6 Astrological Signs That Are Unable To Break 2022


1. Fish

When it comes to deciding whether or not to break someone’s heart and leave, you’re going to choose the option of breaking your own heart instead of someone else’s.

You are just like that and it is the way you act.

You really are a great person and everyone knows it. Everyone knows that you don’t have the strength to do anything that might hurt another person.

You would rather suffer yourself than hurt someone else.

This personality trait of never wanting to hurt anyone is admirable and beautiful, but can also prove to be self-destructive at times.

For example, what if the person you’re trying to protect doesn’t care about you as much?

Still, you’re not the type to go or leave your romantic partner until you’ve first really done everything to try and save your relationship, which often leaves you feeling sad and broken.

Instead of saving yourself by ending your relationship on time, you are doing the exact opposite. To put it simply, you don’t know how to go about breaking up!

2. Cancer

You are the type of person who, when entering into a romantic relationship, firmly believes that this is the relationship he has been waiting for all his life. You still believe that your current relationship is, in fact, “the right one”.

You even try to hide the fact that you are becoming slightly obsessed with this person.

Even at the very start of your relationship, you are already imagining your future with that person, and that way you get carried away a little too quickly. All because you just love to be in love.

When you fall in love, you lose your ability to reason well.

Your heart takes the helm, which isn’t always the best choice if you don’t want to end up badly injured.

Of course, everyone will tell you to follow your heart, but what if your heart isn’t right this time around?

No matter what others may tell you and how much effort they can put into dissuading you from doing something, you are still going to go for it head first and do what you wanted to do in the first place.

If your relationship starts to run into trouble, you are going to ignore it, keeping in mind that breaking up is the last thing you want.

Instead of taking this situation seriously, you are going to stay in this relationship as long as possible and you are going to hold on to the last twig of hope until there really is nothing left to do.

3. Virgo

You are a very careful person and your requirements for love are incredibly high.

You will only enter a relationship if you are absolutely certain that the decision is the right one.

Obviously, since things don’t always turn out the way you expect, there’s always a good chance that you’ve played your game badly and ended up in a relationship that doesn’t have a happy ending, that you like it or not.

Since you are very intelligent, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that your relationship is in the throes of breaking out.

Unfortunately for you, instead of having the courage to break up in time, you are going to put all of your effort into trying to resolve any potential problems.

Patience is one of your many virtues, which is usually a highly sought-after character trait in a relationship.

While this can be seen as an asset, it can also turn out to be a disadvantage, as it’s what keeps you in a bad relationship much longer than you should.

4. Taurus

You are a very simple person who hates chaos and instability. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a bad or a good time in your life, as long as you know where you are at, you are fine.

You are always looking for some stability. You like to know at all times what is going on around you and in life, so that depending on this, you know how to act and what to do.

If you happen to find yourself in a relationship that is slowly deteriorating and not as perfect as it used to be, you won’t try to escape it at all costs.

This can be very bad for your own well-being.

This is because you refuse to leave a relationship just because you hate the change, and especially the time that must pass before your life is put back together again.

The reason you’re bad at breaking up is that you’d rather stay in a bad relationship without love and do everything to make it better, than walk away.

And all this, because in leaving you are faced with change and you have to step out of your comfort zone.

5. Balance

You are the most perfect person you can relate to. Everyone knows that Libras are synonymous with love and stability.

It is difficult for you to fall in love, but when you are, there is nothing in the world that can change your mind.

Since you are the most dedicated partner there is, you are the perfect fit for anyone.

All of your relationships are generally calm and stable, as you are always the one trying to keep everything under control.

Sometimes you even let certain things go just like that when you probably shouldn’t.

Your character is very similar to that of Taurus.

You hate instability and change, and that’s why you’re bad when it comes to leaving a relationship, you’re going to do anything to keep that stability that your relationship gives you, no matter how bad it is.

You would rather stay and suffer than do something about it.

On the other hand, if you are the person who manages to end your relationship, you will never get back to that same person again.

6. Scorpio

Falling in love is usually not your thing, and it doesn’t happen to you that often. So when it really happens to you, when you lose your mind completely for someone, you give yourself a hundred percent.

Your relationship then becomes something that you are not going to give up so easily. You will do your best to keep her alive at all costs.

To be honest: you just love to be loved and love someone back, even though you often pretend you don’t even need them. Finally, love is not so bad when you taste it!

Still, you’re the type of person who won’t break up with someone so easily.

You are able to endure and tolerate almost anything in love, but there is still one thing that you could never forgive or forget, and that is betrayal.

If your partner is unfortunate enough to disappoint you in this way, you’re going to break up as quickly as possible without even thinking twice.

And after the break-up, you won’t even miss your ex, because you’ll be way too busy planning your revenge.


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