Discover the Epiphany sweet most suitable for each sign of the zodiac.

Like every year, we are now almost at the Epiphany. Tomorrow will be the day of the Befana and with it, the Christmas holidays of this year will definitively end. A moment that some will welcome with joy but that for others represents the end of the days of rest and the resumption of the usual daily routine. So, what better opportunity than to enjoy some last pampering before starting over? Because if it is true that of all the parties, this has always been considered the most childish, it is also true that you never say no to a good dessert.

Whether it’s a sock to fill for a relative or a sweetheart or even for yourself, the imperative of the day is therefore to allow yourself a small moment of sweetness in which to savor the magic of the holidays for a while. What if you have no idea what to put in the sock? Do not worry, because the stars can give us some indications. After seeing what 2020 will be like and what goal we should pursue over the year, today we will find out which sweet to put in the Befana sock for each zodiac sign. And if you want to be on the safe side, you should also check the profile of the ascendant. They could come up with some really interesting combinations.

Astrology: the cake for the Befana stocking suitable for every zodiac sign

Aries – Chilli chocolate
For those born under the sign of Aries, a good dessert to put in the sock is chili chocolate. From the stick to the individual chocolates, it will certainly be a more than appreciated choice because it can combine the sweetness of chocolate with the sprint that only chili can give. A combination that is well suited to people who are always active and with a great desire to live on them and that will certainly be appreciated by the natives of the sign who will appreciate even more the possibility of tasting different types to find out which one they prefer. A sort of greedy game to play alone or to share with those you love. The ideal choice is to end the holiday season in a positive (and tasty) way.

Taurus – A handmade treat
A perfect choice for Taurus natives is to add at least one traditional treat to chocolates and candies. Something to be enjoyed on the spot and that is delicious at the right point. Desserts with creams or artisan nougat or chocolate sticks with the addition of dried fruit and maybe some greedy cream are fine. Natives of the sign, after all, love sweets and go crazy for those with a sweet tooth. Receiving something different from the usual and sought after will make them feel loved and give them happiness. The same one they will try in tasting them. For a perfect sock, therefore, the thing that matters most is to choose with the heart, always keeping in mind their love for food that is both beautiful and good to eat.

Gemini – Filled chocolates
Those born under the sign of Gemini are constantly amazed and to do so it is necessary to always aim for something new. When it comes to sweets, taking them by the throat is not that difficult but you have to take into account their innate ability to get tired of things a little too quickly. For this reason, a perfect choice is to insert different treats. Since chocolate is always a good option, why not opt ​​for filled chocolates? The ideal is to choose them all differently so that each taste corresponds to a surprise. A good way to surprise them without risking going too far from their tastes.

Cancer – Childhood treats
Cancer natives are notoriously nostalgic and often like to walk the path of memories. For this reason, one way to excite them is certainly to choose chocolates and candies that remind them of childhood moments. It goes without saying that the more you know how to go into specifics, the more you will be impressed. Every single taste will be a way to relive the happy moments of when they were children. One thing that will move them deeply, making them feel even more the atmosphere of the parties they have always loved and that they care more than ever to keep in their hearts.

Leo – Hand-made sweets
Those born under the sign of Leo love everything that makes them understand that they are at the center of the thoughts of those who love them. Packing something specific for them and inserting it in the Befana’s stocking will therefore be a good way to let them know that you think and love them. Regarding sweets, they don’t have precise preferences but they love beautiful things that know how to be good and at the same time light. However, they do not disdain the classic chocolates to which you can add something that speaks of them. Candies with their initials, their favorite chocolate, or a cookie of their favorite color. The more they find themselves in what they receive, the more they will appreciate the gift.

Virgo – Their Favorite Sweets
Virgo natives love anything that makes them feel in their comfort zone. For this reason, to be on the safe side it is always better to opt for desserts they already know and maybe appreciate. The alternative is to focus on sweets from their childhood or those typical of their area and therefore always present in their daily life. You can add to the wholesome details that make them feel thought in some way. An example could be cookies with the initials of their name or chocolate that reminds them of something they love. The more you leverage their pleasant memories, the happier they will feel in opening their Befana stocking.

Libra – The pastry sweets
For those born under the sign of Libra, the perfect Epiphany sock is the one with elegant and beautiful sweets to look at. You could therefore choose artisan biscuits and chocolates to be packaged especially. In this way, they will begin to enjoy with the eyes and then continue with the taste. Even better if a beautiful sock, perhaps handmade or that has its meaning, is added to the whole. If the treats are small they could fit into soft socks that you can wear. Otherwise, you can opt for a beautiful sock to reuse as a perfume for the wardrobe or to insert memories to be kept with care. The more beautiful the gift is, the more they will appreciate it.

Scorpio – Chocolate bars with dried fruit
The natives of Scorpio have always loved chocolate and at the same time adored healthy foods. Dark chocolate bars with pistachios, walnuts, and almonds inside will therefore be a winning choice because they can focus on both the well-being and the goodness of the ingredients. If you want to add something even more delicious, you could opt for chocolates filled with pistachio or gianduia cream, making the Befana stocking full of different gifts and, for this reason, waiting to be discovered. It will be a gift that they will surely love and that they will feel on their own.

Sagittarius – Sweets that come from afar
Since those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to travel, a good choice for their stocking may be to include sweets from other cities or, even better, from other countries. In this way they will be able to take a journey through flavors, feeling each time in a different place and imagining distant worlds. Of course, it is a somewhat difficult choice and one that requires time to devote to research. A simpler variant is to insert typical regional sweets to mix to make him guess which city they belong to. A way to combine their innate gluttony with the love for games they have always had.

Capricorn – Nougat with various flavors
Those born under the sign of Capricorn love the holidays and usually feel good savoring the typical sweets of the period. Having them find nougat inside the sock will therefore be an appreciated choice, especially if the tastes are mixed. In this way, they will be able to taste different, focusing on which to eat first and which to keep aside. Programming, after all, comes naturally to him. To make everything even more perfect, you could look for small artisan nougats to be packaged individually to surprise them with sweets and combinations never seen before.

Aquarius – Chocolates and Charcoal
Those born under the sign of Aquarius like to catch the fun side of life. A winning choice for their stocking is therefore to mix sweet charcoal with chocolates and candies. They will certainly find the idea amusing and have fun discovering what the sock contains. Artisan charcoal and different colors would be the winning choice and able to surprise them. For the rest, classic chocolates and candies will do just fine, as long as the stocking is different from those usually seen around. After all, they always like to stand out.

Pisces – Artisan biscuits mixed with chocolates and candies
The natives of Pisces have always been closely linked to the world of dreams. For this reason, a perfect sock for them will surprise them. Fortunately, they never have great demands and just insert a surprise component to see them happy. So why not add homemade cookies to the usual chocolates? It will be a gesture that they will particularly appreciate and that will make them more than happy. And if you want to focus on the surprise effect at 365 degrees, you can opt for a sock with a double bottom where you can hide the aforementioned cookies. The gift, in this way, will be even more appreciated and considered practically perfect.


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