Find out which physical activity is best to practice during quarantine based on your zodiac sign.

In this period of uncertainty and in which one of the few certain things is the impossibility of going to the gym or going out to play sports, more and more people feel frustrated by the inability to carry out their favorite physical activity. If on the one hand, some are afraid of losing the results obtained to date or of regaining the lost pounds, on the other hand, some feel the lack of endorphins given by sport. Regardless of the reason, many people feel the lack of physical activity as a problem that, if not solved, can lead to feeling increasingly stressed and not inclined to live with the necessary lightness the days that see us closed at home.

Fortunately, however, there is also the possibility of training at home and sometimes you just need to find the right activity to discover that even in adverse situations it is always possible to keep fit and take care of yourself, doing something that benefits both the body and the mind. . Today, therefore, after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that know how to wait and which are the zodiac signs that struggle to fall in love, we will find out which sport to do at home is best suited to the various signs of the zodiac. As always, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to get a clearer idea, and maybe even more than one, on what to do.

Horoscope: sport to do at home according to the zodiac sign

Aries – Kickboxing
Those born under the sign of Aries are dynamic people and, probably, among those who are most affected by the obligation to stay at home. For them, it is a burdensome limitation, which they struggle to bring forward and which often causes them a bad mood. Added to this is the fact that accustomed to constantly moving, they are particularly affected by the inability to carry out physical activity or even more simply to go for a run. Fortunately, it is also possible to move around the house. And what better activity to do than kickboxing? Online several videos show the basic movements and that once put into practice can help you practice this activity in a fun and suitable way both to keep fit and to release a good dose of stress. Exactly what the natives of the sign need.

Taurus – Meditation
The natives of Taurus do not particularly like sports that they only practice if and when they feel the need to get back into shape. Staying at home is also something they manage better than others. On the one hand, because they know how to make a virtue of necessity and on the other because they have always been people who love to have a routine and who feel particularly at ease at home. When it comes to physical activity, therefore, there are no particular indications. It could be useful and even fun if considered as leisure, some meditation sessions, useful to give them a greater sense of relaxation and perfect to help them return without too much effort to the usual routine when everything is over.

Gemini – Cardio activity
Those born under the sign of Gemini have always been eccentric and dual people. This leads them to have no particular preferences when it comes to physical activity. At the same time, not being able to perform it is among those who suffer in a particular way. Boredom and time spent at home, however, can lead them to feel the weight of constant inactivity. A little bit of cardio, then, might be for them. This way they would know how to keep moving, releasing some tension and getting tired enough not to have a surplus of energy to invest in depressing thoughts. In addition, some exercises can be found on the web that is nice to do and that can help them mentally recharge when the days seem interminable to them. A good way to quickly regain their proverbial good mood.

Cancer – Yoga
The natives of Cancer are not great lovers of sports and consequently do not feel a particular need to practice it. But they need to get back on their feet and sort out their minds, which are too busy getting lost in all sorts of conjectures. Yoga is a discipline that can therefore come in handy, both to feel more balanced and to do something for yourself. By taking an online course they can start from the basics, discovering new ways to relax and learning to put a brake on the mind as well, experiencing a feeling of peace that is otherwise difficult to experience.

Leo – Weights
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who always like to keep themselves busy and who, even when they could rest, always have their minds busy with a thousand things. Whether it’s work or plans for the future, they always love to push forward and this also applies to their physique. Having a particular focus on their physical shape, they tend to suffer from the lack of a gym. For this reason, lifting weights can give them the feeling that they are doing something for themselves while helping them to stay fit. In the absence of weights, it will be enough to use bottles of water to be able to train the muscles even every day. A way like any other to keep busy and be able to release too many tensions.

Virgo – Stretching
Virgo natives do not like sports very much but they tend to suffer from moments of boredom. Doing some stretching can be a good way to do something without overdoing it and still keep your muscles active. Maybe, starting slowly, over time they could get a taste for us and push themselves to do something more. In any case, it is a minimum effort that with the right music could help them relax a bit or that, if desired, they can even do in front of the TV. An excuse not to stay all day doing nothing. Which, lazy as they are, they may choose to do, especially in the absence of viable alternatives.

Libra – The dance
Those born under the sign of Libra love everything that is in harmony with their way of being. In the absence of an equipped gym and interesting courses to follow, many of them could succumb to the charm of dance. You can start from the rudiments, follow some online courses, or choose already structured dance courses to follow in the living room. After all, all you need is a little space, a TV, and the ability to turn the volume loud enough to create a gym vibe. Just what they need to disconnect a little and ease the tension that, albeit rarely, can take them too, making them feel, rightly, a little out of phase.

Scorpio – Running
The natives of Scorpio love to keep things simple when it comes to sports. For them, even staying indoors, running can therefore be a good way to relieve stress and keep fit. Those who own a treadmill can opt for that, practicing walking and long-running sessions. Alternatively, there are several exercises on the web that explain how to run on the spot, making sure that the exercise is interesting and functional. Running while observing parks and moving streets, as you can do online, is a good way to get bored and follow a rhythm that is as natural as possible and able to make the exercise performative.

Sagittarius – Jumping Rope
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a dire need to keep their minds busy. Which, having to spend all day indoors, can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, for them to there are several activities that can be experimented with and that combine the effort with a healthy dose of fun, useful both to relieve stress and to stay in shape and all while keeping the mind training. A good example is the jump rope that they can perform in a small space and without who knows what tools. What if you don’t have the rope? You can always simulate or choose workouts that include jumps of all kinds. On the web, there are several and all fun.

Capricorn – The Mixed Circuit
The natives of Capricorn love to move functionally and know that everything they do will bring them a result. Staying at home without being able to go to the gym can therefore be very stressful. Fortunately, the web always comes in handy, and through websites or apps on your phone, you can find different workouts to do at home. The most suitable for the natives of the sign? Those that include the mixed circuit, perfect for alternating the cardio part with weight training or toning exercises. A way to never get tired and to test yourself, consuming several calories and helping the muscles to stay in training. Exactly what Capricorns need who have always needed to know that every little effort is worth something.

Aquarius – Pilates
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are quiet people who like to train alone and therefore are not particularly affected by the impossibility of going to the gym. Of course, not being able to go walking or running can be a cause for stress but they will just need to organize themselves to solve everything. For example, just choose the right exercises to do at home. An example? Pilates. Challenging, in their strings and, above all, perfect for keeping in shape without particular efforts except those given by the exercises that will follow. Furthermore, the psyche will also benefit from every single lesson and all in favor of more peaceful days and to be lived in a more relaxed way. Which, among other things, they like a lot.

Pisces – Spinning
The natives of Pisces are people who do it 100% when they commit and who need something serious to believe in to succeed. When it comes to home workouts, then spinning maybe for them. They can launch into a heavy workout, knowing that at any moment it is possible to change it with a simple pedal stroke. A way of thinking that relaxes them and helps them commit enough to get the results they want. And if you think that fatigue can also relieve stress, spinning turns out to be a perfect physical activity for them. Suitable to do at any time and all without ever getting tired thanks to the different types of training that you can always make different with the help of music.


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