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According to astrologers, this autumn will bring a breath of love to three lucky zodiac signs who will feel completely overwhelmed by this feeling.

Find out if you are one of the three lucky signs that this fall will experience a season of love.   This period will be extremely sweet and romantic for them. With Venus in Libra from October 22, the possibilities for romantic encounters will multiply.

According to the stars, the emotions and passion of these 3 signs will increase dramatically and this intoxication of romance will open their hearts and allow them to make lucky encounters. Find out if you are part of the signs that they will lose their minds this fall.

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Here are three zodiac signs that will fall madly in love this fall

With the arrival of autumn, the first colds arrive, and also the desire to be snuggled in the warmth in our homes where you live in an enveloping atmosphere. Fall also calls for sweetness, and some signs will be particularly likely to desire a person to love.

According to the stars, there are three zodiac signs that in particular will experience this autumn inundated with love.   For them, there is the fateful meeting, the one they have long dreamed of with their soul mate. If you are part of these signs and you are single, do not let your guard down behind your new encounters, there is one who will change your life.


At the top of the ranking of signs that will meet love this fall is Aries. This sign will experience very privileged autumn, from October it will experience unexpected and new emotions. This impulsive and independent fire sign will meet a person for whom he will be willing to put his individuality aside and try to start a very serious relationship. With Venus in Sagittarius, he will be able to forget all his fears and will feel more confident than ever. It will not be enough for him to share happy moments with this person, he will want a solid and lasting union, he will want to have at his side a person with whom to make plans.

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Leo too will experience autumn full of love. This sign will finally find its rare pearl of him, Venus in Libra will put a series of encounters on his path, some will concern old acquaintances others will be completely new encounters. Among these, there will be a truly unexpected meeting that will awaken all his feelings and the desire to love. Leo is also a fire sign and just like Aries will feel the need to formalize this relationship and not let it be random. He could even think of a wedding thanks to these astral energies that will overwhelm him with love.

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This autumn will envelop them, giving him great changes, even an air sign, the native of Libra, the most balanced sign of the Zodiac. In recent months this sign has suffered from love but at the same time has managed to definitively end a frustrating, problematic, and disappointing relationship. Completely disillusioned with love, Libra will unexpectedly find the will to get back into the game this fall. He will feel he wants to have new experiences, to meet new people, and will want to be surprised. With Venus in Sagittarius, Libra will have a very spontaneous encounter that will mark a great change in his life. This sign will find love again, as well as feel her heart beating fast in addition to feeling a great euphoria she will also feel the desire to build a solid story .and for this he will feel to share this unexpected love with all the people he cares about.

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