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6 pairs of zodiac signs that can cause the worst and most painful separation.

Astrology gives us deep insight into a person’s behavior. Astrology can show us how someone flirts, how that person expresses their feelings, and also how that person ends a relationship.

While there are zodiac signs that over-dramatize a separation and have to distract completely from the separation in order to heal (lion and twin), other zodiac signs try to be close to their friends and loved ones (Virgo and Pisces) others try to to show no emotions of a separation, heartache simply does not exist for them (at least externally), they then act as if they do not care about the separation (Sagittarius and Aquarius).

Some zodiac signs take a long time to overcome a separation and to be able to continue living normally (cancer and capricorn), while others quickly get to know other people and can also become intimate with them (Sagittarius and Scorpio), but there are also zodiac signs looking for another serious relationship (bull and Libra).

Therefore, it can sometimes happen in a separation that one is looking for the final conversation because many questions are still open and you need these answers to be able to close, while the other may be someone who has an ice-cold attitude to your relationship and Pretend he doesn’t care whether you can end the relationship or not that can multiply the pain of separation.

There are zodiac signs that have a completely opposite attitude to life and it is no surprise that the separations can be very different.

Here are the zodiac signs that can make the worst and most painful separation:


The ram is like a little baby. He always needs attention, they are prone to baseless tantrums and get bored very quickly.

They have a strong competitive mindset, so it is not surprising that they see dating as a kind of competitive sport and they cannot lose. If the ram notices that tensions are building up in the relationship, don’t be surprised if he tends to break up relatively quickly, because he couldn’t deal with someone breaking up with them.

On the other hand there is the bull, an earth sign, very stable and loyal as far as a relationship with him is concerned. They don’t like drastic changes in their everyday life and want a relationship to work in the long run.

The bull will do everything in its power to save a relationship, but if the bull ends a relationship, it will always be final. No second chance.

It is known that the ram has a highly explosive temperament and often bluntly trumps its feelings out into the world. They enjoy the drama and adrenaline rush that goes with their dramatized behavior, but the bull hates unnecessary drama and avoids confrontation.

The ram often regrets his impulsive actions and very often apologizes for hurting the bull for no reason, the bull will go along with it for a long time, often too long, but at some point the bull will pull the ripcord and go without turning. The ram cannot handle this and will throw a little war of roses after the bull. 


In relationship, the lion is very loyal and caring and he loves to spoil his partner, but if he feels that the fire in the relationship is slowly going out, then the lion is one of the zodiac signs that initiate a separation because they do not want to be left. He can usually handle a separation very well because the lion loves his life and knows that there are so many other beautiful things in life.

But if it happens that the lion is left, it reacts with extreme dislike and can become very mean. It is absolutely heartbreaking for the lion and he will seek distraction from his friends to relieve his pain.

Scorpions are very passionate and it is very difficult for them to just drop and open themselves to someone. Separation is always very difficult and hard for the scorpion, regardless of whether he is the abandoned one or the one who leaves someone. The scorpion can get so lost in a relationship that he forgets everything else around him, he can also become attached and he also tends to cause difficulties for the ex-partner.

A separation between a lion and a scorpion can become a nightmare because it will degenerate into a massive fight between the egos and the stubborn.

Both signs of the zodiac have the features of a control freak and they are both capable of making a separation into a mud fight with mean, unpleasant and offensive behavior.


Twins and shooters have two things in common, they both love their freedom and both have a problem with committing themselves. When they lose interest in each other, they tend to simply disappear from each other’s lives.

They then avoid each other and show the cold shoulder to the other, they do not want to make an explanation or justify themselves for their behavior.

Both zodiac signs are also among the people who can end a relationship via text message or a call. The only “good” thing about separating these two zodiac signs is that they keep their attitude to the bitter end and would never insult or physically attack the other.


Cancer is the most sensitive and loving sign of the zodiac in the relationship

They are protectors, they maintain a relationship like their eyeball. Cancer takes time to build trust to have a serious relationship, but when they do they don’t want it to end. They are persistently fighting for this relationship to have a happy ending.

And if this relationship doesn’t work despite all their efforts, they will be devastated and go through a deep period of mourning. They will then spend hours thinking about what went wrong in the relationship and what they might have done wrong or how their ex should have behaved better, until they are emotionally and mentally exhausted.

The cancer takes a long time to recover from a relationship and you may have difficulty trusting someone else in the aftermath. If you are not serious about cancer, don’t play with your heart and feelings. These sensitive beings need a lot of time to heal and to continue living normally. 


The Libra is very pragmatic and basically straightforward people when it comes to a relationship. Capricorns, on the other hand, are very persistent. As soon as he has something in his head, it is very difficult for the ibex to let go of it.

Capricorn tends to control itself and always maintain posture, and this doesn’t go well with Libra, who prefers to be relaxed and boisterous.

The Libra can plan a separation well in advance, and that can amaze the Capricorn, who likes to stick to habits, and will do everything possible to save this relationship.

The separation between the Libra and the Capricorn can become a power struggle, between someone who takes life lightly (Libra) and someone who takes something like a relationship very seriously, like so many other things in life. It will be painful for both.


The separation between a virgin and the fish can be very chaotic and ugly because they have completely different views of life.

While the fish are emotional and sensitive, the virgin is rational and practical. The virgin ends her relationships in a calm and rational discussion, but the fish cannot suppress his emotions because he feels and lives out his emotions intensely. In such a conversation, the fish may collapse or act self-destructively while the virgin goes about it with a clear head.

Just like for cancer, separations are extremely painful for the fish and they take a long time to accept.

Since the fish is unable to put itself into the mind of the virgin, the fish feels that the virgin is insensitive and angry, which causes feelings of guilt to build up in the virgin.

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