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Let’s find out which TV series you might like based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to personal tastes, the spectrum of factors that usually affect it is really wide. Among these, the influence that the stars have on each zodiac sign is not lacking, which in addition to defining some parts of our way of acting and thinking, makes us more or less compatible with certain things. So it is easy to guess which is the right pizza for each of us or which flavor of ice cream may be our favorite. Obviously, these are simple pieces of advice but most of the time it is easy to find yourself and, when this does not happen, it is always advisable to also take a look at the profile linked to our ascendant, to be sure to take the right advice. Having said that, today we will focus on an interesting topic, especially for those who with the end of the sole or with a few days of vacation in front of them want to relax in front of a good TV series. Not to mention that the weekend is almost upon us and that it is always possible to organize a nice TV marathon to watch with friends and eat what you like best. Ready, then, to find out which TV series you could fall in love with?

The TV series that will captivate you, chosen based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Breaking bad
For you who are always active and ready to live new adventures, it certainly takes a series full of adrenaline. For this reason, Breaking bad could be for you. The protagonists live different adventures every day and the outcome of their actions is never taken for granted, to keep the attention alive and not risk getting bored. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a series you might like.

Toro – Friends
For you who love the great classics, there is nothing better than a series that is always current but dated enough to awaken an almost nostalgic feeling. Participating in the life of the protagonists, in their bizarre stories and search for great love will be a pleasant way to spend your moments of relaxation, allowing yourself a little fun mixed with a few moments of emotion. Because you know, certain series always have an effect, even looking at them after a few years.

Gemini – Pretty little liars
The misadventures of these girls and the intrigues that follow one another minute by minute will keep you on a tightrope until the end, allowing you to enjoy this series without risking boredom moments. Sure, staying home and watching a TV series isn’t one of your favorite pastimes, but if you ever want to try it, this series might pleasantly surprise you.

Cancer – Gilmore Girls
In Italy, it is known by the title “Una mamma per Amica”. It is a modern series that through the profile of a mother and a daughter (and if desired, also of the grandmother), shows us life from the different points of view of several generations. A story that speaks of love, of affections but also personal affirmation. All with a vein of light humor but able to surprise and, at times, excite. For a romantic yet nostalgic like you, it could be the perfect series.

Leone – Arrow
A series you might like? Arrow! The protagonist is a born leader, so much so that he finds himself in this role practically on every occasion and for very different reasons. Remaining and observing it will therefore be a good way to pass the time, fantasizing about a thousand different ways to excel, even in situations that may appear unfavorable. The stories of love and friendship that take place in the background are an addition that makes everything even more interesting.

Virgo – CSI, crime scene
For you who are always rational, the most suitable TV series is one that allows you to reflect. The advice is therefore to focus on one of the many CSIs. In addition to relaxing for a while, you can try to get to the solution before the protagonists and find out if to do so you have traveled the same road or on different mind maps. It will also be a way to sharpen your senses and the ability to always grasp new details from what you observe.

Libra – Supergirl
What could be more beautiful than a woman who moves around the city in the dual role of trainee journalist and heroine? If you love adventure at least a little, Supergirl will fascinate you. With its rhythms always on and the glossy settings in which the protagonist moves will make you feel at the center of a world (bad apart), practically ideal, where beauty and adventure blend without problems, showing how you can always be at your best. while saving the world in his spare time.

Scorpio – Buffy the vampire slayer
It is a somewhat dated but still current and much-loved series. Perfect for those like you who live in strong and conflicting emotions and are not afraid to go into complex stories. Continuing on parallel tracks destined to cross indissolubly, Buffy shows the exploits of a vampire hunter. Behind what might seem like the usual story, however, hides a world made of magic, love, friendship, existential problems, and, of course, those related to adolescence. The topics covered are so many and allow those who wish to see everything from a psychological profile that will undoubtedly be attractive for you who love mystery and psychology. A more modern alternative? The vampire slayer, even if the themes dealt with, in this case, differ on several points.

Sagittarius – Flash
A perfect series to pass your free time is the Flash series. His adventures, mixed to perfection with those of other series that intertwine in continuous crossovers, will make it all very interesting. In addition, the characters have a perfect characterization to be able to identify, living with their loves, friendships ended, disappointments, and heroic acts. A show to be discovered and from which you could be seriously enraptured.

Capricorn – Grey’s Anatomy
In the rare moments when you decide to give yourself a break, doing it with a show that can teach you something could be a way to make you fully enjoy your precious moments of relaxation. If we add to this the haunted love stories at the center of the story, the mix is ​​practically perfect to win you over, leaving you glued to the screen for hours.

Aquarius – The big bang theory
Your need to break the rules would never allow you to fully appreciate a “normal” series. So what is better than one able to break the obvious, having fun thanks to a mix of always new humor and characters so absurd as to seem real? Sheldon and his strange group of friends will certainly win you over, having fun and lightening every little pause in which you choose to watch them.

Pisces – The Oc
A series that is still current and that you might like is The Oc which, behind the air of a glossy show, hides truly unique characters able to win the heart of those who will be able to give them a chance before judging them hastily. A story that talks about friendship, love, and personal growth and that knows how to deal with the burning themes of adolescence and the first years of adult life, all with a pinch of irony that never hurts and that could make this series one of yours. favorite.

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