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Find out what New Year’s resolution you should follow based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

Less than a month to Christmas and a handful of more days to the new year. 2022 will certainly be a year full of surprises for everyone and like every new beginning, it will bring with it a whole series of intentions that for most will tend to vanish within a couple of months. This is a situation that repeats itself every year and to which we are so accustomed to not worrying about it anymore and everything even if in reality good intentions should always be maintained because they can make us better and put us on the right track for life that we dream of having. The real problem is that often we end up creating unrealistic resolutions or for which we are not so motivated and all this inevitably leads to failure. The secret lies in trying to improve every day and to set a single important goal to work on throughout the year. Doing so will make it easier to improve more and more and come to the next year with something accomplished and with a new important purpose to pursue. But how do you go about choosing one? Often based on the influence of the stars and the influences of the year that one is destined to live, certain resolutions can be more functional than others and it is enough to choose the right ones to ensure that destiny (or rather the stars) help us. to make them. So after seeing what they are certain purposes can be more functional than others and just choose the right ones to ensure that destiny (or rather the stars) help us to realize them. So after seeing what they are certain purposes can be more functional than others and just choose the right ones to ensure that destiny (or rather the stars) help us to realize them. So after seeing what they are the advice of the stars to better enjoy Christmas and which zodiac signs live better with many friends next to you, today we will discover what is the purpose that each sign of the zodiac should have for the new year. Since it is a very intimate aspect, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant so that you can choose the best.

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Astrology: the best New Year resolution chosen for each zodiac sign

Aries – Understanding others more
One of the things that you find the most difficult is to put yourself in the shoes of others and feel empathy for the vicissitudes of those around you. This way of being, however, in the long-run risks making you appear superficial or insensitive, leading those who are different from you to distance themselves. A rather big risk if we think that it also covers the sphere of friendships and love. For 2022, therefore, to live a better year and in which to consolidate your affections more, the advice is to make an effort to understand others more. Learning to listen to what they have to say, trying to identify with them, and seeing things from their point of view are actions that will make you a better person and that will lead you to establish closer relationships with those around you, which in the long run it will benefit in your private.

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Taurus – Open up more to feelings
Although you are a person who when he loves does it with all of himself, in recent years even in the face of not entirely positive experiences, you have found yourself several times becoming almost cynical towards certain feelings you perceive now as weak points. The truth is that loving is a more unique than rare strength and that only we can bring into play as such. For this reason, returning to open yourself to feel and express them in all their strength, should be your resolution for 2022, the one able to make you feel happy and fulfilled in a way that hasn’t happened for a long time. Because it is only through love that you can experience certain emotions and by accepting it you open up to a world of possibilities that can change your life for the better.

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Gemini – Make peace with yourself
Although you appear to others as a carefree person and always ready to have new experiences, inside you hide a world that most can not even imagine. In this world, among other things, there are also feelings of guilt that you have been carrying around for years and that are intertwined with reproaches that you tend to make yourself constantly and that often lead you to feel inadequate or wrong. The truth is that everyone is wrong and no one should blame themselves for life, especially if they are already doing everything they can not repeat the mistakes they have made. Since you can’t do more than wait to find out what tomorrow has in store for you, the advice of the stars is to relax, make peace with yourself and feel grateful for everything around you. The time for reproaches is now over and from 2022 you should only think about new resolutions for the future,

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Cancer – Be the first to love yourself
Your relationship with others has always been studded with ups and downs mostly caused by your constant mood swings. What not everyone knows, however, is that even where you seem a touchy person and who does not want to come to terms with those in front of him, in reality, there is a fragile person, who fears the judgment of others and even more than being able to lose the people he loves. Since committing to communicating this discomfort to others is not enough, with the new year you may try to learn to love yourself first. Because it will only be by shining with your light that you will be able to look at others no longer as people you are in desperate need of but rather as affections you want to accompany you to.

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Leo – To aimless at appearing
It is true, for you to appear and be judged positively is something that is part of you and that you would not take pleasure in changing. The point is that often all of this leads you to create an image of yourself that is very far from true. All this, over time, risks turning into a prison from which it will be increasingly difficult to get out. Spending less time on social media and starting to show yourself for who you are will allow you to discover that you can like it even without unnecessary scaffolding. And then your self-esteem will come out reborn. So why not give it a try. Among all of them you are certainly the person who can do it best and afterward things will certainly appear more stable and secure, able to give you a sense of serenity that, even if you do not realize it, you have not felt for some time.

