Find out which the second dish is best suited to the various signs of the zodiac.

Good food is something that always manages to put everyone in agreement and that helps to fix special moments, transforming them into complete memories made up of images, colors, and scents. It is an aspect dear to being human as it has its roots in the ability to nourish and then move on to other aspects such as social or personal.

Having a good relationship with food is usually a sign of an inner balance that is never to be underestimated as is the pleasure you can feel in cooking something good for yourself and for the people you love most. To do this, however, especially if you are not familiar with the kitchen, it is important to know how to choose the right dish from which to start. One that can be felt in one’s strings, that stimulates one to do one’s best and that is, among other things, also good to eat.

Personal taste, as well as the tendency to cook, are aspects that can depend on various factors including character, life experiences, self-esteem, and, of course, also the influence that the stars have on the various signs of the zodiac. For this reason, after having seen which appetizer is best suited to the signs of the zodiac and which first course is best suited to the signs of the zodiac, today we will discover which is the second dish that best suits the signs of the zodiac. Since this is an aspect also linked to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant, to have an extra idea from which to draw.

Astrology: a second dish for each sign of the zodiac

Aries – Fried Chicken with Quick Mayonnaise
Those born under the sign of Aries generally like to stay light. For this reason, they tend to focus more on first courses, keeping simple alternatives as a second. When it comes to cooking or eating something special, however, they give second courses a little more attention, so much so that they go so far as to cook something that is sometimes not exactly light.

For them, in some cases, even the fun part is important and for this reason, a second course that suits them well is the one given by fried chicken with quick mayonnaise. The perfect dish to enjoy in the company or to dedicate as a reward for some successful goal. A good meeting point between an elaborate and heavy dinner and a light one. Which will certainly be particularly appreciated by them.

Taurus – Squid stuffed with rice and fried peas
The natives of Taurus love to eat and experiment in the kitchen is something they love to do, especially if the expectation is to be able to taste in a dish different from the usual and to their liking. Among the many possibilities, one that he would certainly like is that of the squid stuffed with rice and fried peas. A tasty and elaborate second course, which if desired could also represent a single dish but which in any case knows how to get noticed, putting together different types of foods and proving to be able to surprise. Being able to devote themselves to something different from the usual and enjoy the results is something that makes them happy and that gives them the right energy to do their utmost, giving the best of themselves.

Gemini – The egg in the mushroom
Those born under the sign of Gemini always need to taste different dishes than usual and this is also reflected in their way of cooking. Having said that, since they generally don’t like to waste too much time in front of the stove, a dish that can satisfy their needs is that of the egg inside the mushroom. In fact, with a few simple steps, they will be able to create a second course that is certainly different from the usual one and able to bring joy to the table without who knows what effort behind it. Exactly what the natives of the sign need who, if they want, can choose whether or not to accompany everything with a quick side dish, to create a complete second course with a guaranteed result.

Cancer – Homemade Sofficini
The natives of Cancer love to eat good things that don’t require too much effort. At the same time, he likes to experiment with dishes of which they can imagine the final result. Which helps them feel more confident during the preparations. A second that can meet their needs is that of the official to be made at home. Although to be made entirely by themselves, it is a dish they know and this will make them feel safe. In addition, the flavor will take them back in time, leading them to memories they love and that make them feel at peace with themselves. Which will make their second course even more enjoyable.

Leo – Baked aubergines, mozzarella, and tomatoes
Those born under the sign of Leo love to give a good image of themselves, whether it’s cooking for others or sending some photos of their meal. For this reason, they always need to choose dishes that give them the certainty of being original and greedy. The eggplant with mozzarella and tomato baked is an excellent choice as it allows them to put together elements that usually everyone likes and that in addition to forming a nice dish to see, they also ensure the result in terms of taste. A dish that is baked in the oven is also light, making the natives of the sign certainly satisfied with the result and therefore happy with the time spent in the kitchen.

