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6 Weaknesses of the Scorpion

Sometimes we consider ourselves to be perfect, but the truth is that we are all more than fallible, and failure comes suddenly. As for the scorpion that we will analyze today.

The scorpion has a lot of strong points, which are there for all to see: passion, determination, and courage in defending one’s points of view. But there are also a lot of downsides to it.

These weaknesses are very important and tell us that in short, we are facing a sign that there is a thousand paternity about a lot of things that we are going to see together.

The scorpion is negatively characterized on these fronts.

Little ability to mediate

When the scorpion gets stuck in something, it is difficult to go back. And this, if on the one hand, it is positive, on the other it is something very negative, also because we are dealing with a person who does not quite know what to do, when he finds himself, for example in strong arguments with his partner which are normal and physiological and which belong to each pair.

Little flexibility

At work, for example, it is sometimes as if he defends his point of view all too strenuously. If we want, this negative wave is also reflected on the point we analyzed first. Well, at work if he doesn’t understand what to do and if he doesn’t agree with the orders that are given to him, well, in the end, it’s like he doesn’t feel the project is his. And this represents a pretty strong limit that should necessarily be recalibrated.


Eh, well, the Scorpio sign is very jealous, perhaps more than necessary. Sometimes it’s as if he were grappling with a form of passion that he can’t handle and ends up declining something unsatisfactory. The scorpion sign is jealous, strong, and self-confident, but sometimes to get in tune with your partner it’s important to open up and leave the word to the other.


Well, even here, we are on the reverse side of the coin. The distinctiveness that distinguishes the sign of the scorpion is much stronger than usual. And this instinct does not allow him to fully enjoy some things that instead deserve a deep reflection on things and emotions. There are times when you need to stop and think. If you know him, you know him very well. Well, he needs to switch to that point of view.

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