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The stars reveal the 5 zodiac signs that are not reliable, never count on them

“See if what you promise is right and possible, because the promise is a debt.” This quote from the famous thinker Confucius invites man to become aware of the importance of keeping his promises because they involve us in society. According to astrology, five signs are likely not keeping their commitments. The latter often encounter difficulties in their relationships due to this defect.

The 5 zodiac signs that don’t keep their promises

The ability to fulfill one’s commitments is often recognized as a fundamental quality in friendship. Reliability is also valued in professional life because it constitutes the ethics of an individual in society. According to the celestial configurations, five signs are unable to keep their promises.

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The natives of this sign are not stingy with promises of any kind. They often use them to convince those around them without honoring them. To be sure, they may not even remember them. Dispersed and distracted, it is not uncommon to see them breaking their resolutions for lack of rigor. Their inconstancy prompts them to react disproportionately under pressure and cover up their inefficiency with empty and reckless promises.

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Natives of this sign will often use this means of persuasion to serve their interests. “Promises are binding only on those who believe in them,” this proverb applies well to Libra who is unaware of the importance of their commitments. These make wonderful promises just to spare the anger of their interlocutors. Under their sweet, honeyed airs, they will have no qualms in promising mountains and wonders. If you intend to lend money to one of the natives of this sign, you have every interest in having written documentation.

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If natives of this sign are reluctant to keep their promises, it is mainly because they have the memory of a fish! They are so sucked into the hectic pace of everyday life that they even forget their busy schedules. They will be tormented by the shame of knowing that they have broken their word. Call them to remind them of everything to do and repeat what they are doing. It can be a hassle, but Cancer is bona fide and will keep its promises. They just have no sense of urgency.

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If natives of this sign are unreliable, it is mainly because they use their promises to persuade their interlocutor to act in their favor. Their cunning will make them prone to promise wonders to save a relationship or delay deadlines. This ability to unduly promise can damage their reputation. The natives of this sign would have become aware of the weight of their words and their promises. Scorpions tend to take their interlocutor hostage with dubious chimeras.

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Fish often tend to promise wonders. They will often hide the fact that they have no desire to meet their commitments by invoking oblivion and their many responsibilities. If they are recalled, they can be particularly obnoxious and not very rigid. The latter would benefit from being aware of the importance of a promise in their relationships.

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