Virgo – Eggs and scamorza
Those born under the sign of Virgo prefer not to spend too much time in the kitchen. When they do, therefore, they always look for recipes that are quick to prepare but tasty to eat. At the table, they love to treat themselves well with little effort. The perfect second dish for them is therefore the one based on eggs and smoked cheese.

A simple recipe to make, for which it takes little time but which can offer a respectable result and is usually appreciated by every type of palate. The perfect choice and ability to make them happy both while they prepare it and when they will taste it.

Libra – Oven-baked gratin fish turbans
Those born under the sign of Libra have high regard for good food and therefore always try to blend taste with healthy food. This is true both when they cook for themselves and when they do it for others. A second dish that can satisfy them in this sense is that of fish turbans au gratin in the oven. Sufficiently complex to be considered a particular dish, rich in taste and all in all light, given the cooking in the oven.

The whole is also combined with aesthetics since if well presented this second dish can make them more than proud of themselves. Another thing that matters a lot to them and that will be the plus point that will make them happy to have chosen this recipe.

Scorpio – The parmigiana of zucchini and potatoes
The natives of Scorpio love all dishes that are in some way elaborate and that have a pleasant appearance and can entice at first glance. Parmigiana with zucchini and potatoes, therefore, lends itself to being an excellent choice as it is different from the usual and with foods that blend well with each other and that together have a succulent appearance, perfect for a second to eat with taste and to be granted on special occasions. Among other things, it is a dish that is at the same time healthy and this satisfies their need to always take care of themselves. A second dish that they will surely love and that they can accompany with different side dishes, choosing (based on the portions) whether to accompany it to a first course, or whether to make it a single dish, perhaps abounding with the amount of cheese

Sagittarius – Tuna and ricotta meatballs
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are lovers of simple but effective things. And in the kitchen, all this translates into something quick to prepare but also manages to capture everyone’s attention. A second dish that can satisfy them is therefore that of tuna and ricotta meatballs. An alternative that is different from the usual and full of taste, as well as simple to make. Preparing them will be fun and, above all, not stressful. Which is very important to them. At least as good as being able to eat something to be proud of and to be able to boast of with friends, showing your talent in the kitchen.

Capricorn – Spiced Chicken in Yogurt
The natives of Capricorn do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen but when they do they want a result that can gratify them. Given the choice, they prefer to experiment and a good way to do this is to opt for something exotic. An example? Spiced chicken with yogurt. All in all, simple to prepare but able to appear like a complex dish.

A dish that can be presented alone as a main course or that can be accompanied with rice, thus making it a unique and delicious dish perfect to eat both in the company and as a reward after a hard day. A fragrant and rich in taste alternative, excellent to experiment several times, perhaps inserting some variations from time to time.

Aquarius – The teriyaki chicken
Those born under the sign of Aquarius always love to amaze and when it comes to food, they prefer dishes full of different flavors than usual. In this sense, a dish that can be very useful is that of chicken in teriyaki sauce. A second Japanese dish, all in all, simple to make and whose taste is simply unforgettable. Among other things, it is a recipe that allows them to both create the perfect second course and prepare a unique dish for you. It is enough to serve everything in a large bowl and on a bed of white rice to obtain a perfect result, savoring a taste that will make you feel almost as if you were traveling.

Pisces – Baked salmon au gratin with pistachios
A perfect recipe for the natives of Pisces is that of salmon au gratin with pistachios. It is a second course that is simple to make and the result of which is simply perfect due to the taste and elegant appearance that also lends itself to important occasions. Furthermore, for natives of the sign who love to experiment, it will be possible to recombine the various ingredients in different ways, changing the flavors without having to go crazy looking for new recipes.

An example? Just lightly sear the salmon in a pan, first following the blast chilling rules in the freezer for raw fish. After passing it in the chopped pistachios, you will get an excellent salmon tataki. Perfect to accompany white rice for a single oriental dish to be enjoyed.


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