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According to the zodiac sign: That’s why men leave women who love them

According to the zodiac sign: That’s why men leave women who love them

Something I still cannot understand is the fact that one person in a relationship can think that everything is going well while the other person is thinking about ways to end the relationship.

No matter how hard you try to get a relationship up and running, there’s always a chance that it will end suddenly. Even the strongest and healthiest relationship will have its ups and downs. 

Even if he’s really happy in your relationship with you, it’s always a good idea to talk about both partners’ satisfaction together. But there is a difference between growing in the relationship and giving up your authentic self just to make him happy.

We all have our limits in our relationships. You may not have tolerance for someone who has no social life outside of the relationship. Maybe you ca   n’t be with someone who doesn’t have a close relationship with their family.

He can have limits in the relationship just like you. Based on the zodiac sign, it can be predicted what exactly will make him leave the relationship.


The only thing the Aries can’t stand is when he feels caught up in his relationship. The moment he feels you two are getting too close, he thinks about leaving. Aries needs freedom and space

He cannot be with someone who keeps an eye on him or depends too much on him because he also needs a life outside of the relationship. Follow us here on Instagram.


For a relationship with the bull to work, he needs absolute respect. You cannot expect him to be on your side unless you are committed to the same values ​​or work towards a similar goal in life, or at least respect his journey.

As a zodiac bull, he must assert himself and ensure that what he wants most in life is taken seriously and respected. He will end the relationship if he feels insulted or disregarded in any way. Follow us here on Instagram.


Some say opposites attract, but when it comes to twins, it tends to be wrong. With them, the relationship takes much longer if you try to find common ground between the differences.

After all, he’s the twins of the zodiac. Similarities are much more important to him than working through differences. Twins end the relationship if they differ too much from their partner. Follow us here on Instagram.


A relationship is something that should exist between two people. If a person (in this case the cancer) feels that all responsibility rests on their shoulders, the relationship will surely fail.

Cancer is a very patient and forgiving star sign, but even the friendliest people will have their limits. Cancer ends the relationship when he feels he can’t crack you. Follow us here on Instagram. 


In a relationship, the lion must have someone at his side to raise him up and inspire him to try harder in life. He doesn’t want anyone he thinks he needs to babysit. Sure, he has a big lion heart, but his own success is important to him.

The thing most likely to get the lion to leave the relationship is when you become passive and stop trying. Because the lion needs your motivation and enthusiasm to be with him. Follow us here on Instagram.


The virgin has very high expectations for her relationships, and for good reason. There are so many relationships that fail simply because nobody knows what they want or is simply not up to the task of working on themselves and the relationship.

When the virgin starts a new relationship, she fully responds and knows exactly what she wants – or at least has a general idea. What makes them leave the relationship is when you’re not on board. Follow us here on Instagram. 


The Libra always tries to see the world with pink glasses because it is so much more important to him to be optimistic instead of pessimistic or even realistic in life. She definitely has an idealistic view of the world and that affects his relationship.

The reason a Libra man leaves the relationship is when you are too negative for him. He knows that not every day can be positive, but if you are not even ready to try, he will go. Follow us here on Instagram.


Everyone who knows the Scorpio knows that trust and loyalty are everything for him. He cannot have a loving, lasting relationship with you or with anyone if these two things are not in the foreground. He does not let anyone into his life and does not give anyone access to his heart without being thoroughly tested.

If you hesitate to open yourself to the scorpion, it will most likely lead to it ending the relationship. Follow us here on Instagram. 


The shooter is looking for a dynamic relationship based on excitement and fun. We believe that relationships must always be serious and intense, but for the shooter, relationships should be about having fun with your best friend. 

The reason he was drawn to you was most likely because you gave his life thrills. The reason he will end the relationship is that the excitement and thrill lasted only for so long. Follow us here on Instagram. 


Capricorn is probably the most responsible and most adult sign of the zodiac, and that’s why he needs someone who can be just as grown up as he is. Who can assert themselves and be ready to talk about the important and sometimes difficult things of life and love?

What makes him leave the relationship is when you are too irresponsible for him. He wants a partner he can count on. Follow us here on Instagram.


Aquarius is one of those signs of the zodiac that needs freedom and individuality to feel happy and welcome in a relationship. He will leave the relationship if he feels he is being held back. 

He wants to know that he can be himself, has time to do his own thing and be his own personality. Only then will he stay with you. Follow us here on Instagram.


The fish would go to the end of the world for the people he loves, and you can really see that dedication in every relationship he was in. That means he needs to know that you tick in the relationship just like he does.

The amount of work he does to find out who you are is the amount he expects you to do. If he feels misunderstood or not taken seriously, he will leave without a second chance. 

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