Find out which appetizer is most suitable for you based on your zodiac sign.

Cooking has always been nourishment but also communication and fulfillment. We eat to be together with those we love and share a meal. We gather around a table to talk about work, address important topics but also to celebrate an event. Food is the basis of different cultures and at the same time, a unique language that puts everyone in agreement and that shows itself in all its beauty under the many, infinite forms it can take.

For these reasons, choosing to prepare something and serve it to those you love is always an important gesture. Just as it is important to cook for yourself and show that innate love that each of us should have for ourselves. And since the propensity towards one dish rather than another depends at least in part on the influence that the stars have on us, today after having seen which are the most creative zodiac signs in quarantine and which is the most suitable chocolate dessert every sign of the zodiac, today we will discover which is the most suitable appetizer for each of us. The advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant so that you have more than one option to choose from.

An appetizer suitable for every sign of the zodiac

Aries – Rosemary and salt breadsticks
Those born under the sign of Aries are practical people who love foods that can be consumed at any time and who at the same time love to feel light. After all, they never know what they’re going to do in the next few hours, and making sure they don’t get too heavy is an important aspect for them. Among other things, they love to eat delicious things and the appetizer that best suits their needs are breadsticks with salt and rosemary, simple to make and with a practically certain result. Perfect to munch on their own but excellent to eat even accompanied by sauces or side dishes, they prove to be a choice that they would never tire of and that they will love to prepare to show it to the people they love, obviously boasting of success.

Taurus – The salty Danube stuffed with ham
The natives of Taurus love to be in the kitchen and even when it comes to appetizers, they prefer to experiment with more complex recipes rather than give themselves ready meals. For them, messing around in the kitchen is a way to relax, looking forward to the good things they will eat soon. For this reason, a perfect appetizer for them is the salty Danube stuffed with ham. A simple appetizer that can also be enjoyed instead of a snack or to accompany a second course.

Multifaceted enough to make him feel he has made a bingo with a single recipe. The recipe will change over time, varying with the filling and adding that extra touch that they love to instill in their dishes.

Gemini – Romagna piadina with salmon
Those born under the sign of Gemini prefer simple foods, especially when it comes to cooking. For this reason, an appetizer they might like is the Romagna piadina with salmon. Easy to make and sure to please everyone, it is also a delicious variant of the classic piadina. Which for them, who always love to change, turns out to be a point in favor that can make them reach out for this recipe and for other variants to be studied in the future. Excellent as an appetizer, you can also enjoy it for a quick snack or as a single dish and all just by changing the quantities. Another move for the natives of the sign proves to be more than interesting.

Cancer – Puff pastry pizzas with cherry tomatoes
The natives of Cancer when it comes to cooking, always need to savor flavors that can bring them back to their childhood. This does not change even when they are behind the stove. For this reason, having to choose an appetizer, the puff pastry pizzas with cherry tomatoes turn out to be a more than apt choice. Easy to make, they rely on simple ingredients that put together surely bring back childhood memories. Which is true for both appearance and flavor. It is therefore food that the natives of the sign could prepare both for themselves and for the people they love. A choice that will prove more than ever in line with their way of being.

Leo – Artichoke Quiche
Those born under the sign of Leo always need to surprise their guests and even if they were to cook for themselves, they would always think of something that in the photo would make it to the point of being noticed. An artichoke quiche is, therefore, an excellent choice because it can show their skill in the kitchen and all without looking too ostentatious.

Inserting artichokes in such a complex dish also gives that sense of food that points to the well-being of which the natives of the sign love to boast. In short, it can turn out to be a perfect recipe to taste, excellent for making them receive the right acclaim and, why not, to make them feel proud of what is prepared with their own hands.

Virgo – Omelette with Tomatoes and Spinach
Virgo natives don’t like to spend too much time cooking. However, they like to eat well and when they have to show themselves struggling with the kitchen, they always want to give the idea of ​​having used time and resources to obtain the right approval from others. To put all this together, a recipe that can suit them is the omelet with tomatoes and spinach which, served as an appetizer, turns out to be a dish that is certainly unexpected and full of possibilities. Easy to make it will give the idea of ​​someone who has worked hard to make it and, however simple, it will never be trivial. Furthermore, it is a dish that easily meets the tastes of others. It is therefore a recipe that will not disappoint them and that they will probably even enjoy preparing.

Libra – The phyllo dough bundles filled with broccoli and mozzarella
Those born under the sign of Libra, when it comes to good food, never back down. They are therefore people ready to get involved even with elaborate dishes. What matters is that the result is always pleasing and that among other things it is pleasing to the eye. An appetizer they can choose is the phyllo dough dumplings stuffed with broccoli and mozzarella.

Challenging enough, good to taste and, all in all, healthy. A mix of elements that will make them appreciate the choice and that they will love to taste given the simplicity of the flavors that all together give shape to a dish that can whet the appetite.

Scorpio – Rice balls with mozzarella
The natives of Scorpio love foods that are rich in flavor as well as being simple. For this reason, having to choose between so many possibilities, rice balls with mozzarella is the perfect dish to whet your appetite thanks to the scent alone. Being people who love to vary when they are put in the kitchen, this appetizer is also excellent in different variations. It is enough to add ingredients such as chopped pistachios or Emmenthal to change the flavor. If they wanted to, they could even opt for many mixed meatballs to put all together for a fun and delicious treasure hunt. There is certainly no shortage of options and they will surely know how to make them perform at their best.

Sagittarius – Potato crocchè
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like to spend too much time in the kitchen and when they decide to dedicate themselves to preparing a dish, they always aim for something that can intrigue them and satisfy their appetite. The potato croquettes represent food that reminds them of childhood and that they love to be able to experiment in different forms, sharing it with the people they love. For this reason, it turns out to be a delicious appetizer, perfect to be presented as a side dish and certainly up to the expectations of others. A great way to look beautiful in the kitchen and to savor something different from the usual cold appetizer.

Capricorn – Ladybugs and tomato skewers
The natives of Capricorn do not like to waste time in the kitchen and if they have to, they prefer to focus on elaborate and impactful dishes such as a first or second course. When it comes to appetizers, therefore, they prefer to go light by offering something ready but in a creative version. Ladybugs and tomato skewers are the winning choices.

Able to bring color and joy to the table and all while leaving the fact that these are practically ready-made foods to the background. A trick that the natives of the sign will love both for spending little time in the kitchen and for eating something simple and light.

Aquarius – Bresaola roses with a soft heart
Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not usually have a great passion for cooking. When it comes to aperitifs, they prefer to choose something quick to prepare and simple to eat. For them, therefore, the bresaola roses with a soft heart are a more than appropriate choice because they can steal little time by leading them to create something pleasant looking and with a certain pleasant flavor and suitable for all tastes. It is also an appetizer that lends itself to different variations and that can therefore be presented in different ways, without changing the basic recipe much. One more requirement that will lead them to appreciate this recipe.

Pisces – Mozzarella in Carrozza and fried ricotta
When it comes to cooking, the natives of Pisces love to abound and prefer those dishes that they are sure can please everyone. For this reason, an appetizer (or rather two) that they will love to experiment with is the one based on mozzarella in Carrozza and fried ricotta.

Preparing them will be at least as pleasant as eating them and these are foods that in larger quantities can also represent a single dish or become a good first or second course to be included now and then in your diet. A choice that, greedy as they are, they will particularly appreciate.


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