Discover the morning ritual that best suits your zodiac sign.

After returning from vacation, getting back to your usual daily routine is easier said than done. Tiredness, the desire to stay asleep late and listlessness given by the diet on duty are sworn enemies of the first days. So, in the morning, despite the liters of coffee, getting started is really difficult. Yet, it would be enough to insert a sort of small ritual to make awakening sweeter. If you don’t have one yet, you can try to find the one that suits you best according to the stars. Today we will therefore discover the most suitable morning ritual for each of us and all according to the zodiac. As always, to get a clearer idea, the advice is to take a peek at your own ascendant too.

Horoscope: here is the morning ritual that suits you best

Aries – Sipping a cup of hot tea
For you who are always active and can’t sit still for a moment, the ideal way to start the day is to prepare a good cup of tea to sip while you pause to read the latest news or check the commitments of the next few hours. Taking a moment of absolute relaxation before starting your chaotic day is in fact the best way to gather energy before the big sprint.

Taurus – With an invigorating shower
What you need is a shower that can get you back on track after the night. As sleepy as you are in the morning, it will help you wake up completely and will be the right prelude to a good breakfast to be enjoyed in peace. Of course, your alarm clock will have to be brought forward by a few minutes but knowing that pampering awaits you when you wake up is certainly the best way to want to get out of bed and start the new day.

Gemini – With half an hour of sporting activity
If it is possible for you to set your alarm clock up by about thirty minutes, the right thing to do is to start the day with some sport. Doing so will allow you to release tension, keeping you more relaxed during the day and all with a not indifferent adrenaline charge. Also, being able to change the type of activity you do every day will be a good way to not get bored.

Cancer – Keeping a Journal
For you who often live in the world of memories, a good way to start the day is to jot down your good intentions in a journal. In this way, each new day will have a very specific purpose. Writing will also help you sort out your ideas and keep track of your life, so that you have a silent witness to your memories. Even better if in the evening, you could spend a few more minutes to tell what you have managed to achieve and what is still in the planning stage. It will be a perfect companion for moments when you want to curl up in the folds of memories.

Leo – Taking a look at your social profiles
Your day cannot begin without first having a look at your social profiles. As needy as you are to be the center of attention, discovering that your photo has received new likes is like an injection of good humor. So why not reserve a few minutes early in the morning, perhaps while you calmly sip your cup of coffee?

Virgo – Drinking a glass of lemon water
For you who are practical and rational like few other people in the world, a nice glass of warm water with lemon is the perfect cure-all. It will help you purify yourself and start with the right energy even before having breakfast. Besides, knowing that you are doing something that is useful to you is a really good way to kickstart your day, isn’t it?

Libra – With face care
Feeling beautiful is the thing that matters most to you. Your days, therefore, should all start with a skin routine. A nice cleansing of the face and the application of the right cream will make you feel reborn immediately, preparing you in the best possible way both for the make-up and for the day you will have to face. A good way to give yourself the right boost of self-esteem.

Scorpio – Creating a relaxing environment
The right way to get your day off to a good start is to have a clean and serene environment around you that is able to convey serenity. Your morning ritual, therefore, must begin in the evening with a careful cleaning of the rooms. In the morning, then, you can top it all off by lighting an energy incense and indulging in a slow and quiet breakfast. This way, getting up will no longer be a problem.

Sagittarius – Drinking a cup of coffee
Simple as you are, you don’t need any kind of ritual to want to get up in the morning. A good coffee, however, can be a perfect way to wake up and throw yourself into the many adventures that await you, perhaps looking at old travel photos or studying your next destination. After all, taking a few moments to dream can only do you good, right?

Capricorn – Getting up early
The energy that you breathe in the early morning is able to give you a lot of energy. For this reason, a good morning ritual can be to go for a run at dawn or get up early to prepare lunch or carry on with some household chores. Watching the world slowly wake up is in fact something that relaxes you and charges you with new energy.

Aquarius – Meditating and taking the time you need
Introspective and needy as you are of your spaces, your perfect ritual is to get up a little earlier to dedicate yourself to meditation. This way you can stock up on the silence and calm that you often need. A way like any other to start the day in a good mood and with a lot of new energy to spend waiting for a new precious moment to dedicate only to yourself.

Pisces – With a whole series of little rituals
Leaving the covers off is definitely difficult for you, especially when you are forced to emerge from the world of dreams. For you, therefore, it is necessary to put together a series of small rituals in which you necessarily include some stretching and a good breakfast. Having a routine to follow will help you wake up and feel energized and full of desire to do.

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