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6 Zodiac Signs Who Just Can’t Forget Their Last Love

Some people may have already found a new partner, but they still mourn their ex-relationships. In quiet moments, they reflect on their past relationship and dream of their time together. Five of the zodiac signs in particular have this unhealthy habit:

These Zodiac Signs Can’t Get Away From Their Old Love – According To The Horoscope

1. Gemini Zodiac Sign

When it comes to dating, Geminis are insatiable – maybe someone will be even nicer, funnier, and more attractive. But at some point, the zodiac sign looks back and has to realize that it has let some great people go. But once the time comes, the Gemini has no choice but to mourn them. And with a bit of luck, learn from the situation.

2. Cancer Zodiac Sign

As sentimental as the water sign Cancer is, it’s no wonder that they think about their exes from time to time. Even when Cancers are happily married, thoughts of the past sometimes overwhelm them. But the more Cancers get involved with their new loved ones, the less often their thoughts wander. True to the motto “Out of sight, out of mind,” Cancers will also forget their ex-partners.

3. Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorns love the power of habit and so they are no different in a new relationship than in their old one. And if things don’t go as hoped, the earth sign quickly dreams of going back to the previous relationship. But they usually quickly realize that this relationship is a thing of the past for a reason, and so over time, those born in Capricorn become more and more grateful for what they currently have – even if that requires a little time and patience.

4. Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Aquarians love everything new – including new relationships, but they also love what they can’t have. It’s even worse for Aquarians when someone breaks up with them because then it’s not them who are moving on. They just want their ex even more now that he or she is unavailable. This makes it particularly difficult when everyday life returns to a new relationship and the appeal of the new disappears.

5. Zodiac Sign Pisces

The zodiac sign Pisces is very emotional. There is little between happiness in a new relationship and tears over an old one. In their minds, the water signs go over each happy moment over and over again until each of them is finally overwritten with new happy memories from a new relationship. And even if the fish remember again later, it is only for a short moment before they enjoy their new love again.

6. Leo Zodiac Sign

A separation plunges Leos into a deep depression. Leos don’t hesitate to show their misery, they suffer and make the breakup a heartbreaking experience. During this time, Leos need their close friends to help them get through the pain. They become so attached to their relationships that they find it difficult to let go.

These Zodiac Signs Draw A Quick Conclusion After The Separation

While six zodiac signs don’t get away from their past love so easily, other zodiac signs find it a little easier and usually quickly draw a line under the breakup. Sagittarius and Virgos are quicker to put past relationships behind them and look forward again. Sagittarius prefers to devote themselves to the beautiful things in life and plunge into a new adventure. The Virgo has no time to be distracted by heartbreak and quickly goes back to new to-dos.

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