that you’re not a good friend. The problem is that whatever you give you tend to expect and all with personal deadlines that if you do not respect them lead you to feel upset. For this reason, when you are dealing with friends who are not able to support you as you would like, you always end up taking it personally by showing the worst in you. By learning to give without expecting anything in return, you could be without a doubt a better friend. And this over time could lead you to more easily get the feedback you want so much.

Capricorn – The always busy
friend As a friend you are able to always listen and show yourself present and interested. The problem is that you are for a few hours a day because when you ask for help during your commitments you end up being in a hurry. A way of doing things that can create distances and make those who want your closeness at least emotional feel a little lonely. Learning to find a few moments of time even when you are busy could make a difference and show you that sometimes there are things that are more important than daily commitments.

Aquarius – A distracted friend
Let’s face it, when it comes to interpersonal relationships you are not very knowledgeable. And this is also reflected in friendships. No matter how hard you try, in fact, you tend to be often distracted. Which you also do with friends. For this reason, you are not exactly in the first place in filling this role. To change, you would need to learn to give yourself a little more and to be more attentive and empathetic. Exactly what you lack in order to be a better friend.

Pisces – The sensitive friend
Endowed with a particular empathy you are undoubtedly an excellent friend. You are in fact able to understand anyone on the fly and offer the best advice while giving all the emotional support possible. Kind and sensitive you always give a second chance and you always do it with the best of intentions. Of course, if you are disappointed you are able to walk away like few other people in the world. But if your friend is sincere, there will be nothing to worry about. Because when you are friend you are forever friend.

Understanding what kind of friend you are can help you improve. To do this better, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant. This is in fact able to offer nuances that are essential to get to know each other better and to understand how to work better on yourself.

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