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6 zodiac signs that like to grace themselves

In an ideal world, we would all be honest and open with our feelings without playing games or turning them into chasing.

However, it is in the nature of some zodiac signs to pretend that they are not easy to come by.

Even when they have intense feelings for you, they feel the need to act uninterested and unmoved.

That’s not to say that these zodiac signs aren’t good partners, it just means that you may need to put in a little work and patience to gain their affection.

1. Aquarius

Falling in love with an Aquarius will test your patience because they always give themselves hot and cold.

One moment they like you and want to spend every minute with you, the next they feel like you’re crushing them.

They love the quick variety of dating because it keeps them in a position of power. They need to know that they are in control of how things turn out.

This sign of the zodiac often gets tangled up in your head and that often prevents you from simply living in the moment.

They don’t settle down until they are sure they have found a partner who can keep up with their energy and desires.

2. Capricorn

When they meet someone new, these people tend to be shy because they value their independence and are a little reluctant to give it up for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Until you show them you mean business, they’ll keep their feelings under wraps because they don’t want to risk getting hurt.

They may seem a little reserved at first, but the better they know someone, the more they slowly open their protective walls.

Capricorns need security and commitment and don’t open their hearts to anything else.

If you want them to warm to you, you will have to convince them that you will be around for the long term and until the end.

3. Sagittarius

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is full of passion and love to do whatever makes them burn the brightest, no matter what impact it has on other people.

It’s like you’re always looking for the next kick, so even if you meet someone you really like, hold it off until it inevitably gets serious.

The most common reason they pretend to be aloof is their unwillingness to settle down.

They hope that you get tired of running after them and giving up so they don’t have to take the risk of falling in love with you.

4. Scorpio

These people have put their heart and soul into control. Once they feel their feelings for you gain the upper hand, they’ll keep you at bay until they have rebalanced.

Until Scorpios feel safe and secure, they hold back their affection.

They can even go so far as to cut off contact with someone they care about when they feel things are moving faster than they can control.

What really scares this sign is getting their heartbroken and trying to refuse to love them.

5. Libra

While this zodiac sign is the happiest in a relationship, you still have to work a little for it.

They can be hard to choose, so they hold you out lovingly for as long as necessary. Your real feelings for you can be hard to guess because they can act so unpredictably and erratically.

They can talk to you anytime and anywhere for a week and then go on radio silence for the next week while you wonder what you did wrong.

Libra sees itself as a jackpot and you will only get it if they think you really deserve their greatness.

6. Gemini

It’s not that Gemini willfully let you chase you for a long time, they are just so indecisive about matters of the heart.

If you really want to be with them, you have to give this zodiac sign space and time to sort through their feelings and find out what they want.

The Gemini want potential partners to prove they are worth it first before making a decision. The dual nature of this sign means that your desires are often of a split nature.

One part of them may want to bet everything on you while the other part questions every step.

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