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Find out which autumn drink is best suited to each zodiac sign. To give yourself a pleasant break or surprise those you love.

Autumn has now arrived and with the days getting colder, the idea of ​​warming up a little with a hot drink is always pleasant. Each of us has preferences that change according to character, personal tastes, and the relationship we have with autumn.

And since in many cases even the influence of the stars can make a difference, today we will find out which autumn drink is best suited to each sign of the zodiac. A way to indulge in something pleasant or to pleasantly surprise friends and relatives, offering them something that satisfies and relaxes them at the same time.

An autumn drink for every sign of the zodiac

Aries – Ginseng coffee
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are always in a hurry. For this reason, they don’t usually waste time on hot drinks or moments to dedicate to themselves. Having to choose something hot that is also useful, the right choice is, therefore, that of ginseng coffee. In this way, they will be able to drink quickly and recharge with new energy. All to spend on their thousands of commitments. Exactly what they need after a morning spent running from one point to another or in the late afternoon, when fatigue begins to make itself felt and threaten the many activities that have yet to be concluded. And in the evening? For them the extra energy is never too much but, if they want, they can always opt for a coffee with added chocolate or with a soft gianduia cream.

Taurus – Pomegranate Tea
The natives of the Taurus zodiac sign love everything that brings them back to the fall season. He also likes to spend time lazing around and pampering himself a bit. Herbal tea with the typical flavors of the season is therefore what they need most. So why not indulge in a pomegranate herbal tea? Sweet at the right point and at the same time light enough to be drunk several times a day and ideal to accompany watching a movie or reading. In addition, for those who like to indulge in some small vices, it can be made in the form of punch, to spend time with friends, warm-up and savor something that can give an extra touch to the evening thanks to the alcohol component.

Gemini – Chestnut milk
For those born under the astrological sign of Gemini, something good and different from usual is always needed. Chestnut milk, therefore, lends itself to the occasion. It is enough to soak the chestnuts for one night, cook, and blend them with water to obtain substantial milk which, based on the quantity of liquid introduced, can also turn into a soft cream. Exactly ideal for those who always need new flavors and in particular for the natives of the sign who, more than anything else, appreciate living in the present. Which with milk based on a typical food of the season will be much simpler than expected and which, according to tastes, can always be made different by alternating normal milk with other vegetable ones.

Cancer – Warm Cinnamon Milk
Natives of the Cancer zodiac sign need the flavors that take them back to when they were children. Simple warm milk, possibly sweet, is therefore what can make them happy, especially in autumn. Perfect to sip while reading, studying, or watching TV. To be sweetened with cinnamon or to be made more full-bodied with nutmeg, the milk lends itself to different uses that will love to vary over time to never get bored. A drink that can turn into a perfect snack to which just add some cookies or a slice of grandma’s cake to feel satisfied like never before. Exactly what the natives of the sign desire more than anything else in the world.

Leo – Berries tea
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo love to stay light and indulge in more than one cuddle a day. A cup of hot tea is therefore the best choice they can make to ensure they have everything they need. Since autumn isn’t exactly the season they love the most for them, a tea that can transport them into spring might just be perfect. From tea with berries to strawberry or cherry, the natives of the sign will be able to vary according to the inspiration of the moment, warming up and savoring at the same time tastes capable of touching their hearts. Something that feeling light and at peace with yourself will happen even more easily.

Virgo – Hot chocolate
The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign need to welcome the new season with the right mood. For those who are true traditionalists, the perfect drink is therefore hot chocolate. A classic that they will love to dust off to enjoy in the afternoons or colder evenings, getting the same comfort they had when they were children. After all, hot chocolate is for them a drink that can offer refreshment and warmth. A drink that with a little cream or with the addition of some biscuits can turn into a delicious snack to share with the family or with the people they love. All to make every little break even more special.

