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If I told you paranoid which zodiac sign would you think of? Today we reveal who is the sign known to be the most paranoid of all.

Among the 12 signs of the zodiac stands the sign with less self-control. It takes very little to make him paranoid. Do you have any idea who it might be?

The word “paranoid” is commonly used and is used to describe a very anxious personality who cares excessively, even when there is no apparent reason to worry. He is a person who has little faith in others and not only on occasion but practically always. A zodiac sign is known to be the greatest paranoid of all and is Scorpio.

If you say paranoid you say Scorpio, without a shadow of a doubt

If something abnormal is about to happen, Scorpio will understand it immediately. It is the least naive sign of the zodiac and also the most suspicious. With him around, you can be sure that nothing will escape you. The reason? He questions everything and everyone all the time.

It has a radar with which it detects all forms of lies. This sign has an infallible intuition that rarely disappoints him. Furthermore, if he meets a person who is not very transparent, who contradicts himself, or who behaves abnormally, he will not stop investigating him until he has discovered his real intentions. Scorpio notices everything. He’s a born detective.

He is always on guard and collects evidence to show you that his suspicions were fully founded.

In his emotional relationships, both with friends and family and in those of a couple, Scorpio is very suspicious. He is ready to give his all, to commit himself to make plans but always remains alert and sleeps with one eye open. It is its nature. Even if he doesn’t trust anyone, he can be trusted blindly. He is honest, loyal, very protective.

Its armor is very rigid but inside it hides a heart of gold. If you disappoint him he does not forgive you. He is always ready to say “I knew it”. Even if he has some suspicions deep down he always hopes to be wrong but when his suspicions are confirmed his decision to remove you from his life will be irrevocable.

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