Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac as well as the one following Aries. Let’s find out everything about it and what its main characteristics are.

On May 21st we officially enter the zodiac sign of Gemini. Third sign of the zodiac is known for its liveliness and contagious cheerfulness. A sign that always knows how to be recognized and that for this very reason manages to be loved by everyone.

The zodiac sign in brief

Period: From May 21 to June 20
Dominant planet: Mercury
Color of sign: Yellow
Lucky stone: Topaz
Lucky day: Wednesday
Number : 5
Flower: Lily

Everything you need to know about the astrological sign of Gemini

The zodiac sign of Gemini comes immediately after the sign of Taurus and before that of Cancer. It is a cheerful, sunny, creative sign that always gets along with others. A lover of life, he is resistant to boredom and always tries to fight it by always inventing different things to do.

With a variable mood he always tends to show what he feels and this can sometimes highlight ways that are not always conventional. If in a bad mood, in fact, he is able to sulk and show it . In fact, it is a particularly careless sign of what others think but at the same time needs to receive expressions of affection and continuous confirmations of esteem.

A lover of the company of others, she usually seeks it out continuously. Which is often reciprocal since by character he is able to bring joy wherever he goes. Not for nothing is Gemini also known as the life of the party.

Dual as few people often tend to have more than one opinion for everything and often find it hard to choose what is best or really want. This can lead him to change his mind easily even if, for the really important things, he usually knows how to take and hold a position.

The sign of Gemini at work

In work, this sign needs to be able to express itself in the round, always putting their creativity first. Intolerant of everything that is static , it needs movement and the ability to constantly change its work. Not very suitable for office tasks, he is therefore more suitable for everything that pushes him to work among the people and to get involved continuously in order to measure his abilities.

With colleagues he can be sociable and nice . Sometimes, however, he does not fail to compete and when this happens it can become really unbearable. However, it is undeniable that even at work he enjoys a genius that is sometimes difficult to understand but always able to get noticed.

In the study, things don’t change much and the zodiac sign proves more than ever willing to work hard only on what really interests him. That said, when applied it can give a lot .

Twins and relationships

As for relationships, the Gemini zodiac sign is able to get along with everyone at least as long as it comes to maintaining superficial relationships. When he chooses to investigate things, in fact, he needs to know that he can count on certain characteristics .

Extremely demanding, she prefers not to make friends with someone if she is not fully convinced. Nice and easy going, he is loved by everyone and is able to show affection and transport with great ease. In friendship he can really give a lot as long as those who are friends know how to take him in bad moments, accepting his sudden mood changes.

Sincere and funny, he always proves to be the perfect company, both for having fun and for cheering up after a bad day. Every so often, however, we must let him free to take his space . Because knowing you can change the cards on the table is something that gives him greater security.

In love, the need for personal space tends to become a need. The native of Gemini is therefore able to love with great enthusiasm but at the same time easy to tire.

To keep close to a native of this sign it is important to always keep his interest active. Once a way is found, however, things always tend to settle down and turn out well on both sides.

In conclusion, the zodiac sign of Gemini is undoubtedly an eclectic sign and to be discovered. Lover of everything that brings joy and makes life pleasant, he knows how to surprise everyone with his often innovative ideas.

Maybe at times he can be a bit too humoral but he is always a person who is reliable in his own way and who, if understood, knows how to give much more than he seems. Which is why, even in the face of some defects, he always manages to be loved by everyone.

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