Find out which healthy and nutritious breakfast is best suited to each sign of the zodiac.

Breakfast is notoriously the most important meal of the day. It helps the body to reactivate, starts the metabolism, and gives the right energy to face daily tasks.
Doing it right is therefore very important for each of us and this regardless of personal preferences or the need to lose weight. In this sense, various breakfasts lend themselves perfectly to those on a diet and which at the same time guarantee the right nourishment.

Since the preference of certain foods is often also influenced by the stars, today after having seen what each zodiac sign needs in May and which are the most creative signs of the zodiac in quarantine, we will find out which breakfast is best suited to the signs. zodiacs who wish to keep fit without sacrificing taste and the right nourishment.

As always, since this is a topic related to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant, to have a clearer idea or two ideas to choose from.

Astrology: The right breakfast for every zodiac sign

Aries – The soy cappuccino with toasted wholemeal bread and avocado
Those born under the sign of Aries do not like to concentrate much on breakfast and when they get up they want to start their day right away, going out and looking out into the world. Being in the kitchen is therefore out of the question. The right breakfast for them is therefore a simple one to prepare but able to provide them with the energy they need.

An example? A sugar-free soy cappuccino to take on the proteins and a slice of well-toasted wholemeal bread to garnish with slices of avocado that will give them good fats and the right amount of energy. A good way to start the day with taste, without weighing yourself down and at the same time filling up with energy.

Taurus – The Protein Pancake With Nuts
Taurus natives love food to the point of being willing to get up a few minutes earlier to prepare something good to start the day with. A breakfast that lends itself well to their tastes includes a good protein pancake. Breakfast to be prepared of course with wholemeal flour (even better if oats) and eggs, adding fresh fruit to everything to make them taste sweeter. Dried fruit will add that extra touch of crunchiness, while also offering them a good source of fat, useful for kicking off the day in the perfect way.

Gemini – Coffee with wholemeal toast
Those born under the sign of Gemini are always in turmoil and when they wake up they need energy ready to spend to better manage not only their actions but also the many thoughts that flow through their mind. For them, therefore, an excellent breakfast is one that they can eat both at home and away and that they can take with them in an emergency. An example can be that of a nice American coffee to be combined with a wholemeal toast. A breakfast that will help them feel immediately energized and that, if desired, they can complete with an apple.

Cancer – The cup of soy milk with wholemeal biscuits
Cancer natives need to always feel at the center of their comfort zone and this also happens when they eat. As nostalgic as they are, in the morning they prefer to start with simple flavors that make them feel at home. Milk with biscuits is, therefore, the most suitable choice for them but it needs to be balanced to offer them the right nourishment. A good way to do this is to use sugar-free soy milk for protein and sugar-free whole-grain cookies. Even better if you add a handful of fresh fruit, an excellent source of fat, and able to make breakfast even more balanced.

Leo – Coffee and Toast with Greek Yogurt and Jam
Those born under the sign of Leo are so energetic that they need to start with something substantial. At the same time, they don’t want to waste much time because as soon as they wake up they are already projected towards the many things to do during the day.

Good coffee with wholemeal bread and Greek yogurt to be sweetened with a pinch of jam will give them a boost of good humor, without weighing them down and also guaranteeing them the right amount of energy so as not to get tired either physically or mentally.

Virgo – Soy Cappuccino and a Wholemeal Cake
Virgo natives love simple flavors but also need bikes that give them the feeling of home. For this reason, they are more inclined to sweet breakfasts which, depending on them, would all be based on brioche and cappuccino. Wanting to translate everything into a balanced breakfast. They can combine the soy cappuccino with a slice of wholemeal pie, homemade, and protein enough to offer them a balanced and nutritious meal. This way they will start the day with the right energy and with a smile. Which for them, who often get up on the wrong foot, can only be good.

Libra – The banana pancake
Those born under the sign of Libra love simple yet sophisticated flavors. For them, starting the day in the right way includes a good breakfast and if we are talking about balanced meals, a good choice can be that of the banana pancake. This is a pancake made with banana, egg, Greek yogurt, and oatmeal to which you can add a few nuts or chocolate flakes.

A balanced breakfast because it is rich in all the nutrients they need. The same ones will allow him to feel full until lunchtime.

Scorpio – Greek yogurt with fresh and dried fruit
The natives of Scorpio need to recharge properly, often because they tend to stay up late but, above all, because they always spend different energies in the morning. The right breakfast for them is the one based on Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and dried fruit. A delicious meal at the right point but which also knows how to be nutritious, satisfying them without weighing them down and removing their need for something sweet with which to start the day. Being able to change the type of fruit every day will help them experiment with different variations, making them appreciate the first meal of the day more.

Sagittarius – Tea with dry biscuits and Greek yogurt
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, in the morning, prefer to start the day with something quick to prepare and, possibly, a sweet tooth. A good choice can be sugar-free tea with biscuits. To these, however, it will be necessary to add Greek yogurt to insert the right amount of protein, essential to balance their meal. In this way, they will avoid feeling hungry after a couple of hours and will feel more gratified and perky than ever. Exactly what they want from their morning.

Capricorn – Soy Cappuccino with Wholemeal Rusks and Peanut Cream
Always in a hurry, Capricorn natives prefer to start the day quickly so they can focus on their busy schedules. For breakfast, therefore, they prefer to choose quick meals such as milk or tea with rusks.

To balance everything, the best thing to do is to opt for a sugar-free soy cappuccino to be combined with two or three rusks on which to spread some sugar-free peanut cream. This way they will be able to count on the right amount of energy despite the super-fast meal.

Aquarius – Scrambled eggs with two slices of wholemeal bread
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to eat completely and in the morning do not disdain a savory breakfast. The one that can give him the right energy can be based on scrambled eggs and slices of toasted wholemeal bread. All to be accompanied with a black coffee, perfect to wake them up completely and give them a boost. Since they tend to wake up slowly, this breakfast will be ideal for waking them up while they are cooking. And all thanks to scents that are to their liking.

Pisces – The fake tiramisu with Greek yogurt and rusks
The natives of Pisces are among the greediest of the zodiac and when it comes to eating they need to satisfy not only the palate but also the sight. A breakfast that can make them stand up with a smile can be that of fake tiramisu to be made with wholemeal rusks to be placed in layers in a bowl, alternating them with Greek yogurt that can be mixed with coffee if you like.

With a little cocoa to sprinkle on and preparing breakfast the night before, you can count on a sweet awakening at the right point but at the same time full of energy. Even better if you add a handful of dried fruit to the whole.


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