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According to astrologers this week Cupid is about to shoot his arrow at 5 zodiac signs. These signs will experience love at first sight 

The predictions of the astrologers are very clear, in the days that will follow 5 zodiac signs will experience love at first sight. From tomorrow November 23 thanks to the new moon in Sagittarius these signs will have an indisputable attraction. Their social life will be eventful and the opportunities to make encounters that will change their destiny will multiply.

These 5 signs will be lucky in love, and everything will start this week. In the next few days, they will completely lose their minds, their heart will beat fast for a person who will improve their life in the long run. These days they will meet the right person and enjoy this good fortune for years to come.

These 5 zodiac signs are about to meet true love

Destiny is so unpredictable that suddenly and unexpectedly something could happen that completely changes our life. That something could also be about love. According to the stars on the fate of 5 signs Cupid is about to come across and with his arrow outstretched he will ensure that they find love and passion. These signs radiate charm this week, moreover, they show a renewed self-confidence and a particular lightness of mind that makes them particularly seductive.

Will you be among the 5 lucky signs to meet true love this week?

Love will be the element that will bring endless joy to your current life if you are one of these 5 zodiac signs. The week from 21 to 27 November is decisive. Don’t shut yourself up at home, multiply the opportunities and opportunities to have the meeting that will change your life  if you are part of this ranking:


According to astrologers, Taurus is the first sign that will benefit from this great privilege. This week the stars clearly see the Taurus native accepting an invitation for a date that will turn his life upside down. He will meet someone on this date who will make him want to seriously commit to a long-term relationship. Taurus will feel like they’ve never been in love before.


The Gemini sign will also experience a unique experience. This week he will randomly meet someone and from that moment on he will find it hard to stop thinking about her. He will find a way to meet her again and will immediately realize that there are all the conditions between them to embark on a lasting relationship. After this new encounter, Gemini will discover interests and passions that he never imagined he had, he will feel that his life will improve considerably and every day he will feel strong and more confident about the future than he has ever been before.


Even the Leo native will feel his heart leap in his chest after meeting that special someone in this fourth week of November. For Leo, there is also the possibility of settling things with the partner in case he is in a relationship that is experiencing difficulties. Leo will realize that in recent times he hadn’t given his partner the right attention, by intervening in this small aspect everything will be resolved. The partner will come back to look at him as one looks at a very special person and the Leo will go back to being pleased to quench his ego and will abandon himself to love again.


The sign of Libra will rain beautiful emotions this week. These emotions will fill him with joy and make him more sociable and open to others. It won’t be a new meeting to animate the Libra native,  this sign will fall in love with his partner again. This love, at first sight, will interest a person he has known well for some time and with whom he already shares her life. It is his partner or his spouse who makes him fall madly in love with him again. Libra will want to spend special moments with their loved ones and start over as you do in the first months of a new relationship.


The last lucky sign in this ranking is Sagittarius. Sagittarius this week will be particularly attentive to his loved ones. He will show them all his affection for him and make the people around him happy. The new moon will occur in this sign and the influence this moon will have on him will be to inspire him to improve the love in his life. This means that if Sagittarius is single he will have a life-changing encounter and if he is in a relationship he will find a way to settle to take this relationship to the next level.

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