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An Important Lesson Each Zodiac Sign Will Learn This December

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You don’t have to be the best at everything. It’s okay to be competitive but not always. Sometimes it’s the right thing to let something go and make a compromise. 

This December, you’re going to learn that relationships are all about teamwork and mutual respect. You can’t win in a relationship.

If you have that kind of relationship, it’s an unhealthy way to spend time with someone. Sooner or later, that relationship will turn into a toxic one. 

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Take a break because if you don’t slow down, you’re going to burn out. All you’re used to is work, work, and more work until you fall off your feet.

You never actually know where to draw the line. 

Working hard is part of who you are, but this December you’re going to learn the hard way that you can’t work until you burn out.

You have to take a moment every now and then to recharge and regain energy in order to do more great stuff in your life.

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You have to learn to respect yourself more, but that is not what you’re going to learn this December. That’s only a piece of friendly advice.

The lesson you’re going to learn this December is that you don’t want to be in a one-sided relationship. 

You’ll realize that you don’t have the time nor the need to give all your love to a person who doesn’t feel the need to give them back.

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You’re always moving all around the place. You want to see everything, and you want to go everywhere, but you don’t have the time to do so.

In the end, it turns out that you never do anything right because you’re in a hurry all the time. 

This December, you’re going to learn you can’t do everything at once. You’ll have to choose one thing at the time.  

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You’re used to being the first at everything, but hard work is not a problem for you either.

Although you always give all you’ve got into making something possible, this December, you’re going to reach a higher level.

This December, you’re going to learn that nothing in life comes easily. But the fruits of your labor will be the sweetest ever.

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You’re on your own this December. You’re going to learn you can’t trust anyone except yourself.

Trust is not something you give out easily, but now you’re keeping it for yourself more than ever.

You’ve been betrayed too many times up to now and you always gave more second chances.

This December you’ll finally put an end to it and take your emotions and yourself into consideration.

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Once and for all, you have to learn how to let things go. You’re a very nice person, but the past is always bothering you.

Even if you have a great time with that person now, in the back of your mind, you are always troubled by something that happened in the past.

December is the time to learn to forgive people and realize you have to live in the present. Leave the past behind.

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You hide your heartbreak behind wild nights out and constant partying.

If you think changing partners and going absolutely crazy about ‘the crazy life’ will make it easier to forget that ‘someone’ who broke your heart, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This month, you’re going to learn that healing is a process which takes a lot of time. It can’t happen overnight, and it is ridiculous of you to assume it will.

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It takes quite some time for you to fall in love. It’s not because you’re picky or difficult to handle. It’s because you always put others before yourself.

You want to make people around you happy, so you amuse them with your great sense of humor and your positive personality. 

But there is something you’ll learn this December. You’ll realize that the only way you’re going to be happy is to let go of others and invest some time in yourself.

You need to put yourself out there for potential partners to see how awesome you are. 

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Everyone who knows you knows that you won’t stop until you fulfill your goal. Sometimes it’s intimidating seeing you making your goal come true. In those moments, you are a machine that cannot stop. 

In addition to your usual behavior, you’re going to learn that everything up until now made sense.

This December, you’re going to learn that nothing in life comes easily, and that all of your hard work paid off in the end.

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It’s not healthy to devote yourself only to one side of your life—your social life or your career.

Up until now, you were excellent in only one of those two things. And when you devote your time to something, you go all in which leaves your other side neglected. 

This December, you’re going to learn that it’s possible to find a healthy balance between your social life and your career so neither has to suffer any consequences.

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We all have those moments in life when we don’t have any strength to do anything; when everything seems hopeless and not worthy of even trying. We’ve all been at the bottom where everything seems lost. 

Depression is even more obvious when it comes to you because you’re too sensitive. A lot of small things can hurt you which don’t hurt others.

But this December, you’re going to learn that depression and bad days don’t last forever. 

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