Staying fit over Christmas is one of the most common dreams. Let’s discover a trick suitable for each zodiac sign to make it more easily achievable.

When the Christmas season begins, it is difficult to keep up with lunches, dinners, and various occasions in which food is the absolute protagonist. Between one meal and another, there is always the risk of putting on a few pounds, especially if you have a sweet tooth and tend to continue to taste new things. Temptations are the order of the day and between panettone, advent chocolates, sweets, and delicacies that are often even donated, stopping is often difficult.
To take off some whim, managing to maintain your weight, it is therefore essential to implement a series of strategies that allow you to fully enjoy the many delicacies related to the Christmas period and all without gaining weight. Since how we approach food is often also linked to the influence that the stars have on us, after having seen which is the most suitable Italian and Christmas dessert for each sign of the zodiac and what are the signs they have a greater Christmas spirit, today we will discover what is the trick to stay fit at Christmas for each sign of the zodiac. Since this is a topic also linked to emotions, the advice is to check the profile of your ascendant to have a clearer idea and perhaps an extra strategy to act.

Astrology: the trick to stay fit at Christmas that is most suitable for every zodiac sign

Aries – Distract yourself with outdoor activities
Let’s start on a positive note. Among the signs of the zodiac, you are the one that generally has the least need of secrets to staying in shape at Christmas and this is because you move so much that you can make up for any possible taste. That said, it is clear that the Christmas holidays bring a surplus that, in the long run, can turn out to be a little too much even for you. In these cases, if you are unable to manage yourself with food alone, the advice is to go for a run or find a similar distraction, preferably to be done outdoors. In this way, it will be easier to reduce the moments dedicated to tasting and this will help you stay in shape without suffering too much and still manage to take off all the whims you need to feel satisfied during the holiday period.

Taurus – Prepare diet meals
Let’s face it, one of the things you love most about Christmas is the many sweets and delicacies that can be enjoyed on festive days. If we combine this with your love for conviviality and cooking, it is obvious that the risk of putting on a few extra pounds is always around the corner. Since eliminating the pleasure of being able to prepare something for those you love to enjoy it all together is an option to be excluded, the only alternative is to play in advance. As? Preparing dishes and desserts that are Christmas but in a light version. In this way, even tasting new dishes every day, you can feel comfortable for your figure and also for that of the people you love. A different way than usual to take care of yourself and others,

Gemini – Getting rid of boredom It
is now clear to you too. One of your biggest enemies is boredom and this is also true and especially during the Christmas holidays. In fact, on freer days, if you don’t have something nice to do, you end up basking from room to room tasting the good things you find around the house. The risk, in these cases, is to ruin your figure and your appetite for any lunches and dinners and all without having resolved the problem of boredom. Much better to start organizing yourself with friends and acquaintances right away to cover every free moment at your disposal. In this way, staying in shape will be easier and the mood will also benefit, making you live certainly more serene and cheerful parties than usual.

Cancer – Going out with friends
Although you are normally able to manage even among many delicacies, during the Christmas holidays, this ability of yours tends to fail. Taken by the nostalgia that the period arouses in you and by the memories related to your childhood, you tend to give in more easily to the sense of satisfaction that sweets and treats can offer you. For this reason, a good way to counteract the many temptations is to distract yourself, and what could be better than going out with friends? With them, you can feel free to fantasize and share the choice of gifts to be given to relatives and any companions. In this way, you will not have too much time alone and you will avoid having to taste too many sweets just to fill a sense of emptiness that with the proximity of those who love you will certainly be easier to manage.

Leo – Take care of yourself
For you, beauty is fundamental, and feeling light and fit even at Christmas is a sort of rule that you cannot do without. It goes without saying that in all this, the extra tastings are practically banned and everything even if now and then too many sacrifices ends up saddening you. Given that a treat has never hurt anyone if you feel like you’re on the verge of giving in to more than just a taste, a great option is to do what makes you feel best – take care of yourself. Going to the SPA or making a small one at home will be a way to feel more beautiful, relax and get in tune with yourself and with the holiday season. This way, you will be distracted enough not to have to think too much about food, and when it’s time to enjoy something you can do it without too much guilt.

