Find out which haircut is best suited for the end of the quarantine.

With the reopening of hairdressers, more and more people are deciding what to do with their hair. Those who were solid to have them treated every week had in fact to learn how to do it yourself, sometimes with positive results, others with real hysterics. Even those who don’t usually go there often had to deal with regrowth or bangs to fix and all this has led to a need to see their hair change. Now that hairdressers are about to reopen, however, the great dilemma arises about which cut to choose or, more generally, what treatment to do on your hair.

If on the one hand there are people who are more than determined, on the other there are those who still have many doubts and who see the moment approaching in an almost threatening way. For them, it can be useful to have an idea based on the zodiac sign. After all, the stars also influence this aspect and why not take one more chance? After having seen which the first dish of pasta is most suitable for each zodiac sign and how each sign of the zodiac can find love, today we will discover which cut to choose based on your date of birth. An opinion to which it is good to add also that given by the ascendant, always important for everything that has to do with emotions.

Astrology – A right cut for each zodiac sign

Aries – The short and jaunty cut
Aries women have spent this long period without being able to adjust their hair in a fluctuating way. While on the one hand, they were comfortable with the idea of ​​not having to waste time at the hairdresser, on the other they found themselves in difficulty about the cure. Those who have not already moved on to shaving could experiment with a short and jaunty cut, able to leave the freedom of not having to spend time between folds and hairstyles, giving an extra touch at the same time.

It is enough to choose a cut that is still feminine to get what you want, going towards the summer without suffering from the heat and being able to feel freer in movements. The right color and a charming detail such as a tuft to be left longer can make the difference, guaranteeing a final result that is sure to please.

Taurus – The rounded helmet
The natives of Taurus love to take care of their appearance but without distorting themselves too much. When it comes to hair, therefore, they prefer not to exaggerate too much and always stay in line with a color as close as possible to the natural one and with stylistic choices that go well with their way of being. The long quarantine period, however, may have led to a greater need for freedom. For this reason, the desire to change and dare a little more could be around the corner for many of them. In this case, a good choice may be that of a rounded bob that makes them feel fresh and natural and that allows them to take care of their hair even at home without too much difficulty. Alternatively, check the classic cut they are used to, perhaps climbing a couple of centimeters higher,

Gemini – The cut of different lengths
If there’s one thing Gemini women love to do, it’s changed. This also applies to the look and, specifically, the hair. To feel more beautiful, they can therefore opt for a different cut, which has something original in it and which makes them feel more beautiful. A short and long cut on one side of the face (perhaps with a nice tuft that falls on the forehead) may be the choice more in line with their way of being. A cut of which it will be easy to get tired because it can show itself differently according to the angle from where you look at it. Also as regards the color, the natives of the sign can dare a little, perhaps opting for bright highlights and able to give them a brightness that is in line with the increasingly approaching warm season.

Cancer – A long and refined cut
Cancer natives love to give an image of themselves that is always elegant and refined. For this reason, when it comes to hair, they prefer to keep a length that is beyond average, and that allows them to be able to dare different hairstyles. For them, therefore, no major changes are needed except which fixes here and there that makes them a little more jaunty, lightening the hair weighed down by the last few months of poor care. As for the color, they can opt to lighten it a little, making them closer to the new season. What matters is not to go too far from their usual because for them even the haircut can represent an important comfort zone from which it is always good not to stray too far.

Leo – A cut that gives volume
Leo women are people who love to get noticed and who at the same time do not disdain the possibility of doing so while maintaining certain practicality. A perfect cut for them is therefore the short one as long as it is to give the right volume. In this way, they will be able to get noticed also thanks to their hair, especially if they know how to dare with the play of light or with a color that they feel in their strings and that they will be able to experiment in a slightly brighter version than usual.

The perfect combination, together with the right look, will make them practically perfect and ready to be noticed by anyone.

Virgo – The classic cut but with added color
Virgo women are not very prone to changes and this also affects their hair. Thus, even after a long period of imprisonment, they feel no need to change their haircut except to improve it without going too far out of the usual rules. The right choice for them is therefore to tick here and there without changing anything, perhaps exceeding a little with some reflections capable of giving them a brighter appearance. In this way, they will feel more beautiful than ever without running the risk of falling into disappointment or disliking each other. Which can easily happen when they decide to go too far.

Libra – A medium-long and jaunty cut
Those born under the sign of Libra are distinguished by their innate elegance. Whether it’s clothing or hair, they always know how to choose what is best for them, then show it off with a very personal way of doing it. As for the hair, therefore, they can opt for a medium cut that is jaunty but also able to be styled in different ways.

They often like to change and it is something they know how to do very well. This is why they are spoiled for choice. The same thing also applies to any colors that in their case should focus more on natural shades. Perfect to highlight their elegance.

Scorpio – The long cut with bangs
Scorpio women are indomitable by nature and often their hair highlights this aspect. When it comes to change, there are no big problems but they are also among the most nostalgic people and who when they become attached to something struggle to find a reason to change it. For them, therefore, it is better to stay on the classic cut, even more so if they wear their hair down long. A long wavy hairstyle will be perfect to highlight their face. Alternatively, they can also focus on something shorter as long as they always have tufts or bangs to emphasize the look. A way to always feel beautiful without leaving their character.

Sagittarius – The medium cut
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are always on the move and this leads them not to particularly love the moments they spend taking care of their hair. Adventurous but at the same time eager to show their femininity, they need a cut that fully reflects them. And a perfect one could be the medium one. Easy to manage but able to be styled and made more feminine when they feel the need. Perfect to show off with any type of look and always able to make them feel at ease, especially when they manage to lighten the hair or give it reflections that fit their tastes.

Capricorn – The fringed cut
Capricorn women need more than ever to feel free and somehow return to normal. For this reason, some of them may have already opted for homemade cuts, many of which require some tweaking. That said, those of them who want to change can do so by choosing a fringed cut. In this way, they will give a greater lightness to their hair without completely distorting the cut.

Which will make them feel more serene and will allow them to see themselves differently. Even better if they opt for some highlights to be applied on the hair to be ready for the arrival of summer.

Aquarius – The cut on the shoulders
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love the practicality and this means that the best cut for them is one that can make them feel comfortable. At the same time, they are keen to look beautiful and this means that a cut on the shoulders is the right middle ground to satisfy them in full. To this, they will be able to combine a different color than usual and since daring is something that does not scare them, they can do it by daring a little more than usual. What matters is to choose one that they can handle and that goes well with their always different and in their way extravagant looks.

Pisces – The scaled and wavy cut
Pisces women are used to taking particular care of their appearance. Their romantic nature, which is combined with a way of always being different, makes them perfect for a layered cut. Ideal to be worn both smooth and wavy. What matters most, however, is being able to play with curls of all kinds. The natives of the sign, in fact, greatly appreciate the bucolic hairstyles, especially when they want to give themselves a tone and dress up.

As for the color, the red shades on the locks can give it that extra touch with which they sometimes have fun daring.


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