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The astrologers are ready to reveal to us which are the 6 zodiac signs that are never satisfied. Are you part of them?

The zodiac sign gives each sign strengths and weaknesses. Each sign is unique and has specific characteristics but some signs may have planets aligned and show common traits. For example, the 6 zodiac signs we are about to tell you about are extremely perfect and this makes them never really satisfied.

You know those people who never rejoice even in the face of good news and who, on the contrary, always complain? These people are probably among the most dissatisfied zodiac signs.

Here is the ranking of the 6 most dissatisfied zodiac signs

Do you have the impression that others never really understand how you feel? Do you often hear that you complain too much? Maybe you are part of the zodiac dissatisfied ranking. According to the stars, this dissatisfaction is due to the desire to have everything under control. If you are part of this ranking try to let yourself go.


Cancerians have a highly developed innate sensitivity. Their sensations experience a whirlwind of emotions that they cannot control and express because they confuse even themselves. All of this causes frustration, and Cancer translates this frustration into complaints and a few anxiety attacks.


Scorpio is a very passionate and enthusiastic sign. He looks cold and introspective with a mysterious air but if he falls in love he opens up. Scorpio tends to lose their temper when something is wrong with them. Scorpio gives the impression of complaining but in reality, it is only a sign that he is not afraid to express everything he thinks and feels explosively.


Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic and positive signs of the zodiac so it is strange to see it in this ranking and yet it is part of it because it has the defect of not being outspoken and not being able to say things with half measures. He doesn’t think much about what he’s going to say then he regrets and complains.


Aquarius is a particular sign and a lot is due to its difficulty in managing its emotions. He prefers to complain rather than talk about what’s wrong. Aquarius prefers not to face his emotions and uses complaining even when happy to meet this need.


Virgo is a meticulous sign and is always in search of perfection. Virgo is always punctual and very organized, she works tirelessly but she has a very critical mind, she always finds something to say or something wrong and no one ever lives up to their expectations.


Capricorn is a hard worker, tireless, demanding and strict. They tend to always go straight to the point. They are eternally dissatisfied more than anything else with themselves because they demand a lot but do not fail to point out the defects of others. It cannot be said of them that they are afraid to express their judgments.

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