Virgo – Get around
When you are at home the temptations are such that you will surely have already had the opportunity to experience some sense of guilt given by too many tastings. It is a problem that is linked to your innate gluttony and to a form of laziness that you always carry around, which causes you to end up giving in a little too often to those whims that should be reserved only for special occasions. To cope with this problem, the only solution, apart from relying on willpower, is to seek a distraction such as going out shopping, meeting friends, or simply taking a relaxing walk. Moving around and seeing new things will help distract your thoughts from food, prompting you to focus on other things and feel so more relaxed when you find yourself tasting something new.

Libra – Go out in search of something beautiful
For you who love all that is beautiful, a good way to distract yourself from the desire to taste many good things is definitely to focus on aesthetics and on beautiful things with which to adorn your home for the holidays. Going out in search of things you like, even if only to feast your eyes, is, therefore, a pastime that should never be underestimated, especially if you feel that need to taste everything, get stronger and stronger. Fortunately, your desire to always be in shape and the ability you have to regulate yourself on most occasions, make you a person who is not inclined to excesses. For those few times when fatigue happens to push you too far, this trick will therefore be ideal for fixing everything.

Scorpio – Keep alternative foods at home as well
When it comes to good things to eat, you can’t say you’re not a good fork. Which is amplified when it comes to sweets or Christmas dishes. Among so many tastings, therefore, it is easy for you to get lost and end up exaggerating a little, especially in those moments when due to anxieties or thoughts you find in food the right outlet to feel better. A trick to keep your weight under control? Keep alternative foods at home that will help you break the craving for something good without overdoing it with sugars and fats. A few examples? The light version of candied ginger, chocolate bars but low in sugar and enriched with proteins or homemade desserts made greedy by healthier ingredients than those normally found around.

Sagittarius – Shopping
The Christmas holidays, for you, are a real temptation that almost always ends up pushing you towards foods that you usually consider prohibited. This causes the worry about the figure growing over time, leading you into a vicious circle in which, having already eaten too much, you end up eating again instead of stopping. A good way to solve this is to indulge in a few shopping sessions to distract your mind and relieve stress differently. Many times it is the tension you accumulate at work, in relationships, or more simply by living that pushes you too much more than a taste. Finding alternative ways to do this will undoubtedly help you to better manage your food and the relationship you have with it.

Capricorn – To commit to something
When the food calls, the only thing to do to not give in every time is to find something to do to get distracted. Focusing on work, cleaning the house, or taking care of yourself are just some of the many things you can start doing that will surely help you think about other things until the desire to taste something good has passed. Luckily, you are a person who tends to get caught up in things easily and therefore always works hard at what he is doing. This brings with it a unique and perfect ability to distract yourself from this situation as well as the possibility of learning to resist temptation more to eat only when you choose to do so, thus fully enjoying the rich and typical flavors of these holidays.

Aquarius – Call a friend
Food has practically always been a source of attraction for you and this even if it is one of the most resistant zodiac signs to this type of call. Therefore, if you can normally easily resist temptation, when you happen to be under stress, it can happen that the moments in which to indulge yourself become more than expected, compromising the line. In such cases, a great alternative is to take your time, perhaps calling a friend who hasn’t heard from you for a while. This way you will find other things to think about, distracting your mind from the thought of food and avoiding binging at the wrong times. The feelings of guilt that would ensue would be many. Much better to indulge in whims only when you want to and not to pass the time or release stress.

Pisces – Reading a good book
You are a greedy person who in food and especially in sweets also finds a good way to release the stress accumulated during the day. This means that you often end up tasting so-called “forbidden” foods at the most disparate times of the day and that your mind is constantly focused on the next taste. To avoid this you should find something different to focus on that can take you to the point that you are completely distracted. Reading a book that is in your strings or watching a TV series that you particularly love, perhaps accompanied by a hot drink, will be the best expedient to implement in the most serious moments. Seeing is believing.


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