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Virgo – Learning to admit your mistakes
This mania of always wanting to be right is often a problem both for how you live and how you relate to others. The truth is that through reason you feel that you can get more support from others and that you are accepted for who you are. In reality, however, admitting one’s mistakes is often seen as a sign of strength far greater than that of always being right. To feel better about yourself, therefore, try at least once to admit that you were wrong. Not having to climb the screens will certainly be a new and pleasant experience but, even more gratifying, it will be realizing that nothing serious has happened to others and that, on the contrary, they may even esteem you more because you are finally aware of having a human being to love and accept with strengths and weaknesses.

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Libra – Let yourself go
The best resolution you can make for 2022 is to learn to let yourself go. Because of your need for perfection, you tend to always see yourself in an extremely critical way and this leads you to a rigidity that clashes with your innate elegance. Being able to mediate between these two ways would therefore be a great start to a year of change. Subsequently, the right move to do is to learn to judge yourself less, to accept any possible errors, and to live with joy the humanity that (fortunately) characterizes you. You will see that others will also appreciate having a human being next to you and not a machine and by learning to balance these two extremes you will learn about new aspects of yourself, finally feeling complete and, absurdly, perfect.

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Scorpio – Leave the past where it is
One of the things that make you suffer the most is the constant mulling over what has been and how things could have been if you had acted differently. The truth, however bitter it may be, is that the past can only return in our dreams and that no one will ever be able to tell us how things would have turned out by acting differently. The new year will bring with it great changes, some of which have already begun and you will have already understood for yourself how now more than ever it is essential to focus on the present. The good resolution for 2022 should therefore be to accept the past and learn to leave it where it is, keeping the good parts in your heart and forgetting the less beautiful ones. You have a life to live and it is only by thinking about the future and focusing on the present that you will be able to grasp all the good things that await you.

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Sagittarius – Take another step beyond your comfort zone
In recent years you have found yourself challenging yourself several times and in doing so you have understood that only by acting as you feel can you aim for full happiness. However, you still have many things to learn and the one that best binds to 2022 is the ability to get out of your comfort zone more. As much as you have found yourself and learned to live by your own rules, you still have many points to file. First of all, that of having obtained everything by staying comfortable. There are realities that you first know you have to change but that you have still left in a corner for fear of possible repercussions. The resolution for the new year should therefore be to advance a little further and try to see what scenario will be proposed in front of you.

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Capricorn – Being freer
Filling yourself with things to do is your Linus cover because it allows you not to think too much and always have an excuse for yourself and others. Unfortunately, however, this way you do it leads you to have very little freedom and often feel tired and unmotivated. It’s true, committing to something is always right and can lead to different goals, living only with this goal, however, in the end, it makes you lose sight of the many important things life is made of. For the next year, therefore, your purpose should be to be able to be freer, also experience boredom if necessary, and understand that every moment can have something precious to offer you. Only in this way will you be able to get to know yourself better and understand what you want, a fundamental aspect to be able to aim for the right goals.

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Aquarius – Surround yourself with true friends
The purpose of 2022 is to look at your friendships with a critical eye and figure out which ones are right for you. If on the one hand you always tend to surround yourself with a few people, on the other hand, your lack of choice in doing so leads you to have at your side some who are not exactly suitable for you. Having the right people close to you could lead you to have more desire to interact, which would allow you to experience moments with others with greater joy and not always with an eye on the clock. From today and throughout 2022 the best resolution you can make will therefore be to select the people you surround yourself with, trying in every way to increase relationships with those who give you positive emotions and start loosening those with people who, instead, don’t make you feel good at all.

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Pisces – Focus on the future
It is true, you are by nature a person who tends to make plans for everything and who even before having an experience tends to live it in his mind. This way of doing, however, leads you too often to collide with a disappointing reality and all just because after fantasizing you expect things to go like in your world which, let’s face it, is too perfect. The best resolution you can make for 2022 is therefore to put aside the future (even the next one) and focus on the present. By doing this, you may find that being surprised by life is sometimes more fun than trying to imagine every move and that living in this way the surprise effect will be more easily pleasant because it is not loaded with unnecessary expectations.

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