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The features and everything you need to know about the zodiac sign of the month: Aquarius.

Today is January 21st and we officially enter the month of Aquarius which is also the eleventh (and therefore the penultimate) sign of the zodiac. So let’s discover all the characteristics that concern him and the curiosities that distinguish people born under this sign, which has always been known for being over the top, autonomous, and quite interesting. Zodiac sign that comes before Pisces and that follows Capricorn in the astrology wheel.

Aquarius Card
Period: From January 21st to February 19th
Dominant planets: Saturn and Uranus
Color of the sign: Blue
Lucky stone: Sapphire
Lucky day: Saturday
Flower indicated: Orchid

The zodiac sign of Aquarius in general

The zodiac sign of Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the month as well as the one that comes before Pisces and follows Capricorn. People born under this sign are generally autonomous, self-confident towards life, and a little more closed towards those around them.

Brilliant and very good at arguing their ideas, they are eclectic and always ready to get involved. Which they do only if it’s worth it for them. Completely regardless of the judgments of others, they do not hesitate to act according to what they feel and all because before anything else they care about their own thoughts. That is what they consider the most important by far.

In their communicative way, they know how to make themselves understood and at the same time manage to raise stakes when they don’t want to feel too involved. Reserved by nature, they need their own space and for this reason, they are willing to fight tooth and nail. For these reasons, they always turn out as they are. In fact, there are no problems with how they are perceived and this makes them immune from the fear of judgment, allowing them to always appear for what they are.

Determined when it is needed, for the rest of the time they prefer to relax and enjoy whatever they like and what is part of their world. At the same time, they always try to avoid what bores them or that they find simply annoying. A way of doing that is they let leak out without problems, regardless of being able to be offensive or to be judged negatively.

Work, success and professional relationships

Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius do not like to commit more than they should and for this reason, with due exceptions, they do not usually stand out from a professional point of view. Things change, however, when they manage to make jobs and interests coincide. In this case, in fact, they can also achieve great goals. What matters is that they always manage to carve out their own space.

More likely to work alone, when they find themselves interacting with others they can be a bit detached. However, if they manage to gain confidence and feel at ease, they can establish positive relationships that can make them more productive. Sharp and brilliant, if well solicited and motivated they can contribute in a more than positive way at work.

Interpersonal relationships and feelings

The natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign are reserved people. The way they relate to others, therefore, can be quite difficult. In friendship, they are available but always in need of taking their space. This is why they can be difficult at first.

Good friends, know how to prove to be great confidants as long as they are given space and they know they can always trust. Otherwise, they do not hesitate to conclude relationships, even important ones.

In love, things tend to be simpler, as long as there are sincere and important feelings and emotions upstream. When that happens they try to give themselves 100% by putting in as much effort as they can in advancing their love story.

That said, the natives of the sign always need their own personal freedom. And when this is somehow threatened their reaction may not be the best. However, if you know them enough to respect them, they can have a more than fulfilling relationship.

In conclusion, those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are extremely special people and able to surprise with their way of being. Always over the top are uncommon people and therefore all to be discovered.

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