Libra – The pumpkin spice latte
For those born under the zodiac sign of Libra, the ideal autumn drink is one that combines sweetness, healthy ingredients, and seasonality. In this sense, the pumpkin spice latte turns out to be the ideal choice that contains all the required characteristics. A hot and greedy drink that can also be made without the aid of sugar, making everything line-proof. Perfect to be consumed at breakfast, as a snack, or to make a break with friends more enjoyable. Savoring it, the natives of the sign will feel in the full autumn mood, thus fully enjoying the season and feeling more charged and energetic. Ready as ever to live their intense days to the full and to add that extra touch of joy given by the awareness of having something good to indulge in.

Scorpio – The matcha latte
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio love contrasts and this applies to every area of ​​their life. Speaking of drinks, then, one that might be right for them is matcha latte. The beneficial properties of matcha and its particular flavor will give an extra note to the comfortable one of milk. Perfect to be prepared with both normal milk and vegetable ones, matcha latte lends itself to variations of all kinds. It can be made more or less strong, sweet, or in a dietary version and you can choose to drink it straight or in the form of a cappuccino. The perfect choice for natives of the sign who have always loved to vary while always maintaining a bit of tradition. Whether it’s an energetic breakfast, a delicious snack, or a drink to indulge in some moments of pure idleness, little changes.

Sagittarius – The submarine
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love everything alternative because it makes them feel special in some way. At the same time, they need something simple to make and that always makes them feel in some sort of comfort zone. The submarine, in this case, turns out to be an optimal choice. It is a very simple drink to prepare. Just dip a square of chocolate in a cup of boiling milk. A way to flavor the milk without making it chocolate and leaving a quantity of taste to be tasted at the end with a nice teaspoon. A perfect drink for colder days and when you feel down. Excellent to sip in the afternoon, it is energetic and relaxing at the same time. Able to sleep in those who have too many thoughts, and nice to share with friends.

Capricorn – Barley coffee
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn love to be alternatives but without straying too far from their way of being. When it comes to drinks, therefore, a barley coffee is ideal, especially if drunk in a large cup, almost as if it were an American coffee. Sweet at the right point, it offers an aroma and many nuances of taste that the natives of the sign will appreciate. In addition, it gives a charge of its own, proving perfect both in the morning and at any other time of the day. Exactly what is needed by the natives of the sign who, being always busy, have a certain difficulty in finding a precise moment in which to remember. So just stop for a second and prepare or order their barley coffee at the bar to carve out a moment of peace. Enough to relax them and short enough not to interfere with their projects.

Aquarius – Chai Latte
For those born under the sign of Aquarius, the perfect autumn drink is a chai latte. It is a black tea to which spices and hot milk (possibly whole) are added. In this way, a full-bodied drink is obtained, rich in taste and at the same time light and pleasant. Ideal for natives of the sign who, while loving everything comfortable, always feel the need to embark on alternative paths. With a drink like this, they will therefore feel more than satisfied. Ready as ever to share a pleasant moment with friends or relax in front of the TV series of their choice. The sweet taste of chai will make them more serene and relaxed, making their afternoons even more precious. Especially those who like to spend in a slow and relaxed way.

Pisces – The cappuccino
The natives of the astrological sign of Pisces are romantic and at the same time traditionalist people. Lovers of the autumn season, appreciate everything that allows them to fully enjoy the season. For this reason, they enjoy experimenting with drinks of all kinds, varying from time to time. Even in doing so, however, the one to always return to is the much-loved cappuccino. Comfort food that can be declined in different ways and all equally good. From the classic cappuccino sprinkled with cocoa to the one with matcha tea powder, the natives of the sign love to savor always new tastes. Which they do by taking long restorative breaks in which they want to relax and enjoy their present. Whether it’s a way to start the day or a different afternoon. How can one be made even more special with a few biscuits, it doesn’t matter. For them, what matters is being able to savor something that can remind them of their childhood. Especially if he can do it in a more sophisticated way. Exactly a task that fits perfectly for the cappuccino.

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