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Discover a first course suitable for every sign of the zodiac both to cook and to eat.

When it comes to food, one of the passions of Italians (and not only) is that of the first course. They range from the classic dry pasta to be eaten quickly to lasagna to be prepared for the holidays and which always remembers the moments related to childhood. Remember that food manages to keep them more alive than ever, coloring them and making them clear and full of scents. After all, eating is an act that, in addition to nourishing the body, also manages to do the same with the soul. And never as in the period of quarantine has this aspect emerged with arrogance, showing how to get into the kitchen represents for many a way of having fun but also and above all the possibility of transmitting one’s love with food.

And since there are several first courses, why not find the one that suits you best? After all, each of us is more predisposed for one preparation than for another, and this is both in terms of cooking and eating it. And since this predisposition can also be influenced by the stars, today, after having seen which is the right appetizer for each zodiac sign and which vegan dish each zodiac sign should discover, we will discover the recipe for the perfect first course for each zodiac sign. And all with the recipe to prepare it at the earliest opportunity.

To have a more confident idea than ever, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to find a cumulative answer that is more targeted. Or, if you want to experiment, have two dishes to choose from.

Astrology: A first course for each zodiac sign

Aries – Spaghetti with anchovies and breadcrumbs
Those born under the sign of Aries need to approach cooking with a certain simplicity. At the same time, if they decide to do so, they want to be sure of the outcome and success of their business. For this reason, the first course that best suits him is the one given by spaghetti with anchovies and breadcrumbs. A simple but unconventional recipe that will allow him to savor a dish different from the usual and at the same time surprise the people he loves. And all with something they’ll even enjoy making. Not bad, right?

Taurus – Roman-style gnocchi
The natives of Toro are not afraid to get behind the stove and always enjoy the thought of trying their hand at something that can engage them. Even better if the result will be greedy and to eat. Roman-style gnocchi seems to respond perfectly to their needs, proposing themselves as a simple recipe but certainly articulated and always able to offer a respectable result.

A perfect dish to eat on a feast day and to prepare for the people you love and want to make happy with something that reminds you of childhood or that has that special flavor that a first course made with love can have.

Gemini – Pasta with avocado and salmon cream
Those born under the sign of Gemini love to be able to eat always different foods and this leads them to want to experiment with new things. Unfortunately, they are not patient enough to try their hand at cooking for hours and this often leads them to have doubts about what to eat. If we talk about first courses, however, many options offer them the opportunity to eat with taste and among these, there is the one offered by the pasta with avocado and salmon cream. A delicious first course, excellent for every day as well as for special occasions and that can be prepared in a very short time, allowing you to eat with taste and without little effort. An option that will be more than welcome to them.

Cancer – The cream of pumpkin
The natives of Cancer always need food that, in addition to feeding them, acts as a kind of comfort food. In this sense, the pumpkin soup is an excellent choice. Perfect for both lunch and dinner and always valid for eating something different and sure to please. Excellent to taste alone or to combine with croutons, it represents for them a diversion that is sure to please, above all because beyond all it is not even difficult to prepare. Furthermore, adding rice or pasta will be a different way to enjoy it on the days when they feel hungrier and all relying on a recipe they already know and which therefore reassures them in the preparation.

Leo – Baked stuffed conchiglioni
Those born under the sign of Leo are used to being 100% committed to everything they do. So, if they decide to try their hand at cooking, they do it by putting all possible effort into it. When it comes to first courses, most of the time they prefer to opt for something simple and quick, so as not to steal time from their many commitments.

If they want something special for themselves or to share with those they love, however, they will intend to surprise everyone. And what is better than baked stuffed conchiglioni? With this dish they will be able to show off their skills, putting themselves in the kitchen and churning out something good.

Virgo – Pasta alla carbonara
The natives of Virgo love everything that falls within the classics. This is partly because knowing that they are eating something they know relaxes them and partly because they don’t like to experiment, especially if it’s their turn to start cooking. For this reason, a choice that could be more than useful is that of pasta alla carbonara. A dish of sure success, simple to make but always appreciated by anyone who eats it. The possibility of being able to vary with the condiments if deemed necessary, makes them even more serene, giving them away not to get stressed as they often do when they know they have to do something.

Libra – Venere rice with zucchini and shrimps
Those born under the sign of Libra love good and healthy cooking and when they can dedicate time to it they never hold back, experimenting with recipes of all kinds that can combine goodness and quality. Venere rice with zucchini and shrimps is more than a suitable choice for them because it looks like a different dish from the usual, rather elegant, and certainly full of flavor.

Among other things, it boasts the nutritional and beneficial properties of black rice, and thanks to the other ingredients that compose it, it also presents itself as a healthy and, if desired, dietary first course. An opportunity to bring to the table something different from the usual and destined to collect some success.

Scorpio – Baked pasta with salmon and mozzarella
The natives of Scorpio love to eat well. And when they have to choose, they prefer to opt for dishes that are both substantial and rich in flavor. Even better if they are choices suitable for moments of celebration and which can represent a single dish. In this regard, a first course that encompasses all this is baked pasta with salmon and mozzarella. A riot of taste that will bring color and joy to the table, meeting everyone’s palate. Excellent to be enjoyed alone but above all in the company, letting yourself be enveloped by the lightness and the mix of flavors. A dish that can be enjoyed again in the evening and therefore represents for the natives of the sign a great way not to waste any leftovers.

Sagittarius – Pasta with pepper cream
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius can only go into the kitchen if they are more than sure not to struggle and to be able to obtain excellent results. For this reason, preparing pasta with pepper cream will be an excellent solution, able to satisfy their palate which is more demanding than they want to show. The simplicity of the recipe and the speed with which it can be prepared will make it a jolly dish to be presented over and over again. Especially if the natives of the sign will be able to insert some last-minute additions or variations that they will have fun creating from time to time.

Capricorn – Spaghetti with cheese and pepper
The natives of Capricorn do not like to spend hours in the kitchen. Nevertheless, they always hope for the possibility of being able to prepare something good in a short time. Spaghetti with cacao e Pepe turns out to be the perfect recipe because it is enough to start with top quality ingredients to obtain an exceptional result and all without struggling in the kitchen.

A chance that the natives of the sign will love. Especially in those days when time seems to them to be a tyrant and the awareness of being able to cook something good quickly will come to them like salvation.

Aquarius – The onigiri
Those born under the sign of Aquarius always love to surprise everyone and go against the tide. I get inspired, then they may find the idea of ​​making rice onigiri fun. An all in all simple recipe that can be varied from time to time by changing the fillings. Always ready to eat, is a dish that can be enjoyed cold, they represent the ideal meal to always find at hand. A dish that can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or a delicious snack. For those who enjoy varying it is the ideal and light choice to put on the table whenever they want to experiment with something different from the usual.

Pisces – Ravioli with pumpkin and burrata
The natives of Pisces are people with a certain artistic flair and this tends to be reflected in their cuisine as well. When it comes to preparing fresh pasta, they never back down, making every effort. Ravioli with pumpkin and burrata are therefore a more than appropriate choice, rich in taste, exactly as they like it.

A dish to prepare in special moments. Those in which you need to relax with something good but that also acts as comfort food and when they want to pamper someone they love. A practically perfect recipe to be savored.

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