8 Mistakes Most Women Make After The Break-Up (And How To Avoid Them)

Recovering from a break-up is a difficult process. That is why everyone going through it should do their best not to make things even harder for themselves.

Nevertheless, there are some common mistakes almost every woman makes in the post break-up period which make their heartaches even more painful.

This is why we are presenting you 8 of those mistakes and the best way to avoid each one of them.

Not accepting the break-up

The first and most common mistake women tend to make after their relationship comes to an end is not accepting the break-up.

At first, you think that this is just something temporary, and before you know it, you end up wasting more of your time by putting your life on hold, and patiently waiting for your ex to come back.

If this is something you do, please try hard to accept the truth, no matter how harsh it is.

Even if this is just a short break in your relationship, don’t see it that way, and continue living your life as if this man will never come back .

Idealizing the relationship

When we lose someone we have strong feelings for, we tend to forget about all the awful stuff they did to us and romanticize the relationship we had with them instead.

Remember that the break-up came for a reason, and that this relationship was obviously not meant to be because if it were, it would have lasted.

I am not saying you should only focus on the bad things or regret the time you spent with your ex; just do your best to look at things from a realistic point of view.

Being too desperate

The biggest mistake you can think of doing after the break-up of your relationship is becoming too desperate and needy.

Chasing your ex away and begging him to come back to you will only be counterproductive. The only thing you’ll accomplish is making him even more distant.

I know that you still love this man like crazy, that you miss him and want him back.

Nevertheless, you’ll be glad that you kept your dignity and didn’t humiliate yourself in front of him once all of this is over.

Stalking your ex

When your ex-boyfriend moves on with his life shortly after ending things with you, it is natural that you want to know who he has been seeing and what he has been up to.

However, stalking his social media and appearing at the places you hope to see him is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

It doesn’t matter if he finds out about what you are doing.

What is important is the fact that this way, you are depriving yourself of the possibility to continue with your life.

You are just breaking you heart all over again every time you find out new, painful information about him.

Jumping into a new rebound relationship

One thing you need to remember is that moving on is not just about getting into a new relationship .

You still have a lot of emotional baggage, and a rebound relationship is the last thing you are ready for right now.

Instead of getting yourself out on the dating market too soon, let yourself heal before starting anything new.

Give yourself enough time to process everything that went on, and don’t force yourself into doing something you aren’t ready for.

Running away from love and dating

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t sentence yourself to a loveless life either, just because one man disappointed you.

The last thing you want to do is to give up on love all together because of this one heartbreak.

Just let yourself be open to new opportunities, without actively searching for them.

Living in the past

I know that moving on and letting go is scary. Nevertheless, it is something you have to do sooner or later.

Living in the past and acting as if they were still taking place is a common post-break up mistake, and it is something you should avoid doing at all costs.

Please, stop rereading your old texts and rewinding your entire relationship in your head back and forth.

Refocus our energy from thinking about your ex to doing things that concern only you and that make only you happy.

Withdrawing from the world

Emotional pain is nothing to be ashamed of.

Despite this, many women make a mistake of completely shutting themselves down after the break-up, considering themselves to be outcasts just for not having that plus one anymore.

Don’t be one of those women! Don’t allow yourself to fall into depression. Instead, share your emotions and thoughts with your loved ones.

If you think that you can’t make it out of this alone, remember that there is nothing wrong in seeking professional help.

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