Find out which is the most suitable outline for each sign of the zodiac. Both to prepare and to taste.

Those who love to cook know well the sense of relaxation that comes from putting their hands in the dough, giving life to always new dishes. Mixing the ingredients, experimenting with new flavors, and using the imagination forever new combinations are just some of the many steps that can be implemented and which together have a therapeutic role. After all, cooking always leads to creating something new and this, if done right, helps you feel at peace with yourself.

This increases even more if you find yourself preparing something that is also to your taste. After all, eating well is good for the body and also for the soul, and this reason today, after having dealt with the most suitable first courses for each zodiac sign and the perfect second courses for the zodiac signs, we will find out what the ideal outline for each sign of the zodiac. The taste, as well as the propensity in cooking, are influenced by the stars. For this reason, since food is a topic capable of touching different chords, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have clearer ideas or to be able to choose between more choices to experiment in the kitchen.

Astrology – The ideal outline for each sign of the zodiac

Aries – Artichokes in oil
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to eat simple but tasty foods. When it comes to cooking, they prefer to do things that are hasty and able to be used several times. For this reason, they are not particularly suitable for side dishes, often considered an extra and expendable element. If you find the right one, however, they too can change their minds and get busy in the kitchen. An example? Artichokes in oil, perfect to combine with the main course of meat or fish but also with cheeses.

A side dish that also lends itself to becoming an aperitif, marrying perfectly with crackers or crunchy breadsticks. All foods that the natives of the sign appreciate and love to eat to the point of being able to allow themselves time to spend in the kitchen.

Taurus – Baked fennel parmigiana
The natives of Taurus love to spend their time sautéing. This makes them feel at ease and knowing they can taste something new, allows them to always find the right charge of energy. Loving to experiment, they quickly learn the recipes which they then modify to their liking, creating ever more succulent versions of the dishes they like best. Speaking of side dishes, one that may be particularly suitable for them is therefore the baked fennel parmigiana. Greedy at the right point and at the same time healthy but perfectly capable of being reworked according to their inclination. The perfect food to have fun in the kitchen, looking forward to something good, and to eat without too much guilt.

Gemini – Potato tagliatelle with speck and cheese
Those born under the sign of Gemini love to eat foods that are good and fun at the same time. The same is true if they are preparing them. The tendency to get bored easily haunts them even in the kitchen, which is why when it comes to side dishes it is better to always opt for particular and different choices from the usual. Essential to make him want to cook. A good example is the potato tagliatelle with speck and cheese. All in all, simple to prepare but with guaranteed success, especially when it comes to taste. Preparing them will be fun and the result will make them feel more than satisfied, making them brag about it both on social media and presenting them on the table to the people they love.

Cancer – Pea puree
Cancer natives need foods that are easy to make and make them feel at home at the same time. When it comes to side dishes, they feel more inspired if they have a way to prepare something that links them to the past and to foods eaten several times in childhood. Nonetheless, they also love being able to revisit their dishes, giving them a personal touch that they can be proud of in front of friends and family. The mashed past can therefore be a good choice as it can combine a vegetable reminiscent of childhood with a preparation that is different from the usual and of sure visual impact. Preparing it will not be difficult and will guarantee them the right ease to appreciate the result and to be able to demonstrate to themselves and others that they can achieve excellent results in the kitchen.

Leo – The arraganate potatoes Those
born under the sign of Leo always need to test themselves and to show themselves but, above all to others, to always be one step ahead. This is also true in the kitchen and even if this way of seeing things leads them to not relax so much, it is the only way they know to feel good. When it comes to side dishes, for them it may be okay to choose arraganate potatoes.

A simple but sophisticated-looking dish that will make them feel appreciated and that will allow them to brag both on social media and with friends and relatives, showing how even in the kitchen they can achieve fantastic results.

Virgo – Baked beans au gratin
The natives of Virgo are not among the skilled cooks of the zodiac. It is much more satisfying for them to be able to eat. For this reason, when it comes to side dishes they prefer to go simple to bring to the table something that is good and healthy but without too much effort. The perfect choice for them is that of baked green beans, a really simple and quick side dish to make that they can prepare in a few minutes leaving the dirty work in the oven and yet presenting something different from the usual. An option to use whenever they don’t have the time or desire to cook and nevertheless know they have to do something. The result will be pleasant enough to give them the right satisfaction.

Libra – Eggplant rolls
Those born under the sign of Libra always love to give their best and do not hesitate to apply themselves in any sector to do so. The kitchen is certainly one of the environments in which they feel particularly at ease as it is the perfect place to create dishes that are beautiful to look at and healthy to eat. And when it comes to side dishes, a perfect one for them is the eggplant rolls.

Beautiful to look at, good to eat, and certainly capable of making any dish more succulent. A real ace in the hole that the natives of the sign will be more than happy to be able to bring to the table to share something good with the people they love.

Scorpio – Crispy Baked Potato Chips
The natives of Scorpio love anything that brings joy to the table. When it comes to side dishes, then, one that may be to their liking is crispy baked potato chips. A healthy and delicious alternative to the more common fried potatoes as well as a simple and certainly impressive dish. Simple to prepare and perfect to bring to the table when you want to share something good with the people you love. Among other things, it is a dish that can be easily converted into an aperitif or to accompany cheeses and meats, or to anticipate pizzas and focaccias. The ideal choice for natives of the sign who have always loved succulent foods but in their way simple and all to be tasted.

Sagittarius – La ratatouille
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not great lovers of cooking and when they find themselves having to prepare something they always try to prepare plenty of it to have it even for the days to come. From this point of view, a more useful side dish is that of ratatouille , good to eat and easily prepared in large quantities. It is also a perfect side dish for practically everything and therefore more easily adaptable even to last-minute choices. An option that means a lot to them and that will make it one of the main dishes to use in all seasons.

Capricorn – The mashed potatoes
The natives of Capricorn always try to spend little time in the kitchen, especially because they are always too busy with everything else. When they want to prepare something good, they, therefore, feel more comfortable in preparing simple recipes that they know. The perfect one for virtually any occasion is mashed potatoes.

Easy, rather quick to prepare, and delicious at the right point to ensure a respectable side dish. A choice that is particularly useful both when they eat alone and for special occasions.

Aquarius – Yorkshire puddings
Those born under the sign of Aquarius always love to be surprised by what they do and if they can do it beautifully, others feel even more fulfilled. A perfect side dish for them is Yorkshire puddings, particular enough to have fun in the kitchen and to guarantee the right flavor to accompany dishes of all kinds. An all simple and not too long recipe that will make them feel like expert chefs, allowing them to brag to others for their dish that is certainly impressive and with an excellent flavor.

Pisces – Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta
The natives of Pisces love simple flavors but are at the same time attracted to everything that is greedy. A side dish able to satisfy them both at the stove and the table is the zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta, simple to make and with a surprisingly pleasant taste.

It is a side dish that can be prepared light thanks to cooking in the oven and that can be made more full-bodied by frying it for special dinners. At the same time, it is excellent to present as an appetizer, and bodying it a little can represent an alternative and pleasant second course to eat. Exactly the perfect dish for imaginative people who, in the kitchen, can’t wait to test themselves and experiment.


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