Couples with a large age difference are no longer uncommon. True love doesn’t ask about age – at least that’s what they say, but can the age difference in the relationship become an obstacle?

Is the age difference accepted in society?

Even if true love does not ask about age, the age difference remains a big issue, where minds split. So it is especially the environment that feels provoked. The acceptance in society for couples with perhaps even a clear age difference is still not there, and for this reason the lovers have to fight at regular intervals with prejudices that sometimes even go deep into the closest circle of friends.

Older man ok, older woman oh no

The classic division of roles from the past, where the young, inexperienced woman needed a seasoned man to feed her, is now more than outdated. Today women stand on their own two feet and look for their partner in a different way. Today’s woman can imagine being happy with a younger partner. This form of partnership is also very popular among celebrities. Women like Madonna and Vivienne Westwood are leading the way.

However, the fact that men often need a young woman by their side in order to feel young and alive again is nothing new and, surprisingly, is usually more widely accepted in society than vice versa.

While society looks for disturbances in the corners of such relationships with age differences, this can become a conflict issue in the actual partnership and can sometimes lead to jealousy, uncertainties and misunderstandings. Only a relationship without ifs and buts has a chance in such situations.

Reasons for an older partner

There are many reasons why people often choose a much older partner. Aside from financial interests with the younger partner or a mother or father complex, many simply appreciate the life experience and maturity of the older that they might not find with a partner of the same age. It is important to have similarities that make all age differences forget. Also, many people who mock an age difference in a relationship forget that one can move at the same mental level, even if the bare numbers of the birth certificate show an age difference. It is therefore no wonder that when looking for a partner over 50 , younger potential partners are also looked at.

According to a study, couples in which the man is at least five years older than the woman get along best and longest. However, as is known, exceptions confirm the rule and this shows that regardless of age difference, common interests, values ​​and preferences of the partners in a relationship must harmonize.

Whether young or old, in the end everyone should decide for themselves which criteria he / she uses to choose his / her partner. So if you are in a partnership with a large age difference, love the other and know what is important in a relationship, then nothing stands in the way of your happiness in love!


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