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Find out if you are more of a person predisposed to dreaming or one who thrives on pure reasoning. The answer of the stars sign by sign.

It is often difficult to frame people according to certain characteristics because hardly anyone is black or white. Being human also means constantly switching between a thousand ways of being that, wanting to remain in the field of colors, leads to taking on different shades based on the circumstances and the type of situations that one faces. So it can be difficult to tell if a person is made one way rather than another because everything could change at any moment. However, some exceptions depending on ways of being tend to always remain the same because, among other things, linked to the influence of the stars. Among these are the ability to dream and extreme rationality. Modalities from which it is difficult (even if nothing is impossible) to get out and which generally tend to define a person for his entire life. Today, therefore, after having seen what they are the signs of the zodiac who are great friends, and in what relationship are those born under the sign of Libra with other signs, we will find out if we are more rational or dreamers and all based on the zodiac sign. Since this is a way of being that also has to do with emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Find out if you are a dreamer or an extremely rational person. The answer is in the stars.

Aries – The rationale that sometimes loves to fantasize

We can say about you that you are a person capable of daydreaming but only until reason can remind you how things are. Neither rational nor a dreamer, you are one with your feet on the ground anymore but who loves letting yourself go to that graceful dimension in which you just think about how things could be, even without ever really believing in it. For this reason, having to classify yourself, it can be said that you fall more among the rational people but that unlike most of them, you know how to take breaks to let your mind wander, thus making your life easier or, better to say, less stressful.

Taurus – The rational but struggling to allow yourself to dream
Having to choose between the two modes you are certainly a person more tending to the rational and this is because there is nothing that you do not do without first having considered the pros and cons. Having said that, even if in life you tend to always go straight and aim towards the goal, you never miss the opportunity to grant yourself some dreams that you then try to fulfill by putting all the commitment in the world into it and this even if you end up mixing it with reason. often by taking away a bit of poetry. We can therefore say about you that you are a person capable of dreaming and transforming your desires into reality, combining reason and desire to do, all for almost always excellent results.

Gemini – The one a little more dreamy
Although you are a person who never takes a clear position in life, often being between different and even opposite situations, when it comes to rationality and the ability to dream, therefore, you tend to be more directed towards the world of dreams. This makes you a person capable of looking at the world with different eyes and always letting yourself be carried away by situations. A detail that makes you one of a kind and that makes others able to forgive you for any shortcomings.

Cancer – That definite dreamer
Dreamer or rational? The answer in your case is very simple because there is very little rationale in you and this is even though you often do everything to make people believe otherwise. The truth is that in addition to being an instinctive person, you are also a great dreamer, able to let yourself be lulled by desires, ambitions, and everything related to what is unattainable and often difficult to describe. The only problem is the attitude you sometimes have when you realize that dreams are destined to remain dreams. Fortunately, on your side there is an almost instinctive tendency to surround yourself with people who, unlike you, are much more rational and therefore able to balance you, always showing you a different point of view from yours.

Leo – The rationale that dreams big
Your way of living life is based on everything rational. There is no way that you will decide to take even a single step by focusing everything on instinct. Between calculations and projects, you always know how to keep your mind busy to achieve goals that you make more and more difficult, and that also represents your dreams for you. We can say about you that you are a rational person but able to dream and even big. Your dreams, however, will always be a goal that can take you far and everything precisely because of your rational being but without the typical limits of those who follow the brain more than the heart.

Virgo – The very rational one
When it comes to you, the reason is the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, within the zodiac, you are the most rational of all. Your critical eye is always attentive to details and able to find defects and problems everywhere. Fortunately, this is combined with your innate ability to always find a solution. Of course, all this makes you a person not very accustomed to dreams and even able to dismantle those of others piece by piece. A way of doing that in addition to creating too many problems with others ends up ruining your life a little, taking away that part of poetry that sometimes makes the difference, helping you to live better even the moments that are not exactly happy.

Libra – The one who knows how to manage reason and the ability to dream
As typical of your zodiac sign, you are a person able to stay in perfect balance between reason and the ability to dream. Indeed, to be honest you even manage to put together these two modes often considered extreme, amalgamating them to the point of making them a single strength.
When it comes to making a project or even a dream come true, you are after all a person who can work hard and take every possible opportunity. All this makes you a sort of equilibrist between two different worlds but which thanks to you seem to become complementary, taking on completely new details and able to function thanks to your way of being, always alternative but without excess.

Scorpio – The down-to-earth dreamer
If there is a choice between the two ways of being, the instinct that has always guided you undoubtedly leads you to choose the world of dreams, definitely akin to you. To distinguish you, however, there is an intrinsic ability to always keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, which makes you able to distinguish between dreams destined to remain such and others that with a little effort could give you some satisfaction. For this reason, you are undoubtedly a person capable of dreaming but without ever losing orientation since you are the very first guide of yourself, always ready to look out to the sea to indicate the most correct and rational path to follow.

Sagittarius – The not entirely convinced rationally
The truth is that you are still choosing what to be and being able to do it, you prefer to describe yourself as a person lost in dreams. On the other hand, you have rationality that always pushes you to take obvious paths that in your eyes turn out to be boring. It is a dichotomy from which it is difficult to withdraw and which makes you a person who appears to be undecided about what he wants to be. Nevertheless, you remain a more rational person and even if you are still not convinced of this, it is always with the reason that you make your decisions, even those that you tend to consider instinctive but which in reality are the result of lucubrations, sometimes even nocturnal, but useful to show you the way.

Capricorn – The one who daydreams but is rational
In some ways, it is really difficult to define yourself and this is because many times you tend to make fun of yourself first of all. This also happens when you have to decide how to approach life that if on the one hand you always choose to face with courage, on the other you always look with a dreamy way of doing that at times risks confusing you, pushing you to act in unpredictable ways, especially for those who stand beside you. If on the one hand, you seem to have a precise vision of everything that concerns you, on the other you tend to invest too much in dreams and hopes that sometimes end up leading you astray without you realizing it. In short, we can say about you that despite having a good basis of rationality, you tend to be a bit too dreamy,

Aquarius – The super-rational
one You have a lot of dreams but you always know how to keep them aside when it comes to making important decisions. So, although you are notoriously an eccentric person and eager to live life your way, you always end up using reason, at least for what you consider important. Your way of acting often ends up confusing others who find themselves in front of a person who is sometimes unpredictable, almost divided between the world of dreams and reason. Yours, however, is only an appearance because, in reality, you know how to divide the two things, always choosing your dreams to relax and the reason for facing each situation stands before you. However, everything happens in a very personal way and therefore understandable only to you who live it from the inside.

Pisces – The dreamer par excellence
It is useless to go around it. You are the dreamer of the zodiac and this is something evident to you and to anyone who knows you at least a little. For you, every single decision must be taken first of all with the heart that you tend to follow even for the choices that for anyone else would have a reason as the only basis. Of course, you too can distinguish between the two but this does not mean that you cannot opt ​​every time for “gut” choices that can make you feel good emotionally. And then, let’s face it, your way of dreaming is unique and able to involve others too, so why give it up? The reason you can keep it for extreme situations, where using it is essential. And what matters is that you know what to choose from time to time. After all, especially these days, someone still able to daydream matters who they are, right?

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