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The zodiac sign of Cancer is the fourth of the zodiac and also the one that follows the sign of Gemini. Let’s find out everything about it and what its main characteristics are.

On June 22 we officially enter the zodiac sign of Cancer. Fourth sign of the zodiac, he is known for being romantic and for his often very personal vision of life and human relationships.

A zodiac sign that always knows how to get noticed that is sometimes susceptible to the point of being incomprehensible and at the same time full of charm.

The zodiac sign in brief

Period: From 22 June to 22 July
Dominant planet: Moon
Color of sign: White
Lucky stone: Pearl
Lucky day: Monday
Number: 8
Flower indicated: Hydrangea

Everything you need to know about the astrological sign of Cancer

The astrological sign of Cancer comes immediately after the sign of Gemini and before Leo. It is a nostalgic sign, at times reserved and with a deep romantic vein that often and willingly characterizes the way of making decisions.

Easy to bond with others, he has a constant need for confirmation without which he ends up closing up like a hedgehog, often making personal ideas wrong and thus entering into conflict with the very people he cares about most.
Needing to get noticed, he doesn’t like to feel left out and has a highly moody character.

When he is in a bad mood he can give life to real scenes. At the same time, however, if it is good it is able to show itself as sweet as few other signs of the zodiac.
In everyday life, he often appears listless and focused only on himself. The truth is, he likes to take things slow and only acts when he really feels like it. A way of doing things that often leads him to prefer solitude to the company of people with whom he does not feel comfortable.

Very tied to the past, he has a nostalgic streak that has always characterized him and for which he always tends to fear changes. And this although in some way he is also attracted to it.

The sign of Cancer at work

At work, this sign does not like to give themselves 100%. The truth is that he is more of a dreamer and for this reason he prefers to pursue hobbies and ambitions , reserving a limited space of time for work and trying to give him a living. For this reason he will never spend that much, always putting himself first.

Nonetheless, he is able to maintain good relations with colleagues. Provided, however, that they are always kind and willing to make him feel part of the group. If for the common good, even his way of relating to the tasks to be performed can improve, leading him to give the best of himself and to obtain many more results than he would get on his own.

If in life he manages to make work and passion coincide, he tends to commit himself more without ever neglecting the need to rest and to find pleasant moments to live between one thing and another. It is in fact a sign that he loves to pamper himself and that cannot bear that something or someone prevents him from doing so. When this happens, his mood suddenly turns dark leading him to give his worst.

The sign of Cancer and relationships

As far as relationships are concerned, the Cancer zodiac sign usually tries to appear kind to everyone and this is because they love to be admired and praised. At the same time, he is unwilling to give himself to anyone in particular. The first impression that you will have can therefore change according to the mood in which it was at the moment of knowledge.

Demanding in relationships, he expects others to seek him constantly and always follow him. If what doesn’t happen, he starts thinking the worst, becoming touchy and touchy.

When he knows he is well liked, however, he is able to be as sweet as honey and show a completely different side of himself. This side, of course, can change from one moment to the next depending on how it is treated.

In friendship he knows how to be very present and at times sometimes suffocating. Excellent confidant, he also knows how to give good advice and always show himself ready to listen. Provided, however, that the same is done towards him. He tends to prefer a few good friends rather than large numbers with few points of reference . And that makes it rather selective.

Sincere enough, he always expects to know everything about the people he considers friends. And when this does not happen, he takes it to the point of reaching a fight or even the end of the relationship.

In love he is even more selective and demanding . His intent is in fact to be the center of the world of those who love him. A claim for which he is unwilling to compromise. So much so that he would rather be alone than having to settle for someone who is not perfect in his eyes.

Definitely convinced of the loyalty on both sides, he is not ready to accept any hesitation in this sense. At the same time, he needs his partner to dedicate as much time to him as possible, filling him with attention and always showing his love.

Being together with a native of this sign means having to declare oneself every day and remind the whole world of how important his presence is. It must be said, however, that in return she is able to give so much love and attention that elsewhere would be really difficult to obtain.

In conclusion, the astrological sign of Cancer is moody and often difficult to understand the sign. Which makes it both difficult and attractive. If the initial intentions are good and sincere, however, one can hope for a relationship capable of working. And this regardless of the type or why it is